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  1. Willing to trade my body for a car. Yours truly, Thomas Daniels
  2. -1 for blowjob anims +1 for eating ass anims
  3. Hey, @MusketDeezNuts, and @Cjeet, in order to elaborate and/or dispute some points, here is my response. I believe I've gone into depth about this point in my post, as to why I believe this to be the case, but allow me to clarify. You, a person who I don't know, and have only interacted with while playing a character in a video game, targetted me personally, OOCly, telling me that the act of reporting your in-game conduct leads to a "forum war" and that I am "fucking with you". You're claiming to merely "notify" me, but that is clearly not the case in the evidence provided. And no, I do not suggest you should not report my in-game conduct if you regard it as me breaking the rules, What I am saying, however, is that you shouldn't report someone, only after finding out they have reported yourself, as that is clearly the case, again shown by the evidence provided. Nonetheless, kudos to you for reporting what you believe is a rulebreak. First of all, you did not. You started it off with a question, namely "wana forum war? right?", followed with "Prepare to answer for this then", that's quite different from simply saying "I'll be filling a report with the following evidence:". The question is not rhetorical making the intent to OOC intimidation bare bones obvious. And, as shown from my initial response, making anyone easily reach to the conclusion of "If you want a forum war (keeping the post up), prepare to answer to this". Secondly, half my assertion for you withholding information lies in the argument I used with evidence from your very own post, but since you don't seem to mention it, I'll just mention it. This is quite funny to me, considering the report is about you targetting me OOCly, and you initiating the only OOC interaction we've had. But if you're really wondering, no, I do not care about an AK or two. If I did after playing ECRP for the time I have, I'd be gray by now. I believe I've already answered this sufficiently by now. Lastly, I don't know why you thought it was a good idea to impose upon me, OOCly that me, a mere boy, "is fucking with the wrong person". Discord is not in-game, If you're talking to me on discord, you're talking to me as a real person, and you don't know the real me, nor do I know the real you, and I'd like to keep it that way. My advice for the future would be to keep to yourself, and ECRP on ECRP platforms unless it's in a friendly, mutually desirable manner. I'd like to thank all involved parties for their time, and leave this report up for the staff's verdict. Kind regards, Frijfugel/ Thomas
  4. Players being reported: Cjeet; Cjeet#0108; Cjeet Norr. Date of interaction reported: 11/03/2019 Your (characters) name Frijfugel; Frijfugel#9380; Thomas Daniels. Specific rules broken: 1. It is prohibited to intimidate players from playing... for OOC reasons to purposely make their game experience poor. 2. Players must report cases of ban evasion, falsified forum reports, discussion of or jokes about cyber-attacks and other rule breaches. An attempt to hide such information is punishable. How did the player break the rules: Let's start from the beginning, yesterday I wrote a report reporting this person, and within a few hours the reported party contacted me on discord, not to sort things out, but with something that very closely resembles a threat. There will be screenshots posted but I'll summarise what went down, and go into detail on some parts. The person wanted to ask me a question, namely: "Wana forum war? right?", "Prepare to answer for this then", followed up by a video in which I, according to him broke the rules. Initially I was baffled by this message. All I did was report actions which I thought broke the rules, and for some reason this person to which I have absolutely no relationship with contacts me personally, on discord, to "blackmail" me. I see no other purpose of these messages other than intimidation. As I see it, this is an obvious display of intimidation, based on the following sentences: "Wana forum war? right?" "Prepare to answer for this then?" "You are fucking with the wrong person my boy" How did he intimidate me?: Well, first of all he takes it to a platform (social media) entirely out of ECRP's reach, in a private conversation, and not on forum DM's, making it all the more personal. Secondly, he reveals the fact that he's withholding information to "potentially" attack me with, if I decide to keep up my report. This in itself is also a rule break, as it's prohibited to withhold information on rule breaks. But by doing this, the person tries to insinuate that he holds a position of power over me, and that if I do not listen to him, he will use this position of power against me. As for the final sentence it is pretty obvious, this person suggests that I should be afraid of him, and belittles me by calling me a "boy". How did this person blackmail me? He sent me a video, personally, over discord, suggesting that if I do not listen to him, he will use it to report me with it. Personally I don't find this a big deal, since it's just a game, and we're talking about forum reports/punishments here. However, I don't find these actions tolerable, nor positive for the community as a whole, and would like to make sure this doesn't happen again. "Wana forum war? Right?" Lastly I'd like to touch upon this sentence in particular. He says that, because I reported him committing VDM, I will start a "Forum war", but what does this mean exactly? Does it mean they will report minor rule breaks, such as small non-rp actions, and the things alike? Does it mean they'll start disliking your forum posts? The only hint I had were some incidents in the past, in which a specific gang got reported five times a day, anyway, quickly after the "conversation" we had, I got a sneak peek at what a "forum war" means. After refusing to back down from my forum report, this person started his report on me, using the footage he initially tried to use to "blackmail" me. However, this footage was not entirely the same. In this report on me, he claims that he suspects us of metagaming, demanding evidence of us exchanging information about the location ICly. Which, is a fair point in and of itself, since I admitted myself that I was in a discord channel as it was happening. However, I think we are well aware that most IC exchanges of information (between faction members) happens over the radio. So the possession of a radio would be vital in discussing this point. Having established this, in the footage this person sent to me personally it shows that, as he's looting me, there is a radio in my inventory (evidence linked below). Why would he cut this out, if he suspects me of metagaming? I understand that this a small detail, but it shows that this person is willing to manipulate evidence, cutting out parts that could disprove his arguments, making things harder for the reported party, and staff. Minor detail: In his report, after Lewis Miller attacks him after seeing me getting ran over, he immediately goes /ooc, despite Lewis having obviously gained KOS for his prior actions. Lewis Miller being the good person he is, is willing to respond in /ooc to figure things out, however as soon as this person gets up he shoots Lewis down as he is typing, despite the fact that Lewis could've easily finished him off if he did not use OOC means. Again using OOC means to get his way in ECRP. Evidence of rule breach: Validity check: https://gyazo.com/4c367e0773d4deecb0662b5dc42f5f31 Evidence manipulation: https://gyazo.com/afd9cd6edc0bf35d925efd7b61c16b44 Afterword: I have discussed this with a variety of people, ranging from friends, ex-staff, and current staff members, and we came to a unanimous decision that this type of conduct is not desirable in a gaming community. Also big thanks to the faction management team members who helped me come to my conclusions and shine some light on the situation. I hope this report gets handled with care. Kind regards, Frijfugel/Thomas
  5. Can we ban femo

  6. Lewis Miller is now the ownerr
  7. Players being reported: ID 38 for NON-RP, ID 46 for VDM. Date of interaction reported:10/03/2019 Your characters name: Thomas Daniels Specific rules broken: NON-RP & VDM How did the player break the rules: My friend Lewis Miller spotted someone chopping my car at the chopshop and called it over the radio, so I decided to take out an AK and get my car back. When I arrived the person chopping immediately drove off (while the car was being chopped). Realistically when a car is being chopped, the car is being deconstructed into small parts and is in absolutely no position to drive away. This, however, apparently didn't cross ID 38's mind and he just happily drove up into a steep hill. When I came off my bike I briefly held up the gun, however never threatened the person's life, nor made any demands. Thus not granting him KOS on me. ID 46 who did not see this happen, decided to just ram into me, using an expensive vehicle as a weapon to ram. Evidence of rule breach: Notes: All that's being said from my side is OOC information in Dutch, using discord. I believe there are quite a few Dutch people who can confirm this, but I'll provide a translation of what I say anyway: "That's impossible, you're chopping a car, and then you drive away," This shouldn't warrant a metagaming punishment, as no one is relaying IC information over for others to use.
  8. Heil mein dutch friend, ricardo is gonna spank spank. you have been bad boi

  9. Dutch geng

    1. Tagor
    2. Appelgi


      G E K O L O N I S E E R D

  10. Selling house located at the harbour, Vespucci Beach. Three garage slots, plenty parking in front, opposite of Bayview and next to the beautiful Los Santos harbour. Minimum price is $225,000 Hmu at Frijfugel#[email protected], text me at #2258429, prefer mail because I'm rarely in town any more. Pictures below: Plenty of parking space Pool behind, you're too poor to own it though. Occasional banana shipments from the homeland arrive behind the house. Location Note: DO NOT investigate the interior with UV lights.
  11. I'm selling my boat, it's a grey Dinghy, contact me #2258429 or Frijfugel#[email protected] Note: I will not be held responsible for potential bullets found in the interior of the vehicle after purchase.
  12. Account name: Frijfugel. Character name(s): Henk Frederiksen, Ebony Burton, Pete Black. Admin who issued punishment: @XposeD Date of punishment: 11-02-2019 Punishment received: Deathmatch offence #1 normal Reason given for punishment: Your explanation of what happened: I was called over to the pier by a text from one of friends named Archie Gribbins, saying he got robbed by vice. So when I read the text I called it in over the radio and we quickly hurried towards the scene. When we arrived we saw multiple vice, and decided to hit them back. After we boxed one car in with 2 people inside and held them under gunpoint we quickly noticed a lot of black cars coming in (obviously vice trying to help their friends). Once I realised that they were setting up to help their friends I started using the truck to block incoming vehicles from passing and potentially running my mates who were on foot. The person who reported me was one of the people who I was trying to block. The person knew I was blocking off the pier with my truck, yet still decided to get out of his vehicle, position himself behind me and decided to shoot my mates. This obviously granted me KOS so I decided to reverse into him and consequently kill him. Why should your appeal be accepted?: Well, I acted in accordance to the server rules is why. I think the evidence is analysed quite poorly and I will explain why by deconstructing the moderator who issued the punishment's reasoning: I can see in the video that the truck was driven forwards and backwards over the guy you originally injured numerous times. Although he did walk behind you and start firing, you still proceeded to run him over back and forth multiple times. - From the evidence presented it's obvious this is not the case. I ran the man over ONCE the moment I received KOS on him for shooting. This was enough to kill him. I do not see where he "numerous" time come from, as the evidence clearly show that not to be case. I would like to point out that the reason I "ran him over" for the second time even though he was already injured can be easily seen by watching the full video. You can see me go back and forth to try and turn my truck in a way I could escape from the situation as thing were turning in their favor. If the moderator in question believes the "second" VDM attempt would be me going forward after hitting the barrier with the back of my truck, I would like to point out that there was no alternative. I know the rules, which is why after playing as a criminal for so long have never been issued a DM warning, and the rules state that parking your vehicle on top of someone is prohibited. Considering I hit the barrier with my back I would have had two options. Decide to not move the vehicle anymore (park it) and the man would die. The other (logical) choice was to drive forward again, and attempt to turn the vehicle out of the situation (I cant drive the truck into the amusement park), which is the course of action I chose. I see no other course of action I could have picked. I was in my right to run the person over, as he was shooting my friends with a shotgun in my presence. All-in-all I don't believe I ran the person over more than once, I killed him with my first attempt, and started moving the truck towards the entrance (as clearly shown in the very end of the video). I would strongly advise in the future to park the vehicle if you are wanting to block the road and not drive forwards and backwards like so. - If my truck was large enough to block off the entire pier and protect my mates, I would love to do so. Sadly, it was not. The person I ran over was not alone, there were people all around and this was the optimal way to protect them from incoming danger, regardless, it was not enough. I hope this appeal get accepted so I can keep my record clean of serious punishments. I recently got into MD and was planning to mostly stop playing criminal RP, and this punishment gets in the way of that. So I would like it to be removed ASAP. As a criminal it's very hard to completely play by the rules in scenarios like these where there are enemies all over the place with heavy weaponry, I think any criminal RP'er who has spent as much time as me can back me up on this. I have always kept the rules in my mind which is why after countless shoot outs and other chaotic situations I have never received a DM warning. And in this situation again, I held back until the rules allowed me to harm the player. Post any evidence or further details: *
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