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  1. yeah as i told you , if not sold , gonna sell it to you
  2. okay , if not sold so yeah it will be yours
  3. considering offers of 800k plus mate , the place is rare and unique there are 3 houses there , 2 of them are in the same building while mine is the only one in another building
  4. Hello Guys , Today I am selling my 2g House in San Chianski Mountain at the lake here are some pictures of the house : feel free to offer here or via email : Simon Alberto#2526 @ls.com or via my phone number : 2854897 low ball offers won't be considered
  5. Update : 9f cabrio and drag sold
  6. update : Jester has been sold
  7. hello guys , today i am selling few cars of mine : Maxed Jester : 290.000$ Maxed 9F Cabrio : 320.000$ Maxed Drift Tampa : 365.000$ Maxed Hakuchou Drag : 320.000$ Maxed Pigalle : 130.000$ Maxed Gresley : 100.000$ contact me via email : Simon Alberto#2526 @ls.com or via phone : 2854897
  8. ((dude this is an IC section use you are out of town instead offline ))
  9. it's not mine the house mate but just told you how many garages does it have
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