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  1. Fuck off you are a scammer be careful benny even your middleman would be scammer
  2. SimonZ

    [BUYING] Maxed Bati

    i have fully maxed one 2/2 turbo , how much you paying ?
  3. if he's kyle onfroy he got removed from the list
  4. what was his name over there so i will contact the responsible and get him fucked
  5. yea hopefully i didn't give him my comet retro first then yesterday , and i now he is taking all trades despite they are cheaper than his stuffs and so ask people to give first then scam , i will ruin him in every ad he makes from now on then
  6. highest offer in private 4.500.000$
  7. I will be in few send me a message via phone and we'll talk there
  8. I am taking offers for now mate if you have a private offer feel free to send me it via phone
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