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[Raffle] Dealership - AutoServices

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[Raffle] Dealership - AutoServices


Raffle Information
Raffle Type:  Vehicle Dealership
Raffle Item: AutoServices (Dealership at Bayview)
Raffle Ends: 16th of July @ 6 PM UTC
Per Entry:  $250,000
Maximum entries: Unlimited


Raffle Rules
1. Do not reply to this topic unless you intend to place an entry.
2. Each entry placed must have your firstname and lastname.
4. Any attempts to circumvent the rules during or after the auction will result in your bid being deleted or the item seized without a refund.
5. Each bid placed close to the deadline will extend the auction by another 30 minutes. This is to prevent bids from being placed at the deadline to automatically win.
6. The raffle information and rules can be updated at any time. This includes the deadline, minimum growth, etc.

7. (Business auctions only) Do not participate in the raffle, if you already own a business (let others get a chance). In addition to this, business owners may not help fund others for the raffle.
8. Each participant in the raffle must be active on the server.


How to enter the Raffle
1. Go to City Hall in-game and donate the amount of entries you would like to submit. Keep the receipt. (( /DonateGovernment and screenshot of it )) 
2. Reply to this topic with your firstname and lastname, amount of entries, and the donation receipt of all the entries.
3. You may adjust your amount of entries. Please make a new reply to add new entries.


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