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  1. Looking forward to RPing with you! Welcome to ECRP!
  2. Good to see you guys return. Good luck!
  3. Already had great RP with you lot. Wish you all the best
  4. I like this. Was waiting for an LEO to reply to this to suggest how it could be incorporated into the Penal Code. Would love this
  5. I've also noticed this bug. As a short term fix, I've noticed getting the gun out, pointing it, and then holstering it again fixes this short term.
  6. I like this suggestion, definetely think it should be balanced.
  7. @Yousef Assad & @WillowRaven incredible posts as always guys!
  8. Well deserved boys! Congrats on Official!!!
  9. Civilians already have the chance to get involved in the turf/ordering system just as much as criminals and PD by talking to the NPCs. Small talk and rumours already happen between people. A notification in the chat pretty much prevents any of this RP from happening by making these things automated. And civilian organisations getting these tip offs from the chat box makes even less sense than PD and Crim getting it. if you want to be involved in these shipments, just do it the same way everyone else should be, by talking to the NPCs. Not only does this make more sense RPly, you’re ph
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