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  1. Hey, today this report will be denied for the following reasons; Evidence is not sufficient enough. Evidence is tampered with (No Unix time) Player was running from knifes which in my opinion is him fearing for his life as he would have a chance to run away. Chrisy
  2. Hey, thanks for the report @Leo_Kresas. ID 114/Dmitrij_Alexandrovic will have 24 hours to explain his side of the story. Player has been notified via discord Chrisy
  3. Hey thanks for replies. Player Deakin_Storm will be punished for non roleplay. Chrisy
  4. Chrisy

    Vespucci 13

    Locked and archived as requested from owner.
  5. I had to ask everyone to be quiet multiple times and then I stated “If you can’t follow this punishments will be issued” and that it was “the last warning”. Logs will show this if need be. The reason you were teleported was because when you Broke NLR i was in the middle with handling the situation already so I kept you there till I finished to issue the punishment.
  6. Thanks for the appeal. NLR was breached as you ran back to a situation right after, you were not told it was voided or to return in any sorts. If I wanted you there I would've teleported you with me. I have nothing else to add for that. As for the disobeying admins I asked all players to be quiet at least three times stating that if anyone speaks from this point they will receive a punishment. The reasoning for this was because I was trying to solve the situation and I did not need 4 players arguing when doing so. After this, this player decided to send multiple messages in /rm disobeying with what I had said. I feel this punishments were fair and should stay in place. Appeal will be handled by senior staff. Chrisy
  7. Hey, thanks for the report. ID 69/Deakin_Storm will have 24 hours to explain his side of the story. Player has been notified via discord Chrisy
  8. This is an unfinished appeal. Please complete all fields and repost it. Locked and archived.
  9. Chrisy

    The Good Ol' Boys

    Archived until asked to open.
  10. Chrisy


    Archived until asked to be opened again.
  11. Archived until asked to open again.
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