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  1. This is buying post bro Anyways, I have one Dubsta Custom with visual upgraded only, 75k if you want
  2. Casino is player owned, and as far it goes right now, I highly doubt that we'll see anything new up there.
  3. +1 As for opinions that it may increase robbing, I think that robbing is already at it's highest peak, at the point where if it even increases it would not be noticeable. You can't even go and refill your car at gas station out of city safely.
  4. Hit me up with offers here or on phone - 3567600
  5. 150k everything maxed, you can see it right now if you are in city.
  6. Send offers here or to my number at 3567600 Looking for upgraded or not upgraded Dubsta (Custom)
  7. I wanna buy that Mule, will be in town in about a hour.
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