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  1. ill be honest its nice to see the russians were not forgotten, it was one hell of a chapter and a ride, you maintained your high position throughout all these years, and boy thats a huge fucking accomplishment well done, and ill surely miss yall fuckers ;D
  2. can i please somehow have a chat with you?
    i was not driving the truck, i didnt even log in.
    please i just want a chat.
    i just said the idea via discord (which doesnt grant me innocence)

  3. can i please somehow get a chat with you?

  4. SkuLLar

    Los Zetas

    After being a part of the server, and fighting the living shit out of you, you are hands down, the strongest faction there was on the server. to be fair, without the los zetas being on the server, in my personal opinion the server's rp would have been alot worse they helped this community in alot of aspects. regards from the Russian Mafia :d, sadly we wont be able to rebel ever again against yall, will surely be missed.
  5. good luck brothers i know what you can do one of the best rp'ers i know.
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