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  1. I was sent a toxic message by a banned member. I replied "lol" and sent a gif later. These comments were sadly deleted, leaving my harmless comment of "lol" and gif of "banned". Had the player been a member of the eclipse community, I would of ignored his comments like I always do in these type of situations. In regards to my initial comments directed at Dimitri, it came from my accepted report: https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/66280-ramon_mikhaylov-139-airis_willey-131-shaw_mirco-111-mike_snake-188-jaquan_wenner-27-jay_sanzo-358-mac_mango-mg-fearrp-nonrp-dso-hacking-and-exploits/?tab=comments#comment-310457 Here is Dimitri Mandojev doing some small MG which I brought up to him 2 solve: https://imgur.com/gallery/dM8npYf - Shows him OOCly slandering Ballas as well. I didn't care too much so I just left it alone 4 the most part. After our conversation, I sent the following message and Dimitri replies "Sorry" - "I reacted heated" - "All is forgiven" Which leads me to believe the fact Dimitri is reporting on behalf of his banned rulebreaker members is due to our IC conflict. I even went out of my way to compliment Dimitri OOCly. I never meant to be toxic. If I was toxic, I never would of apologized over this small issue. I believe this report is just a desperate attempt by Dimitri Mandojev to get me punished for something so small. I blocked the banned member on discord to stop the abuse I was getting from him, which he deleted to help Dimitri falsify this report. All in all, his report goes against guidelines. Your not allowed to report when banned. You can't report on someones behalf. Evidence isn't valid after 48hours. Dimitri's evidence is 4 months old... Thankyou so much staff team < 3
  2. Dimija has purposefully withheld evidence here. As the player report rules state " Evidence cannot be older than 48 hours. If players are deliberately withholding evidence and knowledge of a rule breach, they will be punished for said action. Secondly, Dimija is reporting on behalf of someone "Sumana Saman". Sumana is also no longer a member of the community (second time banned). The person reporting must be directly involved in the situation, except in severe cases such as cheating, exploiting, or cyber threats. We do not accept reports from banned members of the community or those who do not have an accessible in-game account. The reason I said "lol" was after sumanas toxic message and the dimja messages where bc of a huge report which got multiples Russians DSO and MG punishments.
  3. ID 167 here, I don't have a POV as the reporting party didn't tell me, possibly to deceive his forum report. I'd like to start off by saying its not PG to use the GUI and loot a body. Just like carrying a body, there is a timer before you can do the action. Secondly, as per the rules, having solid motive and escalations applies for DM. I did not DM the officer or attack him in any sort of way. This is subject to opinion but I'm a criminal among multiple criminals in a prison. When anyone is on the floor injured, I don't believe looting them breaks any rules whatsoever. When I started looting, I wasn't in eye site of any officers and I was surrounded by inmates, covering me. The officer could of had melee weapons, phones, seized drugs or other contraband substances. The bobbypins I took could unlock cuffs or RPly cell gates. I did not rob the reporting party, I just took items from his pocket among the commotion while he was injured. Luxury items such as a donut would be pricey in a prison. Also I had no stamps to buy water ext... Please remember, my character is doing Prison RP which is already extremely limited especially if like me, you have 10+ hours left. I wish the reporting party reached out to me as there was no "severe loss" as the report guidelines state. I feel its just an attempt to get myself punished. Lastly, I'd like to tell the reporting party that even if I had RP'ed looting you, there would be no way you could resist me which is why its not considered PG by the server. I would like to mention some serious rule breaks (Instead of creating a separate report): 13. Fear Roleplay (FRP) Fear RP is showing appropriate care and concern to preserve your character's safety and life. - ID 71 after getting brutally injured while inmates surrounding him that could easily finish him off, took out his phone, Dialed "911" and rang it. 8. Metagaming (MG) Metagaming is the act of relaying IC information through any method not considered IC that has the potential to change current or future roleplay scenarios or using that information. - ID 71 deliberately, in caps, called for backup using faction chat less than a minuet after being downed. Shouting that he was injured multiple times. This could of caused a huge problem had the other officers acted on it. This is a clear and obvious breach of "relaying IC information through any method not considered IC that has the potential to change current or future roleplay scenario" This could of been a huge change. His officers knew where he was and he then says he is injured.
  4. Quick clarification. As POV shows, we were merely passing their drug dealer. We hadn't interacted nor had they seen us interact with any of their dealers. Had that been the case, the situation would of probably been different. I've been seen passing Rooks dealers, who are another rival faction, and they had not all called backup and tried to shoot me in the middle of the street as its so incredibly popular with hardly any motive that makes any sense to what would realistically happen in real life. If I was actively interacting with the Russian dealer and they came up behind me with guns in that ally way, I would of enjoyed RPing the robbery with them. Or if they investigated more, baited me somewhere secluded or shown any standard RP at all, I would of been happy roleplaying my character losing. Thanks again, Billy.
  5. Player(s) being reported: ID 93 / ID 112 / ID 145 / ID 147 / ID 38 / ID 181 Date of interaction reported: 04/09/2021 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1630776000 Your characters name: Billy Sander Other player(s) involved: Deandre Boreland Specific rule(s) broken: 15. Player Theft, Prison Breakout, and Kidnapping Robberies should be conducted in a realistic manner with reasonable in-character motive using secluded areas. Players should not conduct minor robberies in situations with high risk. Desert or forest areas are considered secluded but witnesses should still be considered. 14. Deathmatch (DM) Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player without a proper IC motive and interaction. Prior interaction should include escalation such as a robbery or a report to the police. 9. Non-Roleplay (NRP) Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. How did the player break the rule(s)? Player Theft: I believe these Russians showed improper RP standards and attempted a robbery in a dual carriage way which is realistically a very busy area. Their only motive was because we drove past a dealer NPC, which to me isn't enough for a high risk low reward robbery. This attempted robbery had 0 prior escalation. My character, leader of Ballas, was friendly with ID 93, saying we were "taking a shortcut g". There was no hostility and we then drove away. We were asked "why you going next to dealer" and Boreland confirmed we weren't there to start trouble and was just checking the area. I feel like there could of been room for far better RP instead of multiple Russians quickly pulling up to us and giving demands without any thought of where they were / 0 interaction. Then very eager to shoot instead of RP, in this incredibly public area. I stopped at a red light at a junction to "have a conversation" with ID 93 who we hadn't been hostile to in the slightest. As confirmed by ID 93 on radio, the robbery wasn't because we laundered cash, interrogated or sold drugs, it was because we were "checking". Deathmatch: I believe there was DM due to the fact, ID 93 hadn't aimed his weapon and while stepping off his vehicle was saying "get out" calmly as if to his fellow Russians to get out their cars. If they were demands to myself and Boreland, I believe they're invalid as no firearms were drawn and aimed and yet we were shot at. Non-RP As I was leaving, ID 181 changed his course of direction in attempts to block / ram with an expensive vehicle. To me, this is Non-RP. Thankyou so much to every staff member handling this report Evidence of rule breach: My POV (I PM'd one to provide POVs for everyone and told him/her the rule I suspected them of breaking - all after situation was concluded to not effect outcome)
  6. Hi @Yputi I'm still a little confused behind the reasoning of your reply to my answer. I haven't accused you of anything and just sated the facts from my point of view on the situation like I was asked. With your explanation and POV, the staff handling the report can quite easily determine what has happened. So repeating already stated statements doesn't normally help, but since you've replied, Its only fair I'm also allowed the same opportunity. Here you are just nit picking at words. Looking and hunting are the same thing. Like you said you "Dropped my interaction to assist" in searching for the knife. So you were hunting/searching/looking for the knife. All these words mean the same thing... To me this sums up your state of mind in your entire response. Anyone can pick out single words and try start arguments and back and forth. This reply has contributed nothing but adding to the time it takes to conclude the report. There simply is no need to get aggravated and pick out my every word in hopes I get punished as your angry you lost in an RP situation although it made no economic effect. You knew knifes were in the prison previously due to a call out. Deny it all you want but I'm sure this will show up in your POV. You ran towards a dead officer surrounded by 5 inmates with visible knifes and crowbars on their hips. Previously you had stunned most these inmates aggravating them, you used no caution for your safety or had any intention of discussion with us. If you hadn't seen our hips, you were still aware that one of us had a knife but that didn't bother you, as you thought rules could protect you and you wouldn't die when going solo into a group of inmates with a dead officer on the floor. When I made the statement about you entering a hostile situation, I was not accusing you of rule breaking and so I don't understand why you need to pick out what I've said although your still admitting to doing it. These comments add nothing to this report. Aiming this weapon, a taser, is showing hostility. If no intention to attack then why aim a taser. There is no need for blatant lies. I'm perplexed how you think no one will car being tasered. It sends you to the floor stunned and not being able to move. It hurts a huge amount and caused pain to its target. I researched if a taser is lethal or not and let me quote the answer for you, "The shock delivered to the chest by a Taser can lead to cardiac arrest and sudden death, according to a 2012 study in the journal Circulation. The study looked at the records of eight people who went into cardiac arrest after they received shocks from a Taser X26 from a distance. Seven of the people died" My character, after assisting in killing an officer, witnessed him click his panic button / CIT paper, I'm not sure of the name. You were on the top floor with us while us inmates killed the officer and finished him off. When you run over to us, we obviously feel you are here for backup. That may or not be the case, but that's what has come across and so that aggravates and leads to further build up. I've been told to explain my side of the story and reasoning. And this is my side of the story. You have given yours already along with a POV so repeating honestly only adds frustration. You can deny all you want, but to me it looked like you were there to backup the officer. I believed and thought you were as it only made logical sense. You may have been running over to the dead officer for a photo but if I was in your shoes, I'd be running over to give him backup and save his life. So that's what I thought at the time and kinda still believe now. We did hostile roleplay ending in my failure and your success. I was on the edge of a staircase and you kicked me as I grabbed you resulting in me falling back (RPly), then I ran as you chased me. Interpret it how you like, its still hostile RP between us that was apart of the build up to you being hit with a crowbar. I'm confused why your crunching down at everything and trying your best to say there was no build up when there very much was. It also took you a while to respond as you were tabbed out majority of the time on your shift. You hardly ever typed or used any VOIP or roleplayed, just standing still silent clearly preoccupied with something outside the RP throughout my whole sentence. Again... Picking out every detail to try and make it not look like escalations. It may have only been 5-10 seconds but you still chased me. Its a fact. A chase is a chase, the requirements for such isn't limited to a certain time. I don't see how this comment helps this report at all. I know what your trying to do, and I don't think its productive in this report at all. You were aiming a taser at Toby Brown with another DOC guard. I noticed this and came to assist by going around from behind. As I approached, you ran away into the crowed of armed inmates. You said "I can't say more than this, because I am not able to remember" but I luckily remember it vividly. If you are unsure of the situation why are you saying it never happened. This was about a min before you were hit by my crowbar and so if you haven't edited it out your POV, it should be there. There was a riot going on with multiple guards attacked, Toby being one of the hostile attackers against the guards. I could only assume he was being thrown in a cell or solitary cell. Why are you trying to deny escalation... If given above then why repeat? Just lengthens out responses and as a result adds more time to this report then needed, creating unnecessary back and fourth. You yourself state you saw us carrying the guard and you were there knowing we had at least one knife. If someone calls out to me that inmates have a knife and I see a load of inmates surrounding and carrying a dead guard, I would assume they are the murder suspects so why you pretending you were oblivious to this. My character would of thought you knew as the murder happened meters away from your eye line as we were not blocked by the control box. Non the less, you still ran over after seeing him dead and knowing we had a knife. We thought you saw and even if you hadn't you know now. Knocking your out or killing you as well may just as well be the best option, but that I suppose in an IC opinion. You haven't stated anything on the interaction seconds before you were hit by me. You were giving demands and aiming a taser (which is a weapon or else why would you have it) at the mastermind behind everything. I was surrounded by support from inmates, you had no escape. Due to prior escalation with me and you personally, the fact you saw a dead guard and knew we had melee weapons (call on radio about knife) you were clearly there to detain and arrest him and not there for a friendly hello. I understand this is a long reply and I hoped for no back and fourth but I guess even Yputi can't help herself. I'm not accusing you (Yputi) of breaking any rules so I'm confused why you think you need to defend yourself from my honest answer to staffs question. You "defending" yourself is simply picking out certain parts to manipulate the actual events. Like you said before, you say you weren't hunting for a knife but you were looking. Well this is the exact same thing and yet you feel your defending yourself by saying this when in reality its an attempt to void the escalation. Then you can feel satisfied that everyone you reported receives a punishment. Everything in my first response in accurate to the reasoning behind why you were hit with a crowbar. Heavy and long escalation was there. From the previous discussions with Admins surrounding escalation I've had. Having DM rights is not just, Aim a gun, shout a demands and shoot if they run or don't shoot if they do run. This is roleplay and we need to act as realistically as possible. I'm sorry that you lost the RP situation Yputi. I feel I acted realistically and accordingly. After the huge violent hatred my character built up against you and then you come to save a DOC guard but detaining the boss behind it all, I feel it was only right to hit you. If you had ran to the murder scene without holding a weapon that has the power to send someone to the floor stunned in an very painful way. I would have RP'd with /mes and /dos like I had done previously with you. But you were holding a weapon and so It was only tactical to do what I did especially when your apposing a threat to me and my allys. Hopefully there is no need for further back and fourth Yputi, we have both had an equal say and its only right we let this report conclude or answer further questions from staff. Apologies for the lengthy reply GiorgosK & Invoker.
  7. --- Hello, Billy Sanders here. Before I get started, I'd like to thank all staff (GiorgosK & Invoker) handling this report and secondly apologise to Audrey, my intention was never to ruin your RP experience. I hope my reply clears up any doubts you had of DM and gives you an understanding as to why your character was waked with a crowbar. As per the report guidelines, there was no severe loss (accept an inmates fish) and so I wished we could of sorted it out ourselves. But, we're here now. It was a rare day at the DOC. Guards were understaffed with a huge amount of inmates. More than I'd ever seen in the 2-3years I've played on this server as a criminal. With us inmates tripling the amount of guards, guards were all very volatile especially when solo. Audrey was on the hunt for the contraband (knife). She purposefully inserted herself in danger after we killed a guard, knowing full well she was outnumbered. There were 4-5 inmates with melee weapons. She responded to backup calls as we attacked and killed one of her fellow guards which she was a witness to. She decided to stay and attempt to hunt us rather than leave, wait for backup or surrender. Had Audrey not ran up to multiple armed inmates and attempted to arrest the man behind everything, I wouldn't have swung at her. After much escalations between me and Audrey through my 2 hour long sentence, I hit her from behind in attempts to save the Goblin who brought in all the melee weapons. Audrey was attempting to arrest him for server crimes such as murder, breaking into DOC and bringing in contraband. Audrey was alone, standing over a dead guard she had seen us kill and carry around. I didn't want to see my allies arrested and caught for such substantial crimes. Which is why I feel I there was enough prior hostile interaction to strike her. After my first swing, Audrey fired her taser missing. She then pulled her baton out in attempts to fight a 3v1. We all had melee weapons and so she was an easy kill. Escalation leading to Audrey being hit: Uptight and rude, refusing to work with me by being corrupt. - This put us at personal odds. Audrey attacked my ally Deandre_Boreland with her taser sending him to the ground. (Wasn't just DeAndre but this is the only person I remember) After some fun RP with Solomon Cob trying to obtain his .50 with a couple of my allies. Audrey came to his backup with a taser showing threat to me. So we ran. I had RP'd with Audrey (with dice) leading me to be kicked in head and falling down a flight of stairs (All through RP /Mes /Dos) I was chased by Audrey and hid for a while. I could only assume she was attempting to put me in solitary after I tried to grab her legs. Audrey was throwing my close ally Toby Brown in solitary with another guard. I ran up to his rescue him with my melee weapon. She ran and so I chased. Audrey witnessed me murdering a DOC guard, she stood over his dead body with me behind and aimed her taser acting hostile against me and my allies. Audrey had a taser at the Goblin who brought me and my allies the knifes. I intervened as she was attempting to arrest him for a substantial crime (He wasn't a prisoner). I hope everyone reading this understands, DOC can be an extremely boring place, sucking away all fun RP - new players leave the server permanently because of DOC others just AFK on Netflix in a cell. I've always strived to find unique fun RP opportunity inside these walls. Yesterdays DOC RP was rioting over everyone being unfairly thrown in lock down over 1 inmates actions. I hope everyone can agree with me when I say there isn't always fun RP at the DOC and it can be very boring for both the repetitiveness of what the guards do and the prisoners having nothing to do inside. We took advantage of this rare RP opportunity and followed it through as this is an RP game. Escalation was heavily built up, from subtle RP such as pick pocketing to chanting riot and then to obtaining melee weapons and fighting back. This wasn't random in anyway. Thankyou again staff team, and I hope my reply helps you understand why I swung. ---
  8. The reason for the /ram is to gain entry to a property. The /ram is therefore limited to SWAT and FD to prevent every crim from raiding everyones house on the map while players are offline. Realistically, if a shotgun blast can open a door anyone with a shotgun should be able to open that door and not just SWAT. Criminals raiding also have to go through the pain of opening 1-3 doors just like lore enforcement. Expect ofcourse criminals actually have to pay for the equipment where obviously lore enforcement have an endless supply. The problem you raised is it takes too long. Maybe a solution to this is increasing chance of success on bolt cutters. Or allow all players to be able to shoot open doors with /ram in exteriors. And not just PD / SD. Currently the process of a house raid is fairly slow like you said. I personally don't think the PD mentality of looting criminals and locking them up as fast as possible is a healthy mindset for RP. I belive house raids especially should take time. You have an endless supply of money, you can buy as many bolt cutters as you want. Furthermore, RP doesn't stop when doors are being bolt cut, lots of opertunitys could still be going on. By speeding the process of a house raid you only decrease the chance of further RP such as criminals attempting to retrieve and save items or criminals planning an ambush as the goods are transported. Just my opinion on the whole suggestion.
  9. Hello Billy Sanders here, leader of Ballas. I hope Doan & Yputi don't mind me quickly addressing the accusations made by Deonoxic about the whole Ballas faction. Members including myself are also apart of factions such as Rooks, PD, SD, LSEMS ect... And so by default would still carry the same RP standard and follow the rules in the same way we would on our Balla characters. It would be helpful for me if you could take evidence of any Poor RP behavior and so I can deal with it and make sure it won't happen again as I am in a position to do so. Finally I'd like to address that after you heard "/r They got powers" instead of politely using /pm to address the issue you went into general OOC chat to spam: "/b HAHAHAHAHA" "/b SAVE POV" "/b RN HAHAHAHAHAHA" "/b 'They have powers' Sick one mate" "/b Thats mixing Hahaha read the rules" "/b Save your POV" "/b Your an official faction WTF" "/b Read the rules!" It seems you are very passionately amused by ID 113 slipping up in IC chatter and excessively using OOC chat to voice your joy of being able to report him. Support told you it was a "Very Very mild case of mixing" and yet you decided to forum report it, which goes against forum guidelines stating "Do not take reporting another player lightly and reserve player reports for situations that have caused severe loss or were abused for benefit." Thanks again Doan & Yputi, I felt this was necessary to say. Billy.
  10. Player(s) being reported: 187, 185, 311, 244 Date of interaction reported: 03/JUNE/2021 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1622670220 Your character name: Billy_Sander Other player(s) involved: Ahmed_Javari + Cornelius_Greaves Specific rule(s) broken: 14. Deathmatch (DM) Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player without a proper IC motive and interaction. Prior interaction should include escalation such as a robbery or a report to the police. Players must be able to explain their reason and provide proof of prior reasoning if requested. How did the player break the rule(s)? (300 words maximum) There was a callouts of a Rebla entering. I drove up next to it to interact with them through VOIP. Suddenly ID 185 steps out and so I speed away. I merely hear him say "Hands, Hands, Hands" over the roar of the accelerating engine on a dirt track. I believe saying "hands" is not a clear demand and could mean several things. My hands were not moving or reaching for a weapon. There was no prior escalation with the Russians. I had recently talked to their leader in a chopshop which Ballas previously handed to Russians without contesting. I spoke to the leader about reasoning of taking Sealab and then re-payed him by supplying his members with cars to boost their influence. I believe this whole situation was without proper IC motive and lacked any Interaction or escalation. Although not recorded, I think multiple Russians got out and shot at me, also (to my knowledge) without any valid reason. Evidence of rule breach: More precise POV: https://streamable.com/iddpx9 Full POV: https://streamable.com/pqdw8d (I PM one of the members who agreed to tell anyone who shot to Save POV)
  11. Date:: 30/05/2021 around 20:30 Character name: Billy_Sander Issue/bug you are reporting: The bank alarm goes off for no apparent reason. Both tellers held up, door was cut then breached. No alarm rang. Then, still with both Tellers held up 2 allies went to behind them slowly to knock them out but before they could, alarm rings. It always seems to be around this time. (No one was drilling vault.) We did everything correctly and alarm rank. Expected behavior: Alarm rings only if: One of Tellers hands are down and someone aims at one or aims at different times causing the other to press alarm. Bolt cutting with tellers hands down or drilling with tellers hands down. - Both Tellers held up at exact same time, no alarm should ring. Both tellers arms were up allowing boltcutting to happen with alarm. - Both tellers knocked out. Alarm should not ring. Especially if at same time. - Then drilling can start after both tellers knocked out. Once drilling finishes, the alarm should go off if nothing else went wrong. Evidence: https://streamable.com/l0m49q Note: This has happened multiple times to multiple different groups.
  12. La Fuente Blanca, the sole supplier of Illegal imports through the state of San Andreas. Argued to be the most dangerous and influential force in the state. Without LFB, gangs like Ballas would have no guns to sell. The Command of this cartel had called a meeting, every criminal organisation leader was requested to be there. Billy Sanders heard word of this meeting through his talks with Benjamin Specht, leader of Goblins. Once he found out, Billy spoke with Lost MC to gain info on where the meeting would go down. [REDACTED] from Rooks told him the time and with this information at hand, Billy prepared himself ready to represent the Ballas. Billy approached the location a little nervous, no other Ballas were in the city and so unlike the other gangs arriving, he was doing this alone. He parked his hellfire just outside, leaving his gun and knives inside his car. After a quick pat down, Billy was invited in. As he entered, the majority of the gangs were already there, silent and standing around a White Fountain in the middle of the lobby. A replica of the fountain over at the Ranch, seeming to be a signature of the cartel. Three members from each organisation had attended, their leader would sit at the table while the other two stood behind. Through the entirety of the meeting, only the gang leaders could speak, and in this case, that was Billy Sanders. As Billy took his seat, he noticed a black box in front of him. Seth Blackwood told each leader that they could open them at the end of the meeting. Then Blackwood placed his heavy revolver on the table before taking a seat with Vince Williams observing from behind him. Seth led the meeting, discussing how LFB should be seen as a legal group of supercar owners. Law enforcement shouldn’t have a single clue of their operations and that is something Billy is willing to take to his grave. The leaders and representatives sat at the table and discussed numerous topics in regards to violence and Illegal shipments. Blackwood said police chases are happening too often and that this shouldn’t be happening due to PD attention. Billy looked down as he said this, knowing he was one of the guilty ones. LFBs name also was demanded to never be said on the streets, all information regarding them should stay within the high command and not trickle down to lower ranked members. Billy couldn’t help but chuckle, he isn’t even high command although running all of Ballas operations. With every gang being present, Issac Collins (Irish Leader) brought up the idea of setting a ‘street price’ for the 50 calibre pistol. Lucifer (LostMC Leader), Dimitri (Rooks Leader), Benjamin (Goblins Leader) and Billy both voiced their agreement. Leah from LNF countered the idea, loyal clients deserve lower prices and some gangs at that table give their allies stock price. When trying to setup a minimum street value for weapons, allies could simply undercut you which is what Lucifer and Benjamin feared. The debates were going nowhere and so Blackwood shifted onto a new topic. Special imports were offered to each organisation, these orders of rare machinery and melee weapons are to be ordered directly though the cartel themselves. With orders having to amount to a minimum of $2,000,000 US Dollars. After some mild bickering between Collins and Specht, surrounding turfs and Leah's point of groups taking turf in areas they don’t belong. Blackwood pulled the meeting and invited each seated individual to open up the boxes in front of them. Billy Sanders filled with anticipation unclips the box hinge and opens it up. Comfortably sat in a secure padded box, an Antique Cavalry Dagger rested. Recovered from the civil war, only 8 exist in the whole San Andreas. After the meeting, Billy sat with Irish and Blackwood drinking whiskey on the rocks at the bar. Billy then went over to Vince Williams who runs the cartel. They exchanged phone numbers and Billy explained to Williams that the position of Head Balla had been left vacant. Williams took a liking to Billy and gave his blessing for him to step-up to Head Balla, he told Billy to “get it sorted” and keep him updated. Billy Sanders left hopeful of the future of Ballas. The role of Head Balla needs to be filled one day...
  13. Hello NotMattch and thanks so much for handling this report with Skiperz. I can send a full POV privately as it contains extreme fragile information that can be used for MG. I'm in a discord group with college friends and while waiting for everyone to join and play on a minecraft server, I muted/deafen myself and loaded into EclipseRP. I relayed no IC information over this call and discord chat. I understand it looks like I'm metagaming but I can assure you I was not and its a private IRL friends chat, muted as you can see. ECRP is not the only game I play. Why did I shoot a new player and rob him? This player came down from chopping a car, initiated at fight against my character after slandering us abruptly. After a failed attempt to bobby pin my bike and demanding us to unlock our vehicles, he initiated a fight by punching my character. I chased him, was met with more violence and then shot him. He ended up in a secluded ally where he was searched and then hidden away. According to rule 15, the new player lost his protection after "deliberately taken part in an active crime scene" which was punching me after chopping a vehicle. I felt the right escalation was there to shoot, he didn't comply with my demands under gunpoint. I apologies as upon seeing him again I said "oh its you" although the previous situation was NLR which is why I carried him away and stopped interaction. Although, I feel the "oh its you" could be passed off as, "Oh its you who drove the bus into Queenie". A realization of who drove into us. Thanks again for taking the time with this report!
  14. Player(s) being reported: ID 287 Date of interaction reported: 12/MAY/2020. Unix time stamp from HUD: 1620775128 Your character name: Billy_Sander Other player(s) involved: Trae_Maddox Specific rule(s) broken: 8. Metagaming (MG) Mixing IC and OOC information without any benefit is a minor MG offense. For example, a player uses IC chat to call someone by their player ID displayed above their head. 13. Fear Roleplay (FRP) Fear RP is showing appropriate care and concern to preserve your character's safety and life. If a player's life is in direct danger they must RP adequate fear and comply with demands. 12. No Crime Zones (NCZ) Players may not go to a NCZ within 15 minutes after engaging in criminal activity or a resulting chase, unless they are turning themselves in to law enforcement. 9. Non-Roleplay (NRP) If a crash / disconnect occurs, players must post in the crash reports discord channel and contact all parties to resume. Players reconnecting must be given all opportunities held prior. How did the player break the rule(s)? (300 words maximum) Thank you so much for helping me in this report. The player took $230,000 out of bank, we drove him down to Grove St at night and attempted to rob him with a knife to his throat but he ran into an NCZ and then combat logged. While driving him to the hood, he told me with a /do he had 230k in cash. On arrival, I asked OOC for a /frisk so I can see if he had cash. Insisted, he said he could provide screenshot to prove he had the cash in pocket. Then as I was typing and trying to RP he continuously mixed bringing me out of character and frustrated, I felt I couldn't RP with him at all. I then roleplayed the knife but he ran away calling backup and then took cover in an NCZ where he decided to combat log. I waited 30min and he did not return. Evidence: https://streamable.com/swcy3j I would love for us to restart where we left of at Grove with this player showing adequate fear for his life and handing over the $230,000 he had on him This was going to split between me and Trae for a Job well done but instead he rule breaks preventing us from the realistic outcome. Thank you so much staff team for handling this report!
  15. The day started like any other, Billy was up early searching for cars and bringing them back to the hood to be chopped. After having chopped a few low end cars, Billy bumped into G.W. and they got deep into conversation about JackBoyz disbanding and joining Ballas. G.W. expressed he wanted to lead the Ballas due to their lack in high command. Billy agreed with G.W, high command Ballas are hardly leaving their houses resulting in demotivation from the rest of the members. Ballas is a mess and G.W. believes he is the key to solving it. Then Dimitri Mandojev, Russian leader, was spotted driving through the hood. Billy ran up to Dimitri asking him why the Russian Mob are still utilizing the hood for their business. The rest of JackBoyz followed behind backing Billy up as he told the Russians to stop acting like a street gang and to leave the hood. After the Russians left, Sumana came up to Billy and introduced himself. Sumana used to rep purple for the East Side Ballas which had Billy interested in learning how that version of Ballas used to run Grove. Trae had previously mentioned that Sumana would be a good fit for the Ballas so Billy decided to hear him out. They both went back to Grove St to talk with Omar Bishop, getting him to recruit Sumana as Billy isn’t high command. Recruiting isn’t Omars strength and so Billy took the reins and started questioning and testing Sumana to see if he’s truly fit for Ballas. After a long round of questions from Billy, he gave the all clear to Omar that Sumana should be given a chance. Omar agreed and so Sumana became a Hood Rat. The following night Billy was cruising the hood when a convoy of bikers came flying past. LostMC had traveled down from Sandy Shores hunting for the Russian Mob. Billy and the rest of the bikers pulled into Forum Drive to talk diplomacy. Lost leader and underboss both introduced themselves to Billy, numbers were exchanged and deals were made. Billy is slowly building the relations between Ballas and LostMC, with a shared common enemy, The Russian Mob. Then in the following days, the Russians came back to the hood to hold it down, scaring off the African Americans with their big guns and armored vests. Billy pulled up on his bike to question what the Russians wanted, and it was nothing but a fight. So, the LostMC came down and Billy made it clear to them that he wanted the Russians gone by any means necessary. Moments later shots were fired, Russians appeared from the Roofs of megamall sniping down at Lost. The bikers managed to huddle together and push forward against the Russians killing all those whos hand't already fled. The remaining few scattered away, LostMC had won this fight. Billy congratulated them on their victory, helping clean up the mess. All Russians vehicles were then chopped and Lost went back up to Sandy Shores. Billy traveled up to Stab City to discuss options for both Ballas and LostMC to help each other. He told them there are very few Ballas in the hood and that for Ballas to fight Russians would be insane. Through all the turf conflicts Billy has been speaking with Russian Mobs high command to make sure peace is kept, if it wasn’t for him, the Russian Mob would have already hit Ballas members by now!
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