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  1. Ok firstly the reason for me attacking Lilith Rodriguez is because she was trying to help the officer up which I didn't like because I was going to roleplay taking her radio off and all that stuff because we were planning to take over the prison and she didn't let that happen. When she carried her away I did say if you don't drop her i will attack you and she didn't drop her... and for Katie I attacked her because I was trying to lure her in the prison which is kind of obvious and as soon as she stepped in the prison we attacked her because we wanted to take over the prison at the end we were going to let an ambulance take her but we just wanted some roleplay and it kind of turned south real quick but it was pretty fun with the cops raiding the prison and stuff we did not mean to ruin the others players experience including Katie and Lilith, I apologize if you did not like what happen.
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