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  1. Hey! You need to purchase a GPS and map from a player owned store, best bet is calling for a taxi to take you to one! It's not a bug, it's how its meant to be.
  2. I see the note that you won't accept anything under $2m but my offer will be here should you decide to lower your demands. I offer $1.3m.
  3. Possibly. I have also sent them a text message and received no response though. I'll sit tight.
  4. Has anybody heard from the owner since this advertisement was created? It would nice to know the sort of price she/he is looking for.
  5. +1. Been +1 since my time at Pillbox.
  6. Hello, I would like to make my opening offer of $900,000. Regards, Daniel Roberts.
  7. Hi Tom, The last update that was rolled out yesterday made it so the ESC map and the GPS mini map are now purchasable items. You'll need to head to a player owned general store to purchase them.. will be difficult to find said store without them both so I suggest calling a taxi or asking someone to give you a ride.
  8. Why not just reverse them? When you approach a speaker its muted, so if you want to listen to it you have to up the volume?
  9. It's because everyone is in an Ambulance and the amount of calls can get ridiculous, known from experience. With the addition of an actual staffed hospital, this should resolve your issue though.
  10. I've always felt an actual hospital would be great. Other servers have proven it is possible to create a hospital interior, similar to how we have created one for the prison. To then have actual doctors and nurses fixing people up would be a great addition. I do feel people will get annoyed at the process of getting them back on the street but I also feel this will make people think twice about their actions and doing stupid things.
  11. +1 because I dislike Dwayne.
  12. Stimo

    Speed cameras

    Voted YES. Something that has been required for a very long time.
  13. This auction is now closed. The house is now for sale at the price on the door.
  14. The auction is to close this Friday. If no bids are received then the house will be listed at a higher price than the starting bid.
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