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  1. Steamboat Beers will once again be opening tonight due to the success from the previous event! It will be at 9PM UTC.
  2. Collie_Fegan here. I feel I did in fact escalate the situation. I called him a retard in which he came back with shit talking also but his recording settings does not record his mic. It all happened quite fast and we had just finished a shootout which was my initial reasoning for going to the clothing store so everything was slightly tense. My reaction was to withdraw the SMG from my vehicle in order to place a bit of fear into the reporting party. His reaction to this was un-holstering his .50 running to cover and aiming it. Once he aimed the gun I took action by opening fire upon h
  3. The grand opening post about Steamboat Beers has now been posted! Located on the first page, link below.
  4. Happy birthday!


  5. I'd say all of these characters are new and aren't actually criminals in the case of they haven't been arrested. Cash from legal to a new character in my opinion is fine cause its a pain in the ass starting off. Its different when I'm transferring money from Chrisy_Fegan to Collie_Fegan just because I don't use my PD cash and Collie could use more. As someone who is trying for official, I don't really see the issue with more gangs being created. These are two gangs that had lore from 2018 and a good presence around the city around that time. Currently a lot of gangs are comin
  6. Hello everyone, I am opening a pub within Vespucci called Steamboat Beers! Our first opening will take place tomorrow night. Below is a GPS location of where it is located, a blip will also be ordered closer to the time.
  7. New post on first page.
  8. #YouKnowNothingAboutTheIrishMobOrDaicheadGadaíBeQuiet
  9. Collie_Fegan here. ID 231 did in fact comply with the demand of dropping the pistol although she was directly involved with shooting my gang member. The reporting party is stating that is it for "no reason" although you can clearly see the reason. I feel I had DM rights and deemed it as it was severe hostile action towards a higher member within my gang, the IC motive and interaction was also there. At this point I decided to kill 231 as I didn't see a reason to let her live. I'd also like to add you made no interaction to tell me that you would be reporting or even to so
  10. Steamboat beers is a medium-sized pub located in the Vespucci area and was purchased around the end of July by Collie. Collie had then reached out to the Purmineli’s to begin building it, which started around the second week in August and lasted for about two weeks. They had discussed, planned, and mapped what they wanted to do with the property and renovations began promptly. It wasn’t long until the property started to take shape and began to look like an authentic Irish pub. Members of the Daichead Gadaí were pleased with its progress. When Steamboat was finally finish
  11. 'Background' Upon arriving in Los Santos, a lot was going on at the time. Multiple groups such as Vikings, Narcos, Bratva, and Syndicate were the leading names and people who ‘controlled’ the city. There was a significant presence from all of these groups at the time, with constant chaos throughout the city. One of Collie’s first friends within Los Santos would have been David Black, aka Gaius, who was also Irish, so the bond between him and Collie was instant. Collie & David started getting to know each other speaking of their past lives and general p
  12. Daichead Gadaí was in the works for some time starting from around May-ish 2020. It all started during a war between ‘The Council’ and West Coast Assassins with some smaller groups. Collie Fegan became acquainted with Stephen Joyce, A member of Dojin-kai who was participating on the WCA’s side of the war. Their way of meeting was a unique one to say the least, As Collie met Stephen for the first time when Stephen was locked in a Triad jail cell for 70 hours. During this time as Zetas and Triads were watching the prisoners (Stephen and other members of opposing gangs) Collie and Stephen got to
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