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Raffle Rules

  1. Before you place a entry, be sure to research the item, so you do not regret participating in the raffle. We do not refund for entries placed.
  2. Do not post here, unless you intend to place a entry.
  3. Post your first and last name, or your entry will be deleted.
  4. The raffle is planned to close on Saturday, 19th of June, 6:00 PM (UTC - /time).
  5. The raffle rules can be updated at any time (ex.: minimum entry, deadline changes)
  6. Any attempts to circumvent the rules during or after the raffle, will result in your entry being deleted or the vehicle seized without a refund.
  7. This raffle is on behalf of the server and all the entries submitted will be taken out of the economy.
  8. You may participate on multiple characters.


How to enter the raffle

  1. You enter the raffle by submitting an entry.
    1. One (1) entry is $250,000
    2. Unlimited entries for the raffle.
  2. To submit your raffle:
    1. Go to City Hall in-game, and /DonateGovernment the amount of entries you would like to submit.
      1. To find the donate position: Go to the "Government" blip on the map. Head inside the main entrance and at the information desk.
    2. Take a non-cropped screenshot of the donation message and post here with the following:
      1. First and last name of your character.
      2. Your amount of entries
      3. Donation screenshot of all the entries
    3. You may change your amount of raffles submitted after the fact by editing your post.
      1. You may only change it upwards - not downwards. As in, it will not be possible to be refunded for any entries.


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