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    The Goblins

    Story is sick!
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    Amazing stories! I hope I will be able to read some more soon
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    Russian Mob

    Loving these stories! keep it up
  4. Oppa Stoppas Proudly claiming the win from Crimson we took some guns found on them to sell to the street and with that money, a few members suggested to invest into building a studio, and with the success against Crimson, Tyler Charles started to build a studio. Once the studio was built, Julio Grande got an old friend in the Jewish Cartel group and he agreed to come to the studio with us, his name is Kimetrius or better known as "Yung Ki". Getting a beat and spitting some fire, Julio and Yung Ki finished the song while dissing Crimson for everyone to know what's real.
  5. Claiming our Colours After the meeting with Remmi from Crimson about the colour situation, she said there and before "We will not give up fighting for our colours". Fighting with Crimson with for roughly a week going undefeated against them with losing little to no members in each fight. Jamelli was cruising around the city looking for some Crimson, seeing some known Crimson members at pier out of clothing and car colours, Jamelli also was working LSC and witnessed some Crimson getting out of colours to either leave or not get robbed anymore. OTF standing strong wit
  6. The Battle Begins With Dre and Tyrell telling LFM and Aztecas that we are dropping out of the war temporarily, Tyrell Called up Remmi from Crimson to discuss about the colour situation. OTF had some members set up around the area in case Remmi brought more Crimson members but later found out that they had a drop that got busted and some got arrested and killed so Dre set with Remmi. Crimson standing on not dropping out of white, it did not take long before war was agreed upon. Telling Crimson how it is, Remmi talked down on everything we said so OTF cut her hair showing disrespect,
  7. Posted Tyrell, Julio, Austin and an old friend Tyrone were chilling on the block when a resident of this street drove by after a day of fishing and Tyrell went up to him to talk with him and to see if he would be interested in a blunt after a days work. The fisher having no cash on him traded Tyrell 5 fish for a blunt and Tyrell took it. Chilling with a new face and passing the blunt around a new face was met on the block as well with other possible customers to come and bring more business. With OTF notifying two higher ups in both LFM and Aztecas telling them that OTF w
  8. Growth Contacting LFM setting up a meeting with them OTF reached out to them that they wanted to continue helping out Aztecas, LFM and Goblins. We also got a good word from Ricardo Borne at the meeting with us bringing LFM packed money, cars and drugs to help with their turf. OTF was able to get their name around with the gangs getting more known, also being able to get weapons from LFM there is not much to stop OTF in its way to continue building. After the meeting LFM was able to accept us assisting them for the war, gaining trust should not be too much of an issue for OTF from mo
  9. The Hustle Chilling on the block with Julio, Austin and Kai late at night, Kai was asking about what we are going to do to make some money because selling blunts on the block is not enough to make a living. The four decided to go hit a few stores to make some extra pocket cash for each of them and to also launder money through LFM to grow our relationship with them. After hitting a few stores getting a full bag of packed money, Tyrell called up Ricardo and Milo Borne, they met with us shortly after to launder the money for us. Milo drove Ricardo to the place we agr
  10. A New Home After spending some time in Aztecas and some in LFM, Draco, Dre and Tyrell were talking about possibly making their own gang for a while, they decided to finally just make one so Draco and Tyrell left Aztecas and Dre left LFM. Tyrell talked with Alicia behind the Zeta Store and Tyrell was able to leave on good terms with Alicia. Then all three met up later putting on their new colours and calling up some old friends from Jewish Cartel. Getting set up at our new HQ Tyrell went for a walk around the block to get used to the area and to imagine what
  11. - 12/20 New Home - 12/20 The Hustle - 01/21 Growth - 01/21 Posted - 01/21 The Battle Begins -01/21 Claiming our Colours -01/21 Oppa Stoppas
  12. Nice videos ski! hope to see more sometime soon
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