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  1. [SALE] Villa in Mirror Park! (3 Garage)

    I'll put the first offer of $300,000.
  2. [SALE] Villa in Mirror Park! (3 Garage)

    One thing missing is the price.
  3. NEW PRICE: Get yourself an OCEAN VIEW for just $70,000!
  4. Withdrawing money at banks

    You can withdraw and deposit fromt the ATM's inside the bank though?
  5. Free Radio for Government Factions

    +1. Taxi drivers get held up on the daily also, you are just forcing me to pay out 1000 everytime. This will also mean that criminials will not have to purchase radio's as they will just have stashes of them.
  6. Buying 2 car garage house in Mirror Park

    You can reach me on 2281430.
  7. Buying 2 car garage house in Mirror Park

    I have one listed here for $120k.
  8. Hi there I have responded to a text message that was left. It seems we are available at different times of the day so any questions can be answered here or over SMS. Thanks.
  9. Player(s) being reported: Stranger 6010_1546 Date of rule breach:13/06/2018 Time of rule breach: 12:15 PM GMT 0. Your characters name: Daniel Roberts Other players involved: None. Specific rule broken: Deathmatch 5.3.1. Deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player or damaging their property intentionally without having a valid in-character reason to do that. Breaking this rule repeatedly will end in a permanent ban. Non-Roleplay 5.5.1. Actions, that are unrealistic or hurt the roleplay experience of other players are considered as Non-roleplay. How did the player break the rule?: I am a taxi driver and had just received a tip from a customer. I continued to drive to an ATM to deposit my tip when out of no where this individual on a motorbike pulled up to me and attempted to stab me with a knife as I was in the ATM GUI. As the attempt had been made I responded by pulling my gun and firing at them in which they then got back on their bike and drove off. There was no previous RP with this person and they just had the intentions to kill me as they saw me at an ATM. Evidence of rule breach:
  10. Good morning. I'd like to make an offer of $310,000. -Daniel Roberts.
  11. **Wanted** Property for less than 50l

    Please of cheap property in Paleto Bay.
  12. Elegy RH8 - SOLD