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  1. Wishing you all a good farewell!

    All the best brother <3
  2. Wake up old man, Biggs' Is gone! BayView 24/7

    1. Stimo


      Haha, my first time back here in ages!

    2. Rajj Sikyhar

      Rajj Sikyhar

      Well frick homie, welcome back. ALot has changed since you left. CityBee Limit bug has been fixed, new hud, new GUI's, Sane is demoted (This is the best one), more cars added, more banks, and a lot more. 

  3. Quick Question - Taxis

  4. Test

  5. Your player name: Daniel Roberts Player you are reporting: Alex Fuentes Rule broken: Avoiding RP, Combat Logging Explanation of events/why you are reporting: As seen in the video, this player drives like a maniac and the security at the Mechanics are always suspicious when anyone drives down the side road next to the mechanics so we acted accordingly. The player turned at the end of the side road to then start heading back to the main road in which he hit and ran over Paulo Costa. You can see Paulo's head go down below the fence when he was hit and this was later confirmed by the rest of the mechanics that he did in fact get hit over. With this is mind we RP'd to keep the suspect surrounded so there was no way of escape and the police were contacted about the situation. While waiting for the police the suspect attempted an escape in which he hit and ran over myself and another mechanic so we opened fire due to our lives being at risk. With a successful shot I was able to incapacitate the driver and the police were contacted again due to having no response on our first attempt. During the wait the suspect verbally threatened us stating if we didn't kill him he would get his sweet vengeance, shortly after this he 'timed out'. We have learnt that from doing ALT + F4 to close your game this will show a timeout message when logging and we believe this was the case to avoid arrest from this situation. We waited at the location for 30 minutes as this was right outside of Biggs' Mechanics and the player did not return.. Any player in their right mind would have returned to complete the RP. On this occasion I believe the player has combat logged to avoid any sentence time. Time and date: 20/06/2017 / 14:06 Evidence:
  6. Tow Trucks and Gun shops.

    +1 tow truck
  7. Is there any reason as to why new reports are being dealt with before this one? I mean this is a multiple rule break.. its a biggy.
  8. Your player name: Daniel Roberts Player you are reporting: Peter Andrew / Andarilho Rule broken: Fail RP, Avoiding RP, Mixing OOC with IC, Speaking non-English over microphone Explanation of events/why you are reporting: I was watching his stream as I was not playing on the server myself and saw him take part in a store robbery. I carried on watching as this is the first time I have seen one of these happen.. it started out alright to be honest but then a passing car witnessed the robbery and attempted to block him in the store while the police were contacted. The time between the police being contacted and them actually arriving on scene saw Peter manage to get out of the shop and onto his bike, which saw the car originally blocking the doors attempt to block off his motorbike so he could not escape. This is where Peter starts to talk Portugese to the person in the shop as he tries to get him to hurry up and then shortly after asks IC why the driver of the car is VDM'ing over microphone and then carries on speaking Portugese with his microphone still open. In unfortunate events with the amount of vehicles in the area at the time someone tapped one of the pumps which saw the gas station explode, taking out Peter Andrew and putting him in a paralysed position needing medical assistance.. as you will see from the footage.. while Peter is on the floor the police arrive on scene. Eventually the police approach Peter on the ground asking if he is ok.. During the approach Peter Andrew has already tried to type /die to end his life and avoid the RP situation with the police and to get off lightly. Through the process of trying to do /die Peter has not responded to the police officer or has not gave a status of his condition with a /do command, meaning he has intentionally and completely exploited server commands to get out of the situation. Time and date: 12/06/2017 - 19:35 GMT Evidence: [media] [/media]
  9. [1.0.7] [2017-06-10] ECLIPSE Roleplay

    You guys don't get enough credit. Congratulations and thank you for this huge release.
  10. Reduce IC jail time

    Yeah fam.
  11. Reduce IC jail time

    Well I think we get the message now.
  12. [LSEMS] Looking for logo designs

  13. Reduce IC jail time

    I also think jail times are very generous. These need to be higher so people think twice about being a dick.