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  1. are all graphical overhauls not working or just natural vision?
  2. thats a -1 from me. Nczs get abused already by so many people so why should we add more?
  3. billzachos

    ID 48 (NLR)

    Hello bill zachos here. So I was at pillbox parking lot in that baller when a friend came over to ask me for a ride and a favor. The favor was that something had gone down at butcher and he wanted me to take him there. Around 25-30 minutes i had died at butcher so i didnt say anything to him as i didnt know icly. When we arrived there i acted like i didnt know nothing wihich i did not icly. What the reporting party fails to adress is the fact that 10 seconds after the video ends after me roaming around for 5 seconds i notice that half an hour hasnt passed yet as my body hasnr despawned yet and also i look at chat whwre reporting party says that i break nlr so i leave with the intention of "checking the perimeter of the building" in which case i just drove off
  4. billzachos

    ID 48 (NLR)

    Mate i was asked to come there as a driver. Also there was no way to actually like deny him his request as i cant ur ooc reason as ic reason. Moreover can u please give themn the rest of the footage after that because i left imidiatelly after u stopped the clip
  5. Theo, first of all you aimed you gun first while id 107 was just holding it. That gave him and us every permission to shoot at you. Alos an hour ago you robbed one of my friends so when ew spotted you we still had the right to shoot but we ddint. Moreover how did your character see us running to you and got a gun out without even looking behind the wall. The answer to that is that you used third person which is metagaming
  6. ID 48 here, If thats DM I am superman.
  7. A so simple suggestion that is very much needed in the server +1000
  8. One of the best suggestiosn I have seen so far +100000
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