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  1. Looking good fellas!
  2. Always loved a good MC club, and obviously you guys are 1%enters which it makes even better! Hope you all the best.
  3. Drive past you everyday guys, looking better and better, keep it up with the good work, Love!
  4. Really nice to read through, well done!
  5. Keep up with the good work lads!
  6. I have witnessed the situation ID 375. I can witness the fact where ID 227 has taken IC conflict into OOC, and no OOC insults should not be tolerated at all times. ID 277 has showed lack of roleplay and lack of seriousness in the situation. Draugas - Zachary Orlov
  7. Khameleon! Do not miss out @HE 150K Featured extras below! Meridian Surround Sound System Alloys with Stealth Finish Branded Floor Mat Set Red Brake Calipers Carbon Fibre Mirrors Carbon Fibre Side Panels Carbon Fibre Snorkel Carbon Fibre Front Bumper Carbon Fibre Side Exit Ducts Carbon Fibre Rear Clam Inserts Carbon Fibre Rear Bumper Leather & Alcantara Interior Carbon Black Leather Seats Carbon Black Alcantara Seat Centre Carbon Black Steering Wheel Carbon Grey Doors & Dash Cadmium Grey Contrast Stitches
  8. Price dropped to 35k, need to be gone asap
  9. Selling my awesome FALON GT cobrio! at Low End, need gone asap! 42k, get yourself a bargain!
  10. Looking very serious. Keep it up guys.
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