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  1. +1 I really wish something would be done regarding things to do as criminal as it works hand in hand with law enforcement, whenever somebody new in town asks what's the best way to make money as a criminal they really isn't an easy answer with your options been very limited. The only way somebody can make money is by cooking drugs and that in itself is extremely boring with the risks been higher than the rewards. I can't help but think the criminal aspect of the server has been neglected for a while now with the last update been turfs, please bring back static drug labs it was a great way for smaller gangs to make something of themselves.
  2. Having a helicopter at your deposal already gives law enforcement the upper hand when pursuing a individual, adding something like lock-on is overkill people might as well not even evade if that's the case.
  3. Big +1 would be great if we could also buy crypto to use on the black market that we can convert back to cash, this way you can stay anonymous with a ping system been added so that people can grab the item from your dealer. The ping system could just work like /setgps pretty straightforward.
  4. On getting DM 2 or Non RP #6 people should be banned for 1 month after the 1 month is up they should be put on probation for 2-3 months, if they pick up another punishment they should be banned indefinitely but can appeal down the line. If they manage to stay clean for 2-3 months any future rule breaks should go to 1 month bans.
  5. A clothing overhaul with people been able to buy clothing stores would be pretty lit it would also create more jobs for truckers with orders coming in.
  6. They can pull us out but we cant hold them at gun point when they ask us to step out as its just normal traffic stop, this one always gets me as what can you do they are going to see the weapon and end up in prison for 45 minutes. If its just a traffic stop then give us a ticket for speeding and send us on our way or arrest us for reckless operation they isnt any need to pull us out to search the car for speeding. Edit: having to constantly worry about getting non rp for your actions is nothing fun, you can see how it could come across as rule playing from PD and SD as they know we cant do anything about it.
  7. +1 when somebody throws weapon out of the vehicle during a pursuit you should need to RP it making sure the windows down and /me throws .50 out the vehicle before dropping it. This way if an officer is behind you he would RPly see what you just done. It should also scriptly mention above players head *drops .50
  8. It's rather hard for cops to keep eyes on a vehicle during the whole pursuit so you could toss them whilst taking corner, if officers know a weapon has been used in a crime and suspect somebody has thrown it out the vehicle officers could retrace their steps to find said weapon.
  9. I wish they were better communications between suggestions and staff/dev as over the time we've had some great suggestions with many of them not even been acknowledged, ultimately a better relationship would create a better community with more ideas and discussions forthcoming. This is an amazing server so i want to see it only improve for that to happen it takes everyone to play their part.
  10. Would be sick if we could bind our animations from 1-0 just like we can our radio, hopefully soon would add more in-depth RP.
  11. +1 sometimes i just wanna feel like a pretty boy
  12. apologisemeow


    pleased to see an old gang returning
  13. This suggestion keeps getting mentions every few months and i wish we could get some feedback on it from the devs as people really want to see this happen, we really could use more things to do socially.
  14. While its true we get so many great suggestions but sadly it isnt that simple, im not qualified to really speak about the works that goes into making these things happen the server could really use some updates like this for sure and i hope we get some good things this year , as it would be fun to try something new. I would really like to see overhaul on fishing with better prices and maybe even adding more jobs related to fishing Adding Paintball venues so we can all have some downtime and chill with friends Opening up fast food joints with scripted jobs, this would be good opportunity for people to hang out
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