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  1. Ok, Os hasn't responded since 23rd Jan so, I've now contact NBDY.
  2. It seems Osvaldon is currently inactive as he has not responded to my message, is anyone else available to take a look please?
  3. It has been discussed before. I think this would be a great new public job, not a government job, so like the bus driver, courier jobs, where players can roll up and go on duty. A coroner van spawns for them and the MD and PD have an option to call for a coroner (/coroner) or maybe something similar to dialing a taxi so the jobs are listed with ID numbers. Upon the successful drop off of a corpse in a designated zone, such as dropping off human meat, payment is received. Also, for those who don't know the Coroner building is right across the road from the Central MD, which is the perfect location for RP opportunities with the MD.
  4. I have sent him a messaged on Discord but I am yet to hear back.
  5. I had started something but quickly got creator's block.
  6. ((Reminder this is an IC section))
  7. This is great, apart from the fact you spelt his name incorrectly.
  8. Good evening, Assuming you are Mr. Jabumpkin, how do you plan on obtaining our phone numbers? D.Roberts.
  9. My first ever house =[. Good luck with the sale!
  10. Date and time (provide timezone): 20:30 18/01/2020 Character name: Daniel Roberts Issue/bug you are reporting: The floor in custom business properties has been glitchy for a very long time. Expected behavior: A solid floor to walk on and to view. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: https://streamable.com/knp61 https://ibb.co/2nyL0Yr Every time I enter my business property the floor glitches out, normally its around the edge of your view and not where you are directly looking. You can literally see the ocean through the floor which kills any immersion. I have no desire to build in the business while this bug is present. I had an admin teleport me to the roof of the property so I could remove some highly placed furniture and the roof material did not have this glitching problem and you could see it whole. Is it possible to have the floor made out of the same material as the ceiling to see if this fixes the issue? Vehicle license plate number*:
  11. I have edited the opening post to mention that I can provide additional information in private should it be required. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me over a private message or Discord. Stimo#0005
  12. Character to be refunded: Daniel Roberts Date and time of incident: Unsure of exact date as I believe this was performed manually by staff. I found out at the start of December 2019, around 03/12/19. Requested refund (what and how much): I purchased the property for $1,600,000. I received in the region of $200-$300k I believe. (Please check logs). Description of incident resulting in loss: I purchased a property from Simon Zincheko for the price of $1,600,000 on 27th October 2019. The selling page can be found below. The address is West Mirror Drive 6. (Mirror Park). Evidence of loss: Comments: From the date I purchased the house (27/10/19) to when I found out it got listed again (03/12/2019). During this period I had just been made redundant from my full time job of 6 years. Although redundancy can be tough time for many I saw it as a new opportunity more than anything however, I still needed time to secure myself a new job which I have now done. This time took away any desire I had to RP but I was still surprised that after a short amount of time of owning the property, it was soon taken from me. I have a full understanding that I can't have the property back because that would not be fair on the new owner, but I would like to be compensated the full purchasing price that I shifted for the house. I have advised the refund request is $1,600,000 but it would be a little less than this due to what I have I received through the staff sale, this was something in the region of $200k-$300k. I request that should my refund be successful, that the logs are checked so I receive the correct amount owed to me. *Proof of my redundancy can be provided in private should it be required for evidence as this was in the news due to the company I worked for*. Regards.
  13. At least we know the reason! Much appreciated. Great work on maintaining this thread also!
  14. My game seems to crash when using Natural Vision, worked fine before. Anyone else experiencing this?
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