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  1. really well made jonas good shit
  2. This has most likely already been suggested but I believe that the Character Creation UI need an update. 1. Better UI, as it is the Character UI is extremely simplistic and could use an update, that being said the UI works fine it could look extremely better with a new look. 2. Add rotation while looking at your character in the customisation screen, I believe adding rotation would make it 10x easier for players to see features like their nose and chin easier with a rotation option along with looking at their characters side profile in general. 3. More hairstyles need to be added as they are already in gta files and im 80% sure there is already mods/scripts that could be implemented for this (applies for barber shops also). (also one thing that has not got to do with the customisation is more clothes would be a nice add also) Please leave any feedback.
  3. cat1.jpg.29e89a73b2d65d001c9b1af568b10b76.jpg
    Miss you xx

  4. Hello, Darragh Curtin here (ID 129) I do not understand why what happened on the reporting parties screen happened. Maybe this was due to ping differences? As you can see in my pov I am not making those extremely unrealistic movements shown in the reporting parties pov as I know sprint crouching while not behind cover or in a realistic manner is not allowed. I was only crouched to avoid shooting the tree branches as I would have to go out in the open if I didn't use the branches for cover. But for some reason in the reporting parties pov even though in mine i never leave the cover of the tree I go all the way wide of it. My POV: https://streamable.com/kshgec
  5. Nice thread loving the posts and rp ic!!
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