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  1. +1 make the ERP community great again
  2. First of all, thank you for the effort put into your reply in an attempt to explain why you gave me this punishment. However, this has not changed my mind but given me even more of a reason to appeal. You state first that you gave me this punishment because I drive into the player using a Citybee. From the video in the report, it does appear to be the case but if you notice, the car then slightly teleports to the right. This was clearly desync and on my screen I did not attempt to drive into this player as I’m aware of “Vehicle Deathmatching” and it would be an act of non-rp if I were to drive into a man picklocking my friends car at 70km/h. In real life, that would most likely kill him and damage the car. Moreover, you say in the reply “(dou to the animation it failed).” Firstly, it’s “due” but more importantly, people picklock cars all the time, mainly at Los Santos Customs, Bayview or just out in the street. Many times I have seen people ran over whilst picklocking a car and the animation is stopped. My intention was not to drive into him to get him to stop. As I said before, it’s clearly desync, otherwise why would I just teleport to the side. Furthermore, the “Kill on Sight” rule was not breached. If my character was a UFC fighter taking a vacation in Los Santos who could hit extremely hard, hard enough to kill someone, then fair enough. This is not the case. I hit him once so that he would stop. This is not attempting Kill on Sight. People punch people all the time and usually it’s argued ICly and not reported. In this scenario, his friends gunned me down instead which is more of a breach of Kill on Sight than punching someone for stealing a vehicle. I understand the rule that it has to be of a worth over $75,000 but to someone, that’s all they have. Moving on, you next say that instead of hitting them, I should revert to using /me and /do commands to stop it. How could I guarantee that by the time I had typed out; /me attempts to pull the man away from picklocking her friend’s car /do would I be able to? That he would respond and not already picklocked the vehicle? Additionally, how could I have even been sure that the character would reply to the role-play as there are a lot of new gang members that don’t even understand how to role-play and getting through the application stage of Eclipse RP. “Hurting a player is concidered deathmatch.” How can hurting a player be deemed as deathmatch? If that is the rule then half of the server could be banned right now. The amount of situations that I’ve witnessed where this rule at this standard of how you’re portraying it could be implied is uncounted for. You cannot treat me this way and then let someone get away for shooting someone without any evidence of having a reason to. You go on to say; “And you driving the citybee into him I decided to apply the punishment.” By saying this, you said that you added a punishment to my clean record because of desync? You never once asked for my side of the story, I had to go through this ban appeal. I see people killing people a lot because of what they call “desync” but when it actually is a case of real desync, you punish me for it, yet it’s such a light case of it? I’ve seen people drive into large crowds at the bank or running people over because they were driving like a maniac and say “desync.” Why would they be allowed to resume playing the server and I receive a 48 hour ban for actual desync? This is unfair in my eyes. Finally, I just want to add that my ban expired around 7 hours ago and I could have let this go. However, I want to fight for this as I previously had a 100% clean admin record and had no intention to break rules on a server I enjoy playing. I put a lot of time into this server and I’m not someone that would intentionally do something so silly to get punished for it. To think that I could have even been warned instead of instantly punished, rather than an instant 48 hour ban says to me that banning people is just the easy alternative for staff members on Eclipse RP. Thank you for your time.
  3. Account name: Bitsy Character name(s): Bitsy Hilton Admin who issued punishment: Musketdeeznuts Date of punishment: 24/11/2018 Punishment received: Deathmatch | Offence #1 Reason given for punishment: Punching another player whilst trying to picklock my friends car outside my gang's headquarters. Your explanation of what happened: After being treated by the medics at the Medical Department, I took out a CityBee and drove to the location of my motorbike which was at my gang leader's house in Vinewood. I knew of it's location as I used /showvehicles to identify where it was. As I arrived, I noticed a stranger lockpicking my gang members car outside of the house. When I saw this I stopped the vehicle, jumped off and approached the stranger, asking him what he was doing and then I hit him as he did not stop lock picking it. After this, I got shot down instantly and then the situation escalated between other people in the two gangs and I died. Why should your appeal be accepted?: My report should be accepted because in no way did I intend to break rules with this. If I had have pulled a gun and shot the guy straight away then I would accept my punishment, however I feel that this punishment is too harsh for simply punching the other character so that they would stop lock picking my gang members car. This was not an attempt at kill on sight or an attempt to deathmatch. In real life if you saw someone lock picking your friends car with clear intentions to steal it, you aren't going to act kindly towards them and simply ask them to stop. This was clearly another gang trying to get one up on my gang by stealing a car and in real life if this happened, it would have probably been more than just one punch. Moreover, things like this happen all day, every day on Eclipse RP and nothing get's done about it. I have a clear admin record until now and I have been playing the server since all the way back in June or maybe even before that. As stated before, my intentions were not to break rules as I enjoy playing this server and want to have fun whilst doing so. If I break a rule and it is clear that I did then I will hold my hands up and admit to it, but this seems extremely harsh for something so small that most people would not report. Finally, I would like to add that I was not given a chance to respond to the post or tagged in it by an admin or member of the Eclipse staff team, I was just straight up banned.
  4. Bitsy

    Permanent car keys

    +1 supporting it too.
  5. He asked me to pick him up, but I forgot that when you do a relog you lose the keys. SOO technically he let me to bobby pin it. I don't see a big deal about it.
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