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  1. ╔═════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════╗ Los Santos Motorcycle Club was founded in 2019 in Los Santos, commonly known as LSMC around the state the MC has always worked at making their name as known as possible. The club opened their first charter in the Paleto Bay area in the same year it was founded. The club was founded by Lucas Holding, with the help of his close friends and partner. Lucas always had a vision to do something different, Motorcycle Clubs are commonly recognisable by their illegal standing and illegal events in their communities, LSMC wanted to be different, Lucas always wanted the group to be legal, running legal operations with legal money and businesses at the forefront of the club. The MC has spent countless hours working towards relationships and friendships across the city, having nearly every known gang and legal group as friends and allies. ╚═════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════╝ ╔═════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════╗ The MC's current situation is that we are at a steady number count and have become more than recognised within the city and Paleto Bay. We currently work from Paleto at our main HQ based on the main strip but we also have a southern charter within the city. We also own and run Mojito, a few bars and clubs in and around the city. Currently we make legal money through business ventures that we have set out on. When we are not doing jobs for other people you can see us cruising the streets looking for new members and enjoying time as a family. ╚═════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════╝ ╔═════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════╗ The clubs future plans are listed below with appropriate time frames. 2 months – Create respected relationships between other city gangs and other MCs 6 months – Recruit and patch in 5-10 members 12 months – Buy a clubhouse and become sustainable from jobs and employee pay 12 months - Become officially recognised by the city 18 months - Open up more businesses around the state 24 months - Open another charter in the main city of Los Santos Continuous goals. Continue to keep respected relationships between other city groups, clubs and MCs Maintain and grow both the Mother charter and Southern charter Continue to hold events for the community to come together Continue to help people within the city who needs it ╚═════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════╝ ╔═════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════╗ ⦾ Be active in-game, on discord and on forums ⦾ Always maintain a high standard of role-playing at all times ⦾ Be respectful to each other as well as other people/factions OOC, toxic behaviour will not be tolerated ⦾ Keep OOC text chat to a minimum unless you are asking questions about commands etc ╚═════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════╝
  2. Los Santos can be a toxic city at the best of times, and the negativity begins to seep into people's hearts and minds. One day whilst fishing, a group of friends decided it was time that someone tried to make some kind of change. The main aim of Burnout Nation is to bring positivity and a friendly atmosphere to any location they drive. Formed as a car club, the cars are secondary to the atmosphere and feeling of family the nation prides itself on. With no prior history the nation's model is based on the usual car club hierarchy and some original ideas implemented by the founders of Burnout Nation. Currently we are still a fresh legal club, and are looking to get our name out there so people in the city begin to recognize our colours, outfits and our name begins to be heard in conversation between people who don’t know us personally. We aren’t a gang, or a racing club, we plan on running car meets, and legal race events only. Absolutely no illegal activity of any kind is welcomed within the club. We aim to spread our name across Los Santos and make people aware of our existence and to have people know us as some of the best people Los Santos has to offer through BLS treatment for random injured civilians to giving people rides if they’re stuck on the side of the highway. We aim to purchase a property that will serve as a HQ and Nightclub for events and business revenue. We aim to increase the treasury to at least 1 million after the purchase of said HQ and nightclub to be able to start a side business purchasing and modifying cars to flip for a small profit at reasonable prices to customers around the city. We aim to make connections with higher ups in the various gangs and maintain good relations to keep our members safe from any civilian robberies. We aim to recruit a few more members to broaden our capabilities in both hosting events and running a business as well as cruising and presenting ourselves to the citizens of Los Santos (Extended Goal: Reach 30 members to sufficiently fill divisions) 20,000 Minimum XP, but those with lower are welcome to hang around Must have no admin punishments within the last 30 days however severity of punishment may be assessed internally Must have a good understanding of server rules and drive in a realistic manner, understanding the servers road laws Must be over 18 however maturity will be assessed internally and exceptions may be made Must be willing to commit time to the faction, inactivity without due communication could result in removal from the faction
  3. Diablos MC is an MC with great respect for the heritage and humble beginnings of all MCs, the foundations of the club are traditional and stay true to the rules of Motorcycle clubs. Diablos are a legal MC and fund themselves through legal jobs and help each other to gain income within the bounds of the law, a lot of the members have since turned from their past in Illegal work or shady pasts and use the club as something to keep them focused on staying on the right track. All members have a strong sense of brotherhood and comradery with loyalty to their colours and club. Diablos MC was founded by Charlie Rellet, His brother Ace Rellet and their good friend Ryan Robinson, the Clubs first Chapter opened inside Los Santos city itself in 2021. Having a lot of experience within MCs from his father being the president of one of the largest back in his home town of London he managed to have a written set of rules and code of conduct in a few days, based loosely of what he had taught and his time as a SGT at Arms for his fathers club, he sat down with his brother and Ryan and decided on what this club would be about and how we would conduct ourselves. Charlie, after a shady history with the law and having run previous MCs and crews around LS, he decided to start shooting straight, finding himself a job at DCC in which he met some very close friends who he felt close with, but didn't quiet meet the comradery he desired, after speaking with some like minded individuals he had begun to work with 9 members of what would be Diablos MC they quickly became something more then just individuals who rode on weekends together. They found a group of individuals who wanted something more and they quickly proved that they were just that. A group of individuals who not only shared a love for bikes and riding together with those who quickly found they could consider each other brothers and wanted more then just to ride together on the weekends. Soon after they had their first ride as just a social gathering of individuals taking a day off work they noticed the people of Los Santos also longed for a similar social circle of those who shared there love of bikes and brotherhood. After there first ride they had brought on two individuals who eagerly wanted to become a prospect of the club. This made think Charlie that this could become more than just a club that rides on the weekends for fun but a group who could hold true influence on the city and become a group of people recognized and respected among the city. The President of a club is the person in charge of matters of relations between other clubs or crews and anything outside the club to do with businesses or other organizations, the president does not make decisions on his own however, as it is put to a vote but will often bring the decisions to vote on as a club. He is also the main representative of the club and the face of the club, he is the person to go and meet with law enforcement or other clubs if needed and will be the person to be the voice of the members acting on their behalf for the betterment of the MC. The Vice President or VP is acting president when the president cant make it or is not around, he needs to have a good idea of the wants and needs or the club and a similar mindset as the president, with a calm mind and a great understanding of the rules. He is there to supervise the club and relay important information the president might have missed, the VP is the second in command underneath the president. The SGT at Arms is the right hand of the President and VP and should do their utmost to uphold the clubs name and rules, he makes sure that everything that is needed to be done is carried out and done so efficiently and effectively as is desired by the President, he is also in charge of make sure events run smoothly on the ground. The SGT should also make sure that any member of the club INCLUDING the president or VP in a way not supported by the club he should say so or bring it to peoples attention, he is the first line of defence in defending the clubs colours and should have unwavering loyalty to the club and its members. He should be the one to report issues of members may have to the committee and also should have a keen eye to keep prospects in check making sure they are conducting themselves accordingly. This person is to work closely with the SGT making sure the members of the club uphold the name of the club and not rules are broken by any member but does not have as many responsibility's as the SGT The Road Captain is simply in charge or organising routes for long rides and runs with the club and rides at the front of the club along with the president, he must have close relations with the Committee relaying any information or potential problems they may face on a run or alternate routes they can take. The Secretary is responsible for keeping all of the club records, written reports and correspondence between outside organizations. He calls role at the committee meetings and takes notes on each meeting. He is also responsible to notify any members of special meeting times and dates other than the normally scheduled meetings. The Secretary is in charge of telling any members of an election or appointment if it was made while they were not present at a meeting. He maintains the constitution of the club noting any changes to it and handles all written club correspondence. The Treasurer is responsible for the financial records and documents concerning businesses and property's of the club, Also responsible for recording or any taking of the club and tracking which members have paid their weekly fees to the club He is also assist in the management of the accounts of the club, working closely with the Secretary. A member of the club has likely undergone their prospect period and earned their full patches to become and full member of the MC. A Prospect of the MC is a person who wants to join the club but has yet to prove themselves and show their character to other members of the MC, They are not generally allowed in meetings or able to cast a vote. They will often be asked to perform medial tasks for the club as a show of loyalty to the MC and willingness to join and may have to endure some sorts of "Initiation" into the ranks of the club, The prospect may not wear the clubs full colours until it is earned. Prospects will be voted into the club by all members at a meeting after the period of X amount of weeks or months and can be extended if the individual has not done enough or people are yet to meet the individual enough. This period is not an excuse to treat the member poorly but the individual should show their willingness and want to join the club and should not be gain easily. Current Status updated 11/09/2021 The Diablos now have a large club house they call home, Security license and have had lots of new members join the clubs in the last few months, they have been attending events whenever possible and still meeting every single Friday. They also hosted their first event in which they had a phenomenal out with turn out with lots of bikes riding together down the highways and through the city of Los Santos. Currently at 20 members with many of them new Prospects to the club, Diablos now have some very strong connections with car clubs and MCs in Los Santos, They have also established a good connection with law enforcement most knowing who they are and that they are not there to cause trouble stopping some of the stereo-types that is normally associated with bikers. Become officially recognised by the city Establish trust with the law enforcement and the other factions around the city Obtain a larger club house for the MC Have a total roster comprising of 30 members Fill all positions of leadership within the club Have a great understanding of ALL rules on the server and follow them at all times. Be an active part of our community in and out of game. Must have no previous admin punishment for no less than 60 days prior to your last punishment. Must have good RP reasons for joining the club and character must be well suited for the club. Read the OOC expectations of all of our members and find/speak to us STRICTLY ICly, any attempt to contact us OOC will be declined we want to enforce good RP standards and expect you to interact with us IC to join the club.
  4. The Amarillo Aces The Amarillo Aces Car Club, Then and Now The Amarillo Aces Car Club (Aces originally) was started in the city of Los Santos in 1952. For years it grew as did the hot rod scene as it became more socially acceptable. Soon the club gained notoriety, once even appearing in an issue of Weazle Magazine. A decade later as members were married, raised families, went to college, left for military action, etc. the club slowly grew apart and eventually dissolved. Many years later in 2020, Robert and Carol’s son Brody and friend Lyric were conversing about the car clubs back in the day. Brody mentioned that his father was a founding member of a car club that originated in 1952. Robert had recently passed away and Brody had discovered many treasures from his father’s old hot-rodding adventures. BK went on to share many of the stories about the Club he had listened to growing up. Robert often spoke of the Aces' early days when he attended and graduated Excelsior High School, class of 1955. This is also the high school where many films have taken place, including Grease. At the time, Robert worked at the filling station at the corner of Mirror Park. This is the very place where many early hot rodders stopped to fill up. There he met and befriended many rodding legends including Von Dutch, the Barris brothers and many other popular clubs such as The Jokers and The Sultans. That is what his father had built, and this is where Brody and the Amarillo Aces will pick up... Who are The Aces? Los Santos is a city where the fun seems to be controlled by those who break the law, slowly tempting people to move toward the criminal side of what this city has to offer. It seems every day there is a news story about a bank robbery or a story about someone being killed, well “The Aces” are here to try and change that. The Amarillo Aces are a traditional Car Club originally founded in 1952, and being resurrected again now in 2021. All the Amarillo Aces members will be expected to be fully legal to become a ranking member. That said, we are a legal car club but we work more like a family. Like a family we are open to ALL automotive enthusiasts even though we have muscle car roots. The ACES seek to increase great relationships within the family they are building and the friends they meet along the way. “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them” -Walter Elias Disney This all started as a dream, but it has slowly grown to where it is today. Brody had a vision of a racing family the moment he flew into the city, but he had no clue where to begin. He started out like most and got a job as a bus driver and that paid the bills, but he just couldn’t meet people and get to know them in that job, so it slowly led him to look for other opportunities. In the search he found out that Los Santos Customs (LSC) was hiring, and he knew at that moment it was fate. He had worked at the company for around 2 months before meeting a new trainee by the name of Dan Owens. Over the weeks he began to hear his name more and more even to the point some of the guys at LSC were calling him BK 2.0 which gave BK a good laugh, but it also made him eager to meet him. Almost instant Brody knew it was fate once again, this guy Dan has the same drive as him, the same goals as he did and the same amount of "DO IT" that would be needed to build this club. In just over a week, they had gathered close to $800,000 and started looking for a place to plant the club's roots and that’s when BK realized this wasn’t a dream anymore. So, when the conversation on the club name and what it should be came up it was simple, but before Brody told Dan anything from his fathers old club or any of the stories. The first name that came from Dan's mouth was “The Aces''. That led Brody to go on and talk about his fathers old club. Reminiscing on the stories about the former Aces and all the good they did in the community just made them even more eager to begin the project. Where it all began, house #1 Future home of the Spades Firstly, finding the appropriate location to start something like this isn’t easy but BKs first home was a house in Amarillo Vista so it's kind of just formed around there. Slowly seeing homes go for sale, the club would work together to buy the properties as soon as they went on the market. The wheels start turning, House #2 Future home of the Diamonds Brody and Dan were walking down the road when they spotted the 2nd house being put up for sale. The house was located almost right across from the first so almost instantly they started going around looking for some loans. Unable to acquire a loan it started feeling like the dream wasn't going to happen. BK had earned employee of the week that week so he put in around 57hrs at LSC, Do it Dan followed close behind with 48 hours. The two checks combined was almost enough to obtain the house but they still needed another $200,000. Brody knew he had two friends that would be willing to give a loan so he headed out to find Abol and Conrad. Luckily they both agreed to split the loan and both gave BK $100,000, and one month to pay. Eager to get the home Brody gave Dan a call and it was purchased 10 minutes after the loan went through. Next thing they knew the land beside the 2nd house would come up for sale. They luckily were able to get the loan paid off and obtain the money needed to get the land. A beautiful change, Future home of the “Gastle” After the purchase of the 2nd home they really started to realize the potential of the area, sadly the land beside the new home was such an eyesore that something had to be done. Again the club gathered the funds to get the land and this is honestly where everything began. This is the moment they realized the true potential of the area. Brody started to explain his vision of a parking structure for the club and so the process began. Brody put in a call to some friends, it took all he had to convince them to help throw some bricks around but luckily he was able to get a few extra hands to help out. Drake Hunter pulled in first with his friend Otmaan, then slowly more people came in including Dan Owen, Kierran Forrester, Abol Baze, and Blagi Stan. Once everyone arrived they began to unload the bricks and started mixing up A LOT of mortar. Previously it was nothing but an empty land with no value, and honestly an eyesore on the community. Thankfully a lot has changed, this land has been turned into a parking structure and is being upgraded almost weekly, it seems almost every day something new emerges from the street. This plot of land is where the club is eventually going to build their clubhouse, or as it will come to be called “The Gastle”. After finishing with the parking structure it was on to buy the next house. Oh Mister Swaaarrlessss…… Home #3 and Future home of the Clubs It took every dime of the first $800,000 they had put together to get the parking structure to where it's at so they went back to the ledge at LSC and started to put in the overtime. The next week both BK and Dan were able to secure the title of employee of the week, which comes with a nice bonus and a pay increase for the upcoming week. They saved for the next 2 weeks and began looking for the next home to purchase. Brody was walking down the street and noticed two cars parked outside the home they had just purchased. He wandered around and called for the owners but nothing was to come of it. Then he remembered that he had an old bobby pin still hidden in his wallet so he began to lockpick the car and wouldn't you know it the moment the doors popped open the owners showed up. Now it was a little tricky but BK managed to get them to lower their guns and take the masks off. Once the masks were off Brody knew the two gentlemen instantly, Swarles Barkley ended up being the owner of the home though. They made light of the situation and Brody went on to explain his plans for the area and all the things he had in mind. It took a lot of persuasion but Bk was eventually able to get a price out of Swarles for the home, $1,200,000. SHEESHH Brody and Dan had saved but they weren't expecting a price like that for a 2g, after getting the last home for around $600,000 they felt as if they were getting shook down. Sadly they both knew they had to have the home though so they continued to save... The Infamous Home of Lester Crest, Home #4 Since buying the first home on Amarillo Vista the house beside it has been vacant, luckily it's for sale but it comes with a staggering price of $1,750,000. Brody wondered for quite some time about the house so he wandered over and wanted to peer in the windows to see why it was so valuable. Before reaching the top of the stairs he started to hear a guard dog barking then noticed a lot of CCTV cameras outside so naturally he decided to just turn around. Later that evening he called the local realtor and scheduled a viewing of the property for Thursday. When the day came BK and Dan got up and went over to the house to wait for the realtor, still hearing the dog barking they decided to wait at the bottom of the stairs. After the realtor arrived she clicked an alarm and the dog quit barking. Apparently the last owner was Lester Crest and he invented some weird dog alarm. The realtor then continued to show them around the home, after about 45 minutes they could understand why Lester was asking so much. Grateful for it being for sale they left and discussed what it would take to get not just one but now they needed 3 million. The Blue Bike, Home #5 future home of the Hearts This home is a crucial part of the club owning the street. Buying this would allow the club to have both corner lots as well as the property that's connected to the future “Gastle”. Since entering the city Brody had not seen a soul moving in or out of the house across the street. After searching for the owner of the other corner house for over 2 months Brody had slowly begun to lose hope that he would find the owner, until one day when a blue bike was spotted around back in a freshly dug grave. Making it into the Weazel Word of the club started making waves in the community and people started to visit what the club had been building. The parking structure was so nicely done that it brought people in to see it. Brody was even asked if a club could pay $200,000 just to park there as they please. That’s when the idea hit and he had to get his story put into the Weazle newspaper. Losing our Fight for parking Sadly around 2 months after the parking structures creation a roadblock was hit. This would be the first major speed bump for the club. Brody had taken a step outside and without any warning the government had decided to take a wrecking ball to the structure. When Brody stepped out of the “Spades House” not even a tree would be left standing. Angered by this it pushed the club to get the home located on the other side of the parking structure, the home with the blue bike. Still not knowing who owns it, BK and Ronnie Morretti went on a goose hunt for the owner. It took some time but luckily Daniel Dijkman (future Ace of Clubs) was able to find the owner. He gave the man a call and he was willing to meet us. A short talk later and BK would come to find the guy not only owns that home but also the yellow corner house on the opposing end of the street. Running his mouth like normal, BK had managed to talk the guy into selling the home, and was even able to get a price for the yellow house. For both properties the club would need to come up with yet another $3,200,000 leaving the total for the homes a staggering $6,350,000 in total. BK knew no matter how much time he put into LSC that it was going to take a full year to make that much. It was time for a team! The House of Cards Most of the members of the club are LSC mechanics, due to BKs role there as an expert mechanic. He spends most of his time there so it's easy to see why so many have been recruited from the ledge. Let's start off with all the Aces. We have BK, he is the Ace of Spades, he founded and began to form the club to what it is now. Next up we have Ronnie Morreti, Ace of Diamonds, who joined up with his brother Rico Santiago (King of Diamonds). From the moment BK met them he got the family vibe. These two understand the bond it would take to turn strangers into a family. Daniel Dijkman the Ace of Clubs, this guy is a character and is willing to do anything for a laugh. He brought on his good friend Maxwell Lancaster as his King of Clubs. The last Ace in the deck would be the Ace of Hearts and that role is still up in the air. We have tried a few people as our Ace of Hearts but we haven't found the right one yet. Next up we have Jarett Higgins, a member that has shown great loyalty. He made the rank of Jack of Clubs and will be under Daniel Dijkman watch. Recruited not long after was another duo Rufnek and Vaynes, these guys show loyalty day in and day out, they would be the first members to join at the bottom and work their way to the top. Time to Cruise.....80 While forming the club BK tried to recruit a citizen of the city named Jay Spades. Jay by chance was also forming a car club called Cruise80. After talking a bit they came to the conclusion they needed to work together, both clubs were like minded car enthusiasts wanting to bring the community together. A natural friendship was built as both clubs began to grow. The Cruise80 guys reached out and invited the Aces up to the observatory to have an official meeting and a small intro cruise to kick off the start to an amazing friendship. Burnout Nation Tuners & Turbos This was the clubs first event together. The event was hosted by the longest standing car club in LS, Burnout Nation. The Burnouts are a great group of individuals who have earned their rank as a top tier car club. Cruising to the event was a good first bonding experience for the guy and by the end of the show they had met a lot of new faces, some even wanting to become members. Cruise80 invades the Diamond Casino Jay approached BK on multiple occasions often talking about setting up an event but this day was a little different, BK noticed a little extra pep in his friend's step that day. Jay had approached to ask if BK knew the owner of the Casino. BK got wind that it was owned by the Ballers but he wasn't 100% sure on that info but he let Jay know the little he knew. Later that night while standing on the ledge an announcement comes across with Cruise80 not only having secured the spot at the Diamond Casino, but he was even able to get them to fully sponsor the event! Needless to say their first event was an insane success. Cruise80 was able to bring the whole community together, uniting everyone around a common love and passion for cars. Club Colors You will see us rolling around with a three stage black paint (1st,2nd, and pearl), white neon's, golden yellow headlights, and white wheel with golden yellow lettering. Our colors will only be required during races and events. Ranks Everyone is welcome to be part of The Aces as a "Wildcard" but to become a ranking member you will need to gain our trust and show us you want to become part of the family we are building. Our ranking structure, like a deck of cards, we will have four ACES, each will have their own branch of the club they are responsible for. Aces These are the head of command and will be responsible for their specific line. Kings & Queens Second in command, they will be responsible for scouting new race tracks and possible event locations. Jacks Third in command and will be responsible for finding fun and enjoyable roads for the weekly cruise. 11s ( Aces ) The 11s will help manage everyone in the ranks lower. This is not a suit specific role. All 11s will help all Number cards 9s and Duces One step away from their official Ace title. These have been to countless shows and have attended more events then they probably wanted to. At this point not only the club recognizes them as an Ace but the community knows you as one of us. 8s and 3s Works as trusted members of the club. 7s and 4s Has worked to earn the trust of the family. 6s and 5s These are our rookies working to gain trust of the club. Wildcards Not an officially ranked member but still trusted by the club. Tattoos and Meaning Left arm tattoo entry into the club At rank of 8s and 3s. Earn the back tattoo of your suit At rank of 11s have earned their face tattoos of the suit Ranking up To move up in the ranks you will need to show your dedication to the family. After attending 5 club cruises and 5 events you are eligible to move up to the next rank. This does not guarantee a promotion but is the bare minimum you will need to complete to move up the ranks. The number of events and cruises attended will go back to zero after a promotion. Determining who will get the rank Seeing as the ranks overlap ( 6s and 5s, 7s and 4s, 8s and 3s, and 9s and Duces) to determine which member will get the higher number a best of 3 drag race will happen at the PowerStation. This will need to be done with an ACE or 11 present for it to count. Full Roster Ace of Spades - Brody King King of Spades Queen of Spades Jack of Spades 10 of Spades 11s- 0 9s and Duces TBD 8s Jordan Jacobs and 3s Dexter Kray 7s Jack Betts and 4s TBD 6s TBD and 5s Ace of Clubs- Daniel Dijkman King of Clubs Maxwell Lancaster Queen of Clubs TBD Jack of Clubs 11s-0 9s and Duces TBD 8s and 3s TBD 7s and 4s TBD 6s 5s TBD Ace of Diamonds- Ronnie Moretti King of Diamonds Rico Santiago Queen of Diamonds Jack of Diamonds Melo Farmington 10 of Diamonds 11s-0 9s and Duces TBD 8s and 3s TBD 7s Evie Lorenzen 4s Samson Woods 6s and 5s TBD Ace of Hearts - Rufnek Sooner King of Hearts Vaynes Valenzuela Queen of Hearts TBD Jack of Hearts TBD 10 of Hearts 11s- 0 9s and Duces TBD 8s and 3s TBD 7s and 4s Jeff Marley 6s and 5s TBD 11s A roster of people that have made it to the rank will be listed here Goals 1- Make Amarillo Vista a thriving and welcoming community. 2- Continue the growth around the future "Gastle" and work together to build it into a full team garage. Homes owned 6/9 3- Lock down a HQ that we can host our drag events from 4- Grow the club into a full deck of cards (52 members) 5- Become known for our drag racing events 6- Own a gas station Upcoming Renovations We have 6 of the 9 homes. Spades Home- Exterior upgrades/ removing the deck and making the corner the place to be Spades Home will receive full interior overhaul with “ Spades” theme Hearts Home- Exterior is complete, ready for full interior overhaul Clubs Parking Structure needs to be demoed Clubs Home will receive exterior landscaping and misc. fun Clubs Home will receive full interior overhaul with “Clubs” theme Diamonds Home needs building permits or something Diamond Home will receive full interior overhaul with “Diamonds” theme Future “Gastle”- land between Hearts and Diamonds needs an official building permit.
  5. Thread Graphics By: @malice Logo By: @Ramo We would ask to keep the thread clean, and contain only posts relevant to the faction thread. Try to refrain from posts that aren't towards the Faction Thread such as "Good Luck", "Hope to see you around". Obviously we are excited to RP with you all at some point or another and a grateful for the nice thoughts. Feel free to leave reactions on posts!
  6. THE MONGOLS MOTORCYCLE CLUB History The Mongols were started by our Founder Robert Mathews. As a young deviant teen growing up in a bad neighborhood within Liberty City, Robert had learned to use his hands. Robert played football and When he was 13 he began to pickpocket and steal cars. He and his neighborhood friends formed a gang to protect themselves. At 14 he was forced to leave the state or go to a Juvenile detention facility. Robert moved to Los Santos to live with his Uncle. Despite the change of scenery, he quickly fell back to his old habits. He continued to play football and barley graduated high school. He kept a straight job as a truck driver but he continued stealing, smoking weed and even started to sell drugs. One day while Fishing the Zancudo River he saw a man on a motorcycle stop for a cigarette. Robert was blown away by the man and his Bike. His Patches read "Hells Angels" and from that day on, He wanted to start a club. He saved all of his money and bought a 1978 Shovelhead Chopper. Soon he formed another crew with his friends from high school. This time as a brotherhood. The Mongols. Robbery, Car jacking, Drug dealing, Racketeering, loan sharking, arms dealing, and, Book making became common practices for all members of the crew. As the Club and number of chapters grew, so did the tensions with other local clubs. In 1992 the Mongols changed their bottom rocker from "Southern San Andreas" to "San Andreas." This angered many clubs but especially Hells Angels as they felt they should be the only club to hold the title. In 1993 A Mongols prospect stole a van, which lead to a dispute over a stolen car of a Hells Angels member. This started a six year bloody war, and a lifetime of hatred for one another. The clubs agreed to a truce after a Mongols 15 year old younger brother was blown up in a bombing by the Hells Angels while wrenching one of the bikes at the club house. Both Clubs were weakened by the war. Members of both sides went to prison, died or were left in poor health. The Hells Angels still show their face in the State of San Andreas but no longer have a clubhouse in the county, and the land is now Mongols Territory. Current state The Mongols are maintaining a presence in the county and in the city. They are currently searching for the right club house, hopefully in the south east corner of the city, if not somewhere out in Grapeseed. They maintain strong relationships with other MCs in the area and have no on going issues with other MCs, Gangs, Mobs or Cults. The Mongols are currently waiting to be officially recognized as a faction and are growing their members. The Mongols have been in a 11 year court battle over their Logo as the government is trying to claim it. The Case will go before the Supreme court in the 9th District this summer. The District attorney and the media have labeled The Mongols an "OMG" or "Outlaw Motorcycle Gang." The Mongols are not a gang and there is no overarching criminal activity between chapters. There has never been a successful RICO trial in the clubs history. The club may have some criminals but each individual acts on their own. Not all members are hardened criminals or felons. Ranks and Patches Genghis Khan Head Worn by all full patched members, A true warrior. 1%ER Worn by all full patched members, as all are part of the 1%. MC Worn by all full patched members, Showing the Mongols as a certified Motorcycle Club. See no, Hear no, speak no, Worn by all members who took the wrap or worn by members who are known to turn a blind eye. TCB Took Care of Business. Worn by members who have assaulted a .L.E.O, or murdered for the club. Ranks President Club President and leader of the chapter. To be respected. Vice President The Presidents second in command, and will take over if need be. Secretary Plans all major rallies and runs. Treasurer In charge of Club spending and Finance. Expands to new business ventures with approval. Sergeant at Arms In charge of all firearms, melee weapons and munitions within the club. Road Captain Leads the pack on rides. Veteran rider. Full Patched Members who are a full time and elected member of the club. A real Brother. Half Patched Members who are not quite finished prospecting for the club. Bottom Rocker Prospect. Looking to join, needs proving. Wise One Clubs Advisor. Level headed and experienced. Original From the Mother chapter in Los Santos. Founder Worn only by the first ever Mongol, Robert Mathews. Relationships The Mongols have been in talks with lost MC members and the Diablos Club president and maintain a symbiotic relationship with both clubs. The Mongols Believe Motorcycle Clubs should have each others backs, not war with each other. The Mongols have business dealings with many other groups in the county but will not comment on individual groups. Mongols Keep to themselves but have warred many times in the past against the Hells Angels and The Iron Order and dont get along with many street gangs. Rules A Mongol never lies to another Mongol. A Mongol never steals from another Mongol. A Mongol never messes with another Mongols Ol' Lady. A Mongol never causes another Mongol to get arrested. A Mongol never uses his patch for personal gain. A Mongol never speaks to the media. A Mongol always respects his club elder. A Mongol must own a Western or LCC Bike. A Mongol must keep a Legitimate Job. A Mongol must carry a weapon. Once a Mongol, Always a Mongol. Motto Media Inside Mongols HQ Vehicles Sanctus Chopper Bobber Daemon Custom Gargoyle Bagger Avarus Nightblade Higher ups Rest of the crew
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