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  1. Please close this Topic as of duplicate.
  2. I would like to change my name from "Weezel" to "Disciple" Please! Thank you for the time. Kind Regards Wes Disciple
  3. I would like to change my name from "Weezel" to "Disciple" Please! Thank you for the time. Kind Regards Wes Disciple
  4. From our POV it would have looked like pulling his phone out, although on his pov he was already on a call, this is a miss confusion, here is my members pov. https://streamable.com/qkv1yv ID 238 was the person getting robbed, i shot him because in my pov he got out his phone as you can also see below. https://streamable.com/9i9m88 My Pov.
  5. So i brought 1600 credits because i really wanted to get tough male 4 walk, after getting the credits i accidentally brought the elegant female walk and this is not what i intended to do. Im not looking for a refund but the money i put into the server was for tough male 4 not elegant female so could i please get it swapped i have no use for the elegant female anamation.
  6. Disciple


    sorry accidently posted this
  7. First of all I took the fishing rod out of his pocket and I clearly stated to him after that I was sorry and I put the fishing rod back I moved him into a place where the medic could access him easier, even if I was to have taken the fishing rod It was allowed as he was chatting shit to me and we were clearly in a secluded area. I then called medics myself I took the vodka and the map just in case the medics didn't get there in time because its better to me then someone dead, plus its allowed, no one was around there were no witnesses, just me him and my friend ID @203. If you look at the evid
  8. Yo bro, could you please let me know when i am eligable to appeal again, cheers boss

  9. Disciple


    Hi there, after being unbanned from the srever it says i am banned for ban evading, what does this mean??? can anyone help me please???
  10. Disciple


    id like to ask if you could possibly just ban my account and not my ip adress as my sister as i said in the off topic forum has been admiring me playing this game for a long time and is very upset that she cant play, she mad a account and got really down when it said her ip was banned, please could you sort this and you may think its as i want to make another account but i have been given a punishment and im gunna serve the punishment, so its the least you could do she loves eclipse i have been on about 3 other servers and the only one she likes is eclipse also all of her friends play it. i fe
  11. Disciple


    Hey there i have gotten a ban from my ip adress and was wondering if you could remove the ip ban because i have members of family who are affected by theses conditions as my sister was hoping and willing to join my or her friends to play the game, i understand that you may be thinking its whatever so i will just make a new account, i understand my consiquences and im a man of my woord and understand that i have been given the punishment so i should take it or try to sort it out at my own accord,my sister has been admiring the game sincce i started playing and now that she has gotten herself a
  12. Hey was just wondering. can it take up to 24 hours for someone to reply to my ban appeal?

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