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  1. Yeh sorry you changed from a pink hoodie to a blue one, fooled me again! You clearly do acknowledge us as an actual gang considering you decided to go out of your way to dress as us and ask for the frequency from multiple people who, oh wait where all involved in the active conflict at the time wearing clown masks! Once again filled with lies.
  2. Here is my exact point. I'm sure you guys where just driving around and definitely not looking for a shootout or anything. Yes I am part of a gang - the one you decided to name the actual report 'Clowns' so yes you are dressing up as us and you also tried asking me for the freq whilst wearing the outfit. I'm sure you are just dressing like this whilst being a part of NLA and being in active conflict with 'the clowns' - who oh wait, wear clown masks! and then going around asking for freq from myself, so you clearly knew I was actively part of them otherwise why would you ask me? You are ho
  3. Never said I saw you with a heavy. You say you are minding your own business but you are going around dressing as us trying to get our freq and seeking information whilst doing so, but yeh minding your own business lol. I also found another lovely picture of yourself! As you like to say we convoy here is another picture of you and your allies chasing me! - I'm not sure what your intentions are here whilst some of them carrying heavy weapons! Lastly, I can act in whatever manor I want, I personally don't see what's wrong with my reply above just a bit of sarcasm and me poin
  4. Hey man, I must say you really fooled us with your cool costume! Maybe try be less obvious next time. Anyway as you mention all ID's in the video I will comment. - This is me!!! To begin with this all arose with the conflict that you guys seem to create then cry on forums about later on. (word of advice don't get yourself involved in conflict if you don't want to get chased or guns withdraw against yourself). I had been around paleto and the bayview area for around 20 mins and had seen them openly carrying body armour and heavy weapons even at bayview itself. Just chilling with a mic
  5. Sad to see that it's come to this, always had positive interactions with you ICly and OCCly . Genuinely a shame that it has come to this, players like yourself and many other of my friends getting banned for 'cheating' without any proof and is the sole reason I've stopped playing. Hope this gets fixed soon so I can enjoy the game with you lot again.
  6. Nexuus

    The Vanguards

    Wish nothing but the best for you guys and glad to be apart of it
  7. Was a lot of fun for the short time I was here, met a lot of great people and without a doubt will not be forgotten.
  8. +1 Doesn't make sense for this many people to get banned on a ROLEPLAY server, let's not forget the fact this isn't a FPS game and there is hardly any gain in even cheating on this server. I could slightly understand if it was just criminals who where receiving these bans as they are the ones who are mainly involved in daily shootouts and cheating would somewhat help them gain an advantage but the fact I've now seen some people who are just here for the roleplay, PD players, DOC guards and fishermen! it doesn't really add up. Furthermore, It doesn't feel like it's even being taken fairly, peop
  9. The claim of us 'camping' and 'circling' the gas station is completely false, not sure where you got this from, I had no intentions to rob, hurt or even start any commotion that night, we also weren't grouped up until the point I did end up flipping in which I called out on radio. The situation arose after I had an accident in which I called a mechanic and was continuously circled by your allies, making radio calls until the Komoda decided to pull up issuing demands to myself and the others for seemingly no reason or to gain any sort of reward from robbing us, neither of us from the flipped ca
  10. Player(s) being reported: ID's: 5, 6, 141, 241, 11 Date of interaction reported: 25/10/20 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1603606584 Your characters name: Enzo_Volkov Other player(s) involved: Triads, Irish, LFM, GD, NLA Specific rule(s) broken: 15. Player Theft, Prison Breakout, and Kidnapping Robberies should be conducted in a realistic manner with reasonable in-character motive using secluded areas. Players should not conduct minor robberies in situations with high risk. Desert or forest areas are considered secluded but witnesses should still be consi
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