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  1. The family had begun to make arrangements with the smaller organisations within the city and had came across an upcoming street gang known as LSD. Russman had taken an interest in the organisation and wanted to learn more about them. Russman hired a few men to do some research on the gang and was able to gather a substantial amount of intelligence about the street gang. Using this newly found information Russman appointed an associate of the Family simply known simply as "Fat Bob" to locate a higher up within LSD and within a less of an hour the job was completed. Russman approached and introduced himself to the member of the organisation and asked to speak to him in a more discreet and hidden location. They was both picked up by "Mr Brown" and let to the Vinewood sign where they discussed about a future meeting with the leader of the LSD. During this meeting, the LSD member called Hunter Pryce was searched allowing for his Radio frequency to be compromised allowing the Family to keep close eyes on what the gang was up too. The meeting was short and sweet but allowed for Russman to get to know the kind of individuals he would be working with. Hunter seemed respectful and always adressed Russ as "Sir". This sign of respect was noted and meant a lot. After a few days of listening to the radios and keeping an eye the family gained a lot of intelligence about the gang and used it too keep an even closer eye on them to ensure that if anything was to go wrong between the two organisations that the Family would have the upper hand. After around 20 hours, Russman made contact with the leader of the gang and had discussed about LSD's plans in the city. LSD made claim to wanting to begin producing narcotics within Los Santos and wanting to create a large scale drug operation within the city. Russman began introducing the gang to the realities of crime and educated the leader on the importance of money laundering and protecting your assets from the government. Russman gave an offer to David Disciple the leader of the LSD. For 15% of the drug production profits the Family would launder their funds as well as ensuring that their production facilities are secure and protected. David said said he would think long and hard about the decision. The meeting seemed to of gone well and the family was eager for the future business adventures. A few days went passed and everything seemed perfect between the organisations with plans on the horizon things where looking promising. Unfortunately this was all a mirage and slowly everything began to crumble. David called for an impromptu meeting and declined the offer. This was fine to Russman he had a feeling they would have a change of mind. The family was angry and annoyed however they took zero hostility towards the gang and decided to simply walk away but ensured that LSD knew they had upset the Family significantly. Russman and Mr Brown took off for a relaxing drive to discuss what to do now, Russman decided to tune into the radio to see what they are discussing and to see if they had a change mind. To the Russ's surprise the street gang had signed their own death warrant. Russell overheard LSD planning to take down Russman as they saw him and the Family as a threat. Outraged by this news the Family began planning and preparing to take down LSD. Russman ordered an associate to go search the known HQ's for LSD and began gathering further information in order to prepare for organised attacks against the gang. The gang had made a huge mistake. And they would most defiantly feel the consequences. The Family went on the search looking for members of the street gang to teach a lesson. Russ let David the leader of LSD know he was unhappy and that him and his so called gang was in danger. David ignored these threats and had no idea what was coming his way. Russell offered David the chance to prevent any bloodshed by paying a weekly "Tax" to save their souls however this was also ignored. David had allowed his men to show the gangs true colours. The family had found its first victim working alone late at night. This victim was swiftly taken from his place of work and placed into a vehicle to be driven to a discreet location to be taught a lesson. Upon arrival the victim called Tobias seemed unphased about the events and acted if he knew nothing. Tobias was respectful however he represented the gang and therefore would not treated any differently. Tobias was beaten to a bloody pulp to send a message as well as having his finger forcefully removed. The Family wanted to show what it was capable of. After handling Tobias, Russman received a head up from an associate about LSD robbing a farmer. Russman and Mr Brown left Tobias in pain to go pursue the LSD mid robbery. Mr Brown drove swiftly and arrived at LSD's HQ just in time to save the farmer. It had seemed that LSD had taken hostile action towards the innocent man and had even thrown him into the ocean. Without hesitation Russ and Mr brown presented their guns to LSD and began to engage the three gangsters. Two of them drove off and left their fellow member to die to the hands of the Family. The gang member was disposed of quickly and the body was disposed off into the ocean. The farmer was found and rescued however the police had arrived to the scene and it had seemed that LSD had attempting to use this as a form of protection. Russman and Mr Brown where both pulled over and questioned about the events. Unfortunately the cop asked to see the gang members dash cam footage. This was used as incriminating evidence against them as there was clear evidence of us firing. The cop asked to search Russ and Brown and found weaponry on them. However, with Russell's charm he was able to convince the officer that they simply was protecting the innocents by saving the farmer. The cop didn't seem so interested however the farmer appeared and thanked Russell personaly for saving his life. The cop examined the situation and let the two go but on the sole condition that the weapons are seized as well as the weapon modifications. The duo left the scene quickly and shocked the gangsters as they left the scene without being escorted in a police cruiser. Another call came this time from Hunter a member of the gang. He asked if there was any way he could make everything right. Russell decided to meet Hunter and offered him the same offer he did with David. Hunter was picked up at Los Santos bank and was taken to a warehouse on the south coast of Los Santos. Hunter spoke to Russ face to face for the first time since the first meeting. Hunter was respectful however the second taxes where mentioned the so called gangster began to act out of manner and assured that they would never pay any taxes to the Family. Russell and Mr Brown did not take this lightly and without any waiting escorted Hunter to the ocean and gave him the same treatment as that poor farmer. They hoped he could swim. But in reality they could not care less. The Family had a long and busy week hunting the gang member down one by one. Russell decided to contact David and asked to meet one final time. This time on more formal occasions. The Family had acquired a brand new property within the city and wanted to have a house warming party. David accepted the offer and a time was set. Russell wanted a peaceful and quiet event. Security was arranged for the event just to be safe. However no hostility was planned and no weapons was to be allowed inside anyways. Russman was simply getting some supplies in Paleto for the party where he was stopped by an individual. This individual openly told Russ that he was hired by LSD. And that he was hired to kill him. Russell, Mr Brown and Dillion was outraged. The plans for the event had changed drastically. David would pay for his sins. The Hired Hitman known as Adrian was respected by Russ and openly admitted to how he had more respect for Russ and that the LSD gang should be more careful about who they mess with. Adrian quickly became a useful asset to the family and an even closer friend. The big event had almost begun. Russ and Dillion had fitted the bathroom with plastic sheets covering every single inch in case any bloodshed was to take place. The Family had ensured that they would be one step ahead. The bathroom door was locked shut and would remain that way until it is needed. Dillion was put on the front door ready to search the party members. Only a few individuals where invited however those affiliated with the Family where allowed to keep their weapons and phones at all times. The party had begun and guests where arriving. All guests where permitted a plus one however weapons. phones and radios where not permitted inside the property and would be taken at the door. David and his men had arrived at the front door and where welcomed with open arms acting as if nothing had happened. Adrian had been at the party before Davids arrival and it had seemed David knew something was up as throughout the party his men kept whispering between themselves. After a few hours of dancing, drinking and the consumption of various drugs it was time to break the news. Russ man let the Family know it was time. Mr Brown entered the room equipped with an AK47. Russ man explained what he knew and threatened to kill all of them in the room. After a heated discussion Russ man put an offer back on the table. The gang would pay taxes. Left without any other option David accepted the deal and was escorted off the property. They had 48 hours to make their first payment. The Family was happy with the result of the evening and celebrated with a bottle of champagne. Business had finally met full circle and Russ got what he wanted. "Respect means everything. You break it. The Family breaks you." We appreciate any feedback on the layout and choice of design! Thank you for reading.
  2. Thank you! And Stay Tuned.
  3. The Walton Crime Family was founded in the early 2000's by Lewis Walton and resided in the crime filled city of Las Venturas. The family started off small and made their money primarily from illegal gambling and fixing bets in order to guarantee themselves a win. Lewis personally had connections with the Caligula's Palace Casino and used it to discreetly launder their cash. Las Venturas was a gold mine that the family was more then eager to mine from. Lewis Walton was able to keep under the radar of the police throughout the early 2000's and was able to branch out to other racketeering schemes such as Contract Killings, Drugs & Weapon trafficking, Blackmail operations, Counterfeit money operations and the corruption of political officials. The Family had expanded across Las Venturas and had enough money as well as man power to expand into nearby cities to gain even more control. Lewis Walton cut a deal with the Russian Mafia situated in the heart of Los Santos and offered them a deal allowing the Family to operate within the city as long as they didn't interfere with their current drug lines placed within Los Santos and Blaine County. Lewis was more then happy to agree to these terms. However the Russian Mafia had other plans up its sleeve and wanted complete control of the city, they decided their best option would to be take out Lewis. In a swift drive by shooting, Lewis was gunned down in the streets of Vinewood and was pronounced dead on the 12/06/2018. Lewis had a son who worked closely with him through out the Family's reign and was appointed the new Boss of the Family in hopes to keep the Family in safe hands. Russman was the new boss of Walton Crime Family and had no plans for slowing down the family's expansion in Los Santos. The Family was in safe hands and Russman was prepared to keep his boys safe and keep providing them with work to do. The Family was beginning to expand rapidly branching to new business adventures to fund their prosperous plans for the city. Currently the Family has been staying under the radar within Los Santos and has been attempting to find new schemes and methods to launder their cash for themselves and their business partners. The Family has also attained new property within the city of Los Santos and has given them place they can all call home. The Family is currently prioritising in forming an underground gambling society to generate a somewhat safe income. As it stands the family has plans to create these exclusive events in order to create connections with the Los Santos elite as well as generate a large sum of money in the progress. Furthermore the Family is attempting to expand to some legal business in order to generate some clean cash which doesn't require any sort of laundering to guarantee its safeness. On the other hand the Family has branched into hiring men across the city to complete their dirty work for them. These men have been tasked with completing tasks such as Contract Killings, information gathering and scouting out locations for possible robberies. These contracted men are not apart of the Family and in most scenarios have no idea who they are working for in order to keep the Family and their partners safe from other gangs and Law Enforcement. The Family has many plans for the future such as. -Operate/work with a Casino within Los Santos to generate profit. -Set up a laundering bracket using legal businesses. -Set up an underground gambling ring and private gambling events. -Gain political control of Los Santos to manipulate the City. -Generate a stable income through legal sources to out smart the IRS and FIB. -Create connections between small organisations to create a large conglomerate. The Family has a small rank structure with promotions being significant and extremely hard to earn. -Boss- The Boss is the head of the Family and ensures that business is able to operate smoothly and that all members of family are doing their job and doing it well. The Boss is always the male within the Walton Family and is passed down the generations. -Underboss- The Underbosses work directly under the Boss and are his right hand men. There may be only 3 underbosses at a time and are meant to display true dedication to the family and everything the Family represents. -Capos- The Capos of the Family are in place to ensure that work is completed and that the soldiers and associates know what to do and how to do it effectively. Capos are trusted members of the Family and have proved themselves to Underbosses and the Boss. Capos have a leadership role within the Family. -Made man- Made men are official members of the Family and have been invited to the Family. Made Men have proved themselves to the Family and now have joined the life of crime. Made men have proved themselves to being loyal men. -Soldiers- Soldiers have proved that they potential to be in the Family. They are given more work then associates and are given more responsibilities then associates. -Associates- Associates work alongside family however are not trusted enough to be welcomed in for permanent work. Most associates will be given a few jobs and then will not be contacted again. The Family has high OOC expectations and the following rules must be strictly followed. -Must ALWAYS be in character. -Minimum admin record(May be justified). -All server rules must be followed at all times. -Must be at least 15,000 XP unless you provide high quality RP. -Must respect all factions and players on the server. Everything in this post is OOC and should not be brought into IC scenarios.
  4. +1 Could enable people to make calls and not be tracked
  6. Trade it for a 1G in strawberry ?
  7. Selling for 210K Looking to Sell FAST Contact me on my number #3204074 Custom Interior + Secured Storage Space
  8. You should change your post. You use the word Gang and Cartel. You should stick with just one.
  9. Whenever I try and donate I get this Error non stop.
  10. Hmm near a drug spot. Seems illegal
  11. +1 Yeah this sounds great and more buildings should be looked at.
  12. Why not just add a brand new clothing system with naming and actual compatibility.
  13. +1 Just imagine PD vs a Train as you sneak past on a bike.
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