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  1. Hello, Bitsy here. As you can clearly see/hear in my POV, I was trying to put my hands up using CTRL+1 and trying to drop my gun multiples times. You gave me a lot of demands at that moment and I kinda panicked. For a moment I thought that I had my hands up in a bush when I clearly said ''they're up'' but that wasn't the case. You asked me to leave the bush, so I did. Your demands weren't clear enough, so I just left the bush in whatever direction. After that when you said ''walk towards me'' I did. The outcome of the situation wouldn’t have changed as we had people on roofs watching the whole situation and the fight would of happened anyway. https://streamable.com/1hpf2d Sincerely Bitsy
  2. Bitsy

    ID 133 FEAR RP

    Hello, Bitsy here. If you would look closely at the video, demands were given before they even got their guns out. As you can see in this report (https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/19519-id-59-dmnrp-140-127-dm/), telling someone demands before you pointed your weapon at them does not put you into a "Fear-RP" state. From my point of view, I didn't see them pointing their guns at me, just them telling demands. This is why I thought I have time to escape into cover where I could call backup from. As for speaking on the radio while I was shot down, wasn't the best decision. I will take full responsibility for that. Sincerely Bitsy
  3. Bitsy

    DM ID 15,121

    Hello Bitsy here, As you can see in this video I was leaving the clothing store when you guys arrived. I would only hear you, but not your friend who was pointing a gun at me and you were kinda quite on my end.. So I tried turning down the music and was asking you to repeat yourself (you can clearly hear that in the video as well) , but then you just ran to your car and your friend followed. I was confused what was going on. Then I saw Paul with his friend running towards the car. I quickly got my pistol out, as me and Paul were asking you guys to get out of the car, but you didn't listen. As well I had KOS on your friend who was pointing a gun at me. Sincerely Bitsy
  4. +1 make the ERP community great again
  5. Bitsy

    Permanent car keys

    +1 supporting it too.
  6. He asked me to pick him up, but I forgot that when you do a relog you lose the keys. SOO technically he let me to bobby pin it. I don't see a big deal about it.
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