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  1. It will also remove you the members list (/fmembers).
  2. yo happy new year

    1. 0n3Sh0t
    2. Chrisy


      Thanks bro! 🤩😹

      You too 🤖

  3. Its seems the two streamables I linked are almost identical so I'll post an update with it. Here is a third video. https://streamable.com/fp61v6 Now within this video it shows the end of the chase as I don't have the majority of it, while being chase I attempt to PM you but I do not know you ID. After the car crash I was looking through chat to see if I spelt your name wrong or whatever cause the person the DM went to said "Me? Wrong ID?" At this point you arrived on scene of the car crash and had a different ID than I had PM'd. I then went into OOC chat and said "hope you saved your
  4. yo happy new year

  5. yo happy new year

  6. Player(s) being reported: ID 405 Date of interaction reported: 03/01/2021 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1609713698 Your characters name: Collie Fegan Other player(s) involved: 400, 319, 233, 139, 277, 435, 325, 425 Specific rule(s) broken: How did the player break the rule(s)? Not enough escalation to begin shooting, demands were not plausible due to the vehicle moving and ID 405 was still in animation to take his gun out and also mid roll. Evidence of rule breach: https://streamable.com/bglsj5 https://streamable.com/f47afq
  7. Collie_Fegan here. I feel I did in fact escalate the situation. I called him a retard in which he came back with shit talking also but his recording settings does not record his mic. It all happened quite fast and we had just finished a shootout which was my initial reasoning for going to the clothing store so everything was slightly tense. My reaction was to withdraw the SMG from my vehicle in order to place a bit of fear into the reporting party. His reaction to this was un-holstering his .50 running to cover and aiming it. Once he aimed the gun I took action by opening fire upon h
  8. Happy birthday!


  9. I'd say all of these characters are new and aren't actually criminals in the case of they haven't been arrested. Cash from legal to a new character in my opinion is fine cause its a pain in the ass starting off. Its different when I'm transferring money from Chrisy_Fegan to Collie_Fegan just because I don't use my PD cash and Collie could use more. As someone who is trying for official, I don't really see the issue with more gangs being created. These are two gangs that had lore from 2018 and a good presence around the city around that time. Currently a lot of gangs are comin
  10. #YouKnowNothingAboutTheIrishMobOrDaicheadGadaíBeQuiet
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