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  1. Rule breaks already put you into prison, some of the times aren't long enough for certain punishments but thats it. Staff used to also fine players for non-rps but it wasn't a large amount and didn't include prison time with them. +1/-1 I believe that punishments could be reworked in a way but not exactly in this way
  2. Love this +1 But should keep the PD crown vics free though cause we need to catch the few people who do own them !
  3. Next you’ll be asking to be paid off duty as well -1 there’s no reason to use the MDC while not on duty, call 911
  4. Not a clue about this situation and my guess is I handled it in game so there is no video so can't watch it back. But shooting at the bank is pretty self explanatory as to why a ban was issued.
  5. Invest into my “GET RICH QUICK PLAN” 1 Million per week. Wire Transfer to Collie Fegan and someone will get in contact with you soon!
  6. So you're here talking about this but you hire the Russian mafia who have a very low standard of roleplay and DM'd a Daniels Brother at your party the other night. They were complete dickheads to me and him for stopping someone who was causing problems but in the end they started shooting at us. You can't complain about a group of players whenever you use a group of low tier roleplayers to protect your "civilian" parties and such.
  7. I'm looking for $435k but can negotiate. @Oz Spray @KeistuoliZ It has a normal number plate but I can make it happen if need be.
  8. I've a bunch of vehicles most come with custom plates which I will change to the owners desire upon purchasing, all are maxed out with 1/2 turbo. Please post below if you would be interested in any. Please leave a comment or contact me via #2627210 or email [email protected] ((Chrisy#0420))
  9. Chrisy


    Frick you serthon Enjoy taking a step back good luck
  10. -1 Getting a hair cut is not “graphic Roleplay” and shouldn’t require consent like torture or erotic. It doesn’t fit “torture” it a head shave. Just drive to the barbers and get it back for like 2k lmao
  11. As a gun store owner I believe melee weapons that are available from general stores should be moved to gun stores. +1/-1 I agree with the flashlight, crowbar, parachute but the rest of the stuff no. Most are admin imports and stun guns would be abused to the highest degree knowing this community.
  12. I totally agree with this, the old system did have many flaws and officials should still stand out but not to the extent that they are untouchable. Fine tuning would only be the case if this suggestion is even considered.
  13. Yet again another topic about bring back turfs, how fun. Tried including as much as I can + benefits. Anything else I think of I will add at a later time. If you aren't aware already there is little to no fights between gangs anymore, there used to be huge fights with the city breaking loose as a result of this we've seen it many of times over the past year but as of recently not so much. One of the main reasons for this is that there is nothing for gangs to fight over. Drug labs currently are dead and majority of the time you would find anyone or will run into a gang that you are neutral with. Being at war with a gang with the current state of the rule book and no beneficial awards is the reason everyone is to some extent neutral. When turfs were in place gangs would have to fight it out over a turf to get access to importing drugs and weapons and I know a lot of people will involve that official status has replaced this but in my opinion it is not a great replacement. Official factions are supposed to bring a higher standard of role play for the community and as it portrays it on the forums is excellent but in game doesn't reflect the same. My main example of this involves the old importing system with turfs as it was a higher standard of role play than the current one. Right now all you do is purchase a laptop, order it and boom you have guns and ammo. With the old importing system you had to work as a gang to ensure you received your import safely, storing the crates and not just driving up on a bike and disappearing by yourself. You then had to ensure that you safely transported the goods to your warehouse in order to access the goods. This would have been done via a convoy of trucks of many kinds as the larger the vehicle the more crates you could hold inside. Currently the way police catch you importing weapons is stupid. If you are not aware the police/sheriffs have a 5% chance of getting a notification when you order from the laptop removing all role play involved with detectives and it just takes a swat member to go on duty and sit there until it drops. This is poor role play and promotes it through the police faction. When we had turfs we have detectives actively doing work to catch people importing weapons and it was gives role play for both sides. It also creates a chance for criminals to catch detectives doing the work to find a drop and not just them showing up there and then. This also introduces the chance of creating more character development, for example; Back when the Irish Mob had the turfs there was an Irish detective Kyle Doherty aka Dingus. As he and the Irish have a history from back home and his brother being part of the mob, he untimely targeted them in which he was successful. He managed to catch us at multiple weapon drops snapping photos, tailing us to our warehouse taking photos of people carrying the weapons inside etc. He also infiltrated the gang and was able to get the information he needed to charge us on multiple occasions. This lead to he almost being CK'd and having to move house constantly to keep safe from the Irish. Personally I don't see this kind of detective work being done anymore and I would enjoy something of the same to return and I feel weapon imports are a large factor considering official factions only have access to it. With the above, I feel the newer import system is removing role play from the server and the gang neutrality exists due to having nothing to fight over. Turfs would allow this to happen, giving gangs a warehouse (6 Of which exist and are not currently used), introduce a headquarters, faction vehicles (Purchase certain vehicles that everyone in the faction could use.), and just a lot of opportunities open up with this. Another thing to add, this allows areas of the map with not as much action to be used. Allowing role play to vary throughout more locations on the map. Let me know your opinions below.
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