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  1. #YouKnowNothingAboutTheIrishMobOrDaicheadGadaíBeQuiet
  2. Chrisy

    ID 231 DM

    Collie_Fegan here. ID 231 did in fact comply with the demand of dropping the pistol although she was directly involved with shooting my gang member. The reporting party is stating that is it for "no reason" although you can clearly see the reason. I feel I had DM rights and deemed it as it was severe hostile action towards a higher member within my gang, the IC motive and interaction was also there. At this point I decided to kill 231 as I didn't see a reason to let her live. I'd also like to add you made no interaction to tell me that you would be reporting or even to solve this. A lot of people would appreciate a chance to save their POV to help with reports like this. If anything else is needed from me please let me know.
  3. Daichead Gadaí was in the works for some time starting from around May-ish 2020. It all started during a war between ‘The Council’ and West Coast Assassins with some smaller groups. Collie Fegan became acquainted with Stephen Joyce, A member of Dojin-kai who was participating on the WCA’s side of the war. Their way of meeting was a unique one to say the least, As Collie met Stephen for the first time when Stephen was locked in a Triad jail cell for 70 hours. During this time as Zetas and Triads were watching the prisoners (Stephen and other members of opposing gangs) Collie and Stephen got to know each other a bit. After the war had come to an end there was back and forth between the two of them. It wasn’t until 2 months after they first met the idea of the Daichead Gadaí started to spark. Once Stephen had left Dojin Kai and Zetas disbanded, Stephen took a select few members with him and reached out to Collie. A meeting was put in place and discussions started, as Collie was an original high ranking member within the Los Santos Irish Mob it allowed knowledge and previous mistakes made within the Mob to be noted in an attempt to prevent this from happening with Daichead Gadaí. The current plan for the Daichead Gadaí is to make an impression on Los Santos while also doing our best to avoid any unnecessary conflict with the leading gangs and law enforcement throughout Los Santos and Blaine County. The main goal for the Daichead Gadaí is to generate income that will then be used to invest in operations such as weapons dealing and poitín (Irish moonshine) production. This income will be gained by extorting small businesses, engaging in armed robbery, and drug dealing. While a major cut of our income will go towards expanding our operations in Los Santos, the rest will go towards external gangs and political parties that we are affiliated within Ireland. Daichead Gadaí is in the process of meeting up with other gangs to establish a positive relationship while also informing these gangs of their plans for Los Santos. Currently, Daichead Gadaí is doing its best to prevent unnecessary bloodshed with other gangs so that they may develop and get a business running throughout Los Santos. Daichead Gadaí will be operating in Vespucci, mainly from a small pub on the corner of Magellan Avenue, called “Steamboat Beer”. As for the official uniform and car colors, we are currently not choosing anything specific to avoid any potential conflict with adjacent gangs. The Boss is the leader of the Daichead Gadaí, The Boss commands all ranks across the organisation. The Underboss is second in command and the main advisor to “The Boss”. He is there to take over when “The Boss” isn't around to command. Leifteanant is the third and final High command member. When no other leadership is in town, they are expected to take control of situations and the lower-ranking members. Sáirsint is the first Higher up rank, Sáirsint is similar to Leifteanant as they are expected to take control of situations and lower-ranking members, They also are lead recruiters of the gang. Fear Déanta is the second Higher up rank, similar to the Sáirsint but with less command-like responsibilities. These members assist in running the day to day operations of the lower ranks. This is also the last rank a non-true blooded Irish can reach. Ceannaire is a stepping stone towards becoming a Made Man/Higher up. This will involve them being delegated the responsibility to recruit new members and run it through the lead recruiters (Sáirsint). Saighdiúir is a rank no organisation would survive without, these are the main foot soldiers within the organisation, the first in when needed. Óglaigh is for people who pass the Fuil Nua rank but are still needed to fully earn their place in the organisation. Fuil Nua is the recruit/trial of Daichead Gadaí. This is when people are being brought in to see if they are dedicated to the cause and loyal to the group. • Purchase/Locate a headquarters. • Open a social spot, available to members & close friends. • Build a solid small group and fill the required command ranks. • Create relationships with known groups. • Must possess general knowledge of criminal Roleplay within the server. • Must be knowledgeable of server rules. (Admin logs may fall under this) • Must have a good standing with the community and understand how to keep emotions IC & OOC separated. • We also judge base by base on each individual. Certain in character aspects will apply and will not be discussed here. • 25000 EXPERIENCE MINIMUM FOR RECRUITMENT
  4. Hey, I've played criminal since August 2018 with over 140 days play time. I've played PD since Jan 2020 with around 25 days played. I want to give my opinion on your points. Lootable weapons - Horrible idea to say the least. People shoot cops over such little things already never mind having the ability to loot guns. Only a certain amount of weapons can be taken from lockers, and the budget actually has to be managed to accommodate the amount of weaponry. - I agree this should be implemented although this will take a lot of time and effort to do so to ensure its correct. More clear rules or clarifications for LEOs. ( As a crim, i can't ram a Ingot (4 door saloon) in a contender, but a cruiser can boot me off the road while im in a Kamacho? o.O ) - As for this you can ram a ingot with a contender so idk where you're getting this from. You also CAN'T ram a kamacho with a cruiser it makes no roleplay sense and if you see it you should IA/Forum report it. Rules and clarifications are the same as everyone has on the sever so if you think things need clarified then make a suggestion. Majority of things are clear enough. A limit to the amount of members a legal faction can have. Numbers difference right now is a bit much. - I agree with the limit. We have a lot of LEOs currently on both sides although all time-zones are not covered still with this amount. I think the issue is more of that we are capped to 40 members currently as criminals and not how much LEOs there are. Lower prison times, on no planet is it fun to be a full time criminal and spend 6+ hrs in prison at 1 given time. - A lot of people are probably going to disagree with this next statement but I feel that the jail times are somewhat ok. With them being this large it prevents me from wanting to do stupid shit especially against cops. I pick certain situations to do stuff and know how long to stay and when to leave. I feel a few charges could be adjusted but it just makes you regret doing stupid shit in the long run. There are nerfs needed I agree and the speed cap is a large issue also, a crown vic is the best performing car on the server and it ultimately should be. I'm not here to sit and make suggestions myself cause I'm not to bothered currently but just touching up on the points you've provided.
  5. Player(s) being reported: Jay Gamble , Collie Fegan I believe I am involved, I will wait for staff to reply now.
  6. https://streamable.com/9zihq7 Ain't this you literally telling a member of the community to go die in a discord related to ECRP? And I'm the one harassing people. If anything is needed from me please @ me.
  7. That ERP was hot though
  8. Chrisy


    Best of luck @ronyd2k
  9. Chrisy

    The Midnight Club

    Great looking thread, be nice to see this stick around as typically car scene dies within the server every couple of months. Keep events coming, improve the event artwork (There is a ton of people on the server good at graphics could easily ask around) and I'd say this could go far.Hope you guys keep out of gang violence and keep to this. Goodluck.
  10. Player(s) being reported: Architer Date of interaction reported: 30/05/2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1590798935 Your characters name: Collie Fegan Other player(s) involved: Mass amount of players, none directly involved. Specific rule(s) broken: How did the player break the rule(s)? After reviewing footage once again on a report on myself it has come to my attention that the reporting player is using an FOV mod. This allows him to see more than an average players screen and is quite evident throughout this video. Not much more to add here. Evidence of rule breach: https://streamable.com/ihpspk
  11. Chrisy


    My nigga you retarded, have fun being swatted
  12. Chrisy

    Mirror Park 2G

    I want to sell just not in a rush to sell it There are houses for sale on the other side of mirror park that are not as nice as this house for 800k+. If I don't accept a bid for 800k one week, why would I accept it the following week? If you really want the house offer me something more
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