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  1. Thank you all for the good times! sad to see russians getting disbanded!
  2. Thanks for all the good moments and multiple deals we had done! Thanks for all the experiences! Sad to see ya all disband!
  3. 2001/04/04 09:51 AM Richard Weathers and Sanne Weathers got there 3th child Naming him Jack Weathers! Born in the netherlands 2005/11/07 Jack Weathers and his family moved to Los Santos as his father (Richard Weathers) whas business men seeing business opportunities in Los Santos! Jack's father just left the military following up his dad which meant that Jack Weathers grew up being teached military rules and guidelines! Jack Weathers Grew up as a normal kid but being treated harsly by his parents and could never make his parents proud as they had to high of standards 2013/08/11 Jack's dad found a better business which whas gun selling as it had big potential and would earn alot of money Richard Weathers would start to smuggle guns and get connections with gangs so he could work together with them so he could sell the weaponry through them so he wouldn't be seen in the spot light Jack whas still very young but his dad took him with the deals so he could take over the business once he whas old enough! Because of this Jack learned alot about the criminal life. As Richard wanted to protect his family and wanted everyone to be able to defend themselves if ever needed he teached all his kids how to shoot firearms at a young age with Jack Weathers being the youngest and John Weathers the oldest. His oldest brother whas helping Richard Weathers with the business as he whas running the connections while Richard whas working on the supplies 2015/04/12 Things take for the worst John Gets into a fight with one of the organisations Called Merryweathers. Richard and John where taking business away from merryweathers which they didn't like. Richard and John became more aware and scared as they saw merryweathers trying to go after them which forced them to go off the radar and hide. 2016/05/15 Richard and John were doing a business deal with a organisation that called themselves the men in Black! This whas a big chance as they were interested in alot of weaponry and had alot of connections which could help Richard and John They had a meeting with the men in black which turned out to be a setup from merryweathers. Once they arrived at the meeting locations Richard entered the building with his son John where the moment Richard open the doors get shot. John starts running for his life merryweathers started following him and shot John keeping him alive to "deliver a message' John came home with a bullet wound in his arm giving the news to the family that Richard got shot and has died. This news broke Jack getting him in a depression and he started to find ways to make him feel better. A friend he had tried to help him offering him some weed to make him feel better and also got the weed addiction started of Jack Weathers. 2017/11/23 Jack Weathers became a trouble teen and started to do illegal activities like robbing stores and robbing people to be able to feed his addiction of weed. Jack Weathers started skipping school and started living of his criminal income. His mother whas devastated that her child whas doing all of this kicking him out the house for him to go on the streets Jack Weathers took this news hard as he always wanted to make his parents proud but it whas to late Jack whas now on his own and he would need to survive on his own! 2020/11/20 Jack Weathers whas struggling to survive on the streets of Los Santos. He met a friend which introduced him to his first gang called "hoovers" he joined the gang for a week of 2 then left after getting ambushed and lit up by a rival gang in vinewood. He saw the people who helped him die around him, luckily Jack survives the ambush and ended up in the hospital. Jack knew from that point he wanted to take revenge to the people who executed his friends and he wanted to become something in the streets of Los Santos. 2021/03/06 Jack Weathers started a gang called merryweathers to mock the organisation merryweathers. He started the gang with marcus Smith and to his surprise he grew fast recruiting people daily and getting to a point he had 40 members in total with full proud he kept going. 2021/04/01 Jack Weathers had recruited a old Russian gang member which the russians didn't like. Russians gave Jack a chance to kick her out which he refused because everyone in his gang whas family to him with everyone being treated equally. After rejecting the offer a war started and after a week of being ambushed and trying to survive Jack left the city for a 50 days and also disbanding the gang he whas so proud of. CURRENT Jack Weathers tried getting into multiple gangs which didn't work out so he started merryweathers back up to build back to the old days. It went with succes using the connections he had made with gangs through other gangs or just hanging out at popular spots. He got a offer to merge with a other organisation which whas just started called crown Jewels as merryweathers had the members and crown jewels had the finances After a while and helping to grow crown jewels he noticed it whas going a certain way which he didn't agree with so he started looking for a other organisation to join. He came back in contact with a guy called Arash and Henry Dominic which ran a gang called gancy crew. They met each other a while back when Jack whas looking to do business with gangs under the name merryweathers. He started hanging out with arash and Henry which game him a spot in the gang so Jack Weathers left his position in Crown jewels and joined gancy crew as a warchief. The gang had morals and had certain things they wanted to achieve. Jack Weathers saw that gancy crew whas what he wanted to do with merryweathers and offerd to help with his connections he made to help gancy crew grow! Will be updated soon into the replies
  4. Lets goo cant wait to see ya guys in game more often eyy!
  5. Would be a fun idea to add for the people who would wanne use it! I would love to beat someone with a paraplu (umbrella) to be honest!
  6. we got paid to do so by a ic motive which whas that sylvester hit aleya jones. aleya come up to me and said I want him dead after that we discussed the price and she payed 20k for it. so I accepted it because she also had a good motive in my oppinion. I then asked marcus to helpme with this by being the driver and me also paying him for his contributiuon!
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