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  1. 'Enzo_Volkov│ID 213 @Nexuus - Can you explain why you thought it was appropriate to shoot and injure ID 14 (Peter_Pearson)? Provide any footage you may have.' Firstly to begin with, I was not notified that any report was going to be made for whatever reason, so I do NOT have any footage and don't understand why it was so hard to notify myself. Furthermore, there are multiple reasons as to why the officer was shot and the escalation included: 'Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player without a proper IC motive and interaction.' - He persistently followed us for aroun
  2. +1 I want to buy one because @JakeInnit_ is renting his so I cant use.
  3. -1 I agree that cutting somebody's hair publicly and with no reason is quite unrealistic. However, if you are going to sit in a drug lab and expect no repercussions and complain if your hair gets cut, then simply don't go back or learn to avoid situations or locations that may lead to hostility. I have had my haircut once in my 2000 hours playing and it's done as a form of humiliation rather than done to be sexist and racist, as stated above, don't get into situations that may lead to hostility. Furthermore, trying to make this another OOC consent thing is just ridiculous, it is just an
  4. Nexuus

    Dark Army

    Looks great! Wish you nothing but the best!
  5. Enzo approves, will allow me to steal more of Jake's vehicles +1
  6. Nexuus

    Screwface Capital

    Wish you guys nothing but the best.
  7. +1 It's a well needed change. The risk - reward is far to low for criminals as of now.
  8. +1 Makes no sense for people to be constantly punished for this when there is script allowance behind it and the only announcement I have personally seen regarding this is, 'shouting' is considered to be Non-roleplay and nothing regarding normal use of text chat up until this morning.
  9. Enzo_Volkov (ID 307) - Do you think it’s proper roleplay to not focus on your injuries but instead focus on calling out where someone is? Well I'm unsure if this is directly aimed at me or not due to the only clip provided regarding me being me saying 'HAHAHA'. As for the part of not focusing on my injures, my injures will and always are my number one priority and if I recall I even RP'd clenching onto my wounds in attempt to slow the bleeding and was later on BLS'd by my ally. Furthermore to answer your question of whether I think it's proper roleplay to call out somebody's locatio
  10. I will just go over a few of your invalid points in this situation that you have both mentioned. - As for the claim of us knowing you where up on the roof - that is completely invalid, we chose to go up on the roof to attempt to gain height advantage which was quickly shut down by the fact you where already up there. - As for the claim of us 'hopping out' on your allies - this is also invalid, they began following us and they then decided to pass us so I decided to use that opportunity to grab my gun from inside my bag and the same for Lewis Miller. We both got out to get our guns fr
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