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  1. I feel this is unnecessary, there isn't something that happens very often. You state its happening all the time but personally I haven't seen it and the event itself was very small. We already have very little to do as criminals and adding this removes a lot of roleplay opportunities between all sides of the server. I understand you may have planned an event for tonight and such but we have also went to the stages of planning out hitting the club, knowing the insides, who's taking the money etc. I was inside informing them of where everyone was set up and we worked from there once we seen a good opportunity. So it wasn't just "oh this clubs on lets go raid" we had set this up multiple weeks ago. NCZ's hurt RP as Jay has said, we already have enough bank roleplay as it is and it really is not what the server needs. -1 Overall.
  2. Chrisy

    Redrum Mafia

    If you're going to try bring back an old gang, the least you could do is put some effort into your post. This is appalling and just insulting towards the clowns.
  3. -1 players shouldn’t loss their stuff because they have made a mistake rule wise unless it’s RWT itself which would be that “severe offence”
  4. Members and money are not a hard thing to earn, you state that having "4.850.000$ Which is a lot of money!" which in reality it really isn't if you split it between members. The system at the moment is fine as it works as intended to with factions showing that they can put in the time and effort to show their standard of RP and show that they are providing this roleplay to the community. -1.
  5. Goodbye to the baddest bitches in Los Santos
  6. If they driver of the vehicle opens the trunk and does /carrybody it will lift you out of there and bring you back to where you should be with the car. Simple fix for it currently until some dev work is completed. Typically happens when the driver crashes into something with a body in the trunk.
  7. This also happens if a passenger in the vehicle is smoking marijuana.
  8. Hey so today I'd like to propose a change to the clothes stores which in my opinion will help with a lot of clothing options. Currently with undershirts none off the clothes that were added recently are able to have an undershirt example: https://imgur.com/a/yqyzodv A simply fix for this would be to mass add all of the undershirts allowing us scroll through them and finding an undershirt that can work with the top/jacket. This would change it from stating "No compatible clothes" to just having access to putting all undershirts onto the tab and selecting one throughout. It will cause issues with "troll" outfits but if they are to the extent that they become fail rp it is as simple as to punish a player for doing so. We could also start introducing more of the clothes that have recently came out such as masks, hats and other things that weren't included in the last round of clothes being added.
  9. Hey, today I'll be listing my gunstore for sale. I am open to offers please make realistic and considerable offers. Contact me via phone - 2627210 Or via email - [email protected] ((Chrisy#0420)) Thank you for your time.
  10. There are literally scripted systems in place to prevent being scammed such as Low End, High End and the overall house market. There is absolutely no reason to have a contract or get "scammed". Its up to you weather you wanna use the scripted systems in place or avoid tax because someone doesn't want to make 5% of a sale. Just be smarter and don't avoid taxes with random people you don't know or trust
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