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  1. Player(s) being reported: ID 176 Date of interaction reported: 23-05-2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1590170228 Your characters name: Alex Explosion Other player(s) involved: Specific rule(s) broken: OOC Insults or OOC Toxic Behaviour? (Unsure, no specific rule in the handbook) How did the player break the rule(s)? This character continued to go around punching multiple players around the prison. A little short while after this, the player came into a cell with myself and another character, which he then hit both of us again. This time we hit him back and injured him. He then started shouting things in the VOIP chat about him doing nothing wrong. He then continued being upset by voicing toxic behaviour in the /b chat. He then continued to say stuff about female gamers. He continue to use toxic behaviour until we were going to get an admin, which he then log off to stop himself from getting in trouble. I understand if this isn't considered a rule breaking, but I thought it would be important to bring up since he was being very rude and letting is IC situation affect him OOCly. Again, I don't know if this is a rule breaking, or if this report would be valid. But i felt it was important to bring up, as he tried to avoid getting in trouble by logging off. Evidence of rule breach: https://imgur.com/gallery/DgmCAxO
  2. Hi, I have been having this issue for a couple of days now. I have followed everyone's advice and I am lost on what to do at this point. I would click on Ragemp and this would popped up: It continued to do this every time i open it. When I open as admin, when I open from within the file. I even ran the updater. Nothing worked. I followed the advice of maybe it being my firewall or anitvirus. So I uninstalled both. And disabled my firewall on my windows. Still nothing. I followed another advice of 'verify integrity of game files', hoping this would work. It did ever. I have uninstalled and reinstalled this launcher soo many times now and nothing is working. I really need some help now!
  3. Changing Times A lot has happened to Alex since she moved to Los Santos. She has had many changes to her hair and her family. It's been on emotional roller-coaster for this explosion. In a couple of weeks of becoming apart of Explosion Enterprise, she had become a higher up. This was something she wasn't expecting, but took on the role hoping she could make Lucy and Herbert proud. She felt a lot of pressure at the start, as she didn't know if she could do as good as the schnoz. (The schnoz will be sadly missed). However, she began to feel confident and worked as hard as she could for her growing family. And she has to admit, the explosion family grew! Every single member were hard working criminals who were down for anything or everything. Alex has to say that was proud of them all...... even Zach sometimes. They robbed, made drugs and even gave Harry Payne's shop. If you know what she means *wink wink*. The donuts had even made plans and future business ideas with the fantastic Shelby's. A gang/organisation that shared the same family values as their own. Alex has to admit she has never met a nicer gang in the city. They greet you with hospitality, not rude or disrespectful manors, which Alex doesn't like. However, things took a change that Alex never thought would happen. Her donut King and Queen had been deported! She felt her whole world has fallen apart. When she finally felt her life was back to normal and on track, her family was taken away from her for reasons she can't understand! Alex along with Zach, tried their best to keep the donuts going. But, they knew for now they would have to hang up the donut hoodies and join their other family. But they know one day that the donut hoodies will rise again and they will become a explosion family once more. Till then Alex is gonna cause hell and kill as much as she can, just as Lucy would want her too. - Alex Explosion
  4. So your a gang the operates at the bank? Hhmmmm is this allowed? Sounds like a narcos to me
  5. All I can do is apologise and give my side of the story. I will await the admins review now. Unless they need me to provide any other information. Sorry for any inconvenience that was made to you
  6. I understand you are upset and I am sorry. I own up to the fact that I did shot you. Also, apologise that you had important items. But, as I said I was informed on the radio that my allies were being shot by a black Shafter, at the moment in time I didn't know it wasn't you. Fact of the matter is, you entered an active shoot out and began to shout things. Even if you knew who the people were, you were still knowingly entering the scene. Performing a u-turn is itself an act of circling around a scene. Or, more specifically, a semi-circle around the scene. As you can see from a report similar to this one, a person who does the same actions as you, entering an active shoot out to shout something; gets shot, received a non-rp punishments for this. https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/33811-id-131-171-multiple-officers-swat-death-matching/?tab=comments#comment-184126 Still, again I apologise. And if the admins feel I am in the wrong, I will take the punishment. But, I am just trying to show you my side of the story. And that the gunshot was just an accident.
  7. Unfortunately I was not recording my POV. However, from my side of the story. We had joined in a shot-out with our fellow gang members. I heard over the radio that my allies were being shot by a black Shafter. We were engaged in heavy gunfire on that scene. During the shot-out, the guy above was circling around the scene in a Shafter. Which I thought was someone involved in the shooting. Surely, if valuing their life in compliance to fearRP, they weren't intending to help any allies, they should have left the scene, not enter a scene with heavy gunfire. However, shooting them was an honest mistake as I did believe I was shooting the people who were firing upon my allies. Upon realising they weren't I stopped shooting them, I had no idea I had hit nor killed them. I only fired the once, which unfortunately did take him out. I am still new to the game, so it was never my intention to harm an innocent. Also, we were unable to help him because the police were coming to the scene and we didn't want to get caught. I would like to apologise for causing any harm to him, as I never wanted to hurt anyone's feelings.
  8. ALEX'S FIRST WEEK IN DONUT GANG Alex Explosion has had an interesting first week. She came here to see her cousin and make a new start for herself in the great City of Los Santos. She heard great tales and adventures of Lucy Explosion, which were all true; considering the good times Alex has already had. First off she met up with her cousin and other relatives. She met Herbet , who was a true gentleman. Never one to run straight to violence, but he would always look after his family. She also met Sophia, who was a bit of a loose cannon. But, she always wants the excitement, which sounds good to Alex. On their journeys, Alex took a trip into the main city streets to get herself a donut hoodie and hair cut. She has to admit her haircut was pretty hot, but at night time her scalp would great pretty cold. So now she rocks a lovely blue wig during the winter days. After meeting her relatives, she joined them on a lovely legal game of find the drug dealers. Going around labs and threatening lives, while taking all their lovely drugs. This meant that Alex got to have LSD! Something she hadn't taken in years. And she loves it! Couldn't get enough. But, she had to stop because she knew she didn't have the money to develop a habit. Later on in the evening Alex rode around in a beautiful Roosevelt! Such a great car you can even ride along the side! Lucy has thighs of steal to be able to ride on the side of that car. However, the police didn't like it that much. So much so we ended up have a lovely race with PD. Must of hated that they lost because Alex ended up injured on the floor and her family fighting the rest of them in a gun shootout. But, that's okay, they had a lovely time in prison! Alex even got to meet Reina! A lovely prison guard, very handsome and forceful. Alex can't denie that Reina is a whole lot of woman. Alex just hopes when she gets out, she meets a lot more interesting and colourful people.
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