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  1. Could you please tell me if two gangs goes to war, how and when you can decide that someone have won the war? and what kind of benefits you would get from wining the war? If Eclipse would count as a hard rp server and majority of people who would be playing here would be in that level, then I agree that turf system would be useless, because people would look for RolePlay situations and could do everything by following the RP, but lets come back to the current state ant reality that Eclipse server counts as light RP and don't get me wrong, I don't see anything bad about it, but it needs more script based stuff especially for this kind of stuff.
  2. +1 for removing the barricades from this kind of situations And also @Scott Cleverley it is possible to block the road with cruisers, just needs a lot of communication, an example of it : https://plays.tv/video/5bfaaa97a5636ae39b/road-block-ftw
  3. There are some situations where there is no other way and when that happens - you know that you instantly gonna lose because you don't have an RPG or Machine Gun to even injure a person with only ARMOR. As you are talking about 3A armor, here is a video for you about 3A+ armor, imagine spraying all clip to that. Either way, I am ending this discussion, because now it feels like fighting with cops in forums 😄
  4. I know what SWAT is and everything is fine with it. But spraying 30-50 AK bullets straight to one SWAT member and he is still standing, for me, it is unrealistic and overpowered. There will be people who will agree with me and there will be people who will not agree with me. As I said before, everything was good when there weren't so many swat people, but now? There are too many of them and with the desync, hitboxes and etc. going 5 vs 1 and swat still stay alive. You need to keep in mind that SWAT behind the armor is a normal person, not god or superhuman.
  5. Sorry for the double post, but I want to reply to @HaminLord post. I agree with you, you can organize and do that, but with the imports (how many things you can order at one time) it is not worth to do that. As I have mentioned before in my upper post, there needs to be made changes with the imports, because now, you can order a really low amount of things and it is not worth risking by organizing something like that. Also as I said in my upper post, the swat needs to be nerfed, because it is really impossible to fight with SWATS, especially when in this kind of operations there is like 10-12 of SWAT and some officers around, so basically we need half of the server to even get a chance to succeed.
  6. I think this new thing adds more additional RP with PD BUT I believe a couple of things need to be done about it, because: 1. the amount of ammunition you can order now is really ridiculous. 2. Now as PD getting information about the incoming imports it is, even more, harder to get the ammo. 3. It is impossible to injure a SWAT member, as everyone has noticed now probably, there is A LOT OF SWATS these days. My Offer, keep the new thing about informing the PD about the imports, but: 1. Let criminals import more ammo (can be the same as was before). 2. Nerf swat officers, because if you see 5 swat members, what you can do is just run, even if you have 15 guys with you. Before there weren't so many SWAT operatives and it was understandable why you can't easily injure them, but now there is a lot of them and it would be nice if they would be nerfed. As for my eyes, it doesn't seem realistic, when you need 5-6 guys with heavy guns to injure a swat guy.
  7. -1 need to find a way, how to deal it ICly
  8. Hello, Looking to buy Fully maxed or almost maxed Coquette. Contact me here or #4703721.
  9. Thanks, @MusketDeezNuts for the answer! it is hard to say what is in the plans when there is no information about it! But I am happy to hear that! Cheers
  10. 2. serious - I am talking about good reason IC, as for example, you find out that allied gang is working with your rival gang, by selling them guns, etc. Just one of the examples, but I believe you get the point. 4. So that it wouldn't be random DM ( it is just suggestion, as I mentioned before, everything can be changed, fixed, edited, if you have any other offer how to prevent it from happening, feel free to share it! 5. yeah, that was what I wanted to say. Gonna edit it. 6. To prevent what was happening before, treasury farming: only 2 guys join so that they wouldn't go inactive and takes the treasury, then goes off again. Also before faction had to be inactive for 2-3months so other gangs could take the turf. So it is just simply suggestion to make it neutral if the faction is dead.
  11. Guys, after I saw this post I made my own post with the turf suggestion, show some support and give your opinions.
  12. Hello everyone, So my suggestion is gonna be the same as the title, bring back the turfs and make it the same as it was before. I have been playing here for about 9 months, have seen how the server progressed forwards with rules, new updates, etc. Everything seems moving forward except for the activities for the gangs, yeah roleplay is based on your imaginations and scripts wouldn't do a big impact, yes I can agree on that, BUT if you are playing in the same community/server for over 6, 9, 12 or 24 months, scripts become important because they can improve the roleplay a lot and make a lot more roleplay scenarios that it had before. I was thinking about making this kind of offer a long time ago but didn't believe that my suggestion will see the daylight and become reality, but I know one thing, the server is still alive until it has players in it, so if all of us gave our opinion about it and show a lot of support I believe we could get this thing done. The problem: yeah so coming to the problem, you are in a gang or you have a gang and all you can do with the gang is rob stores, make drugs, chop cars, using your imagination and roleplay some deals, etc. All good, but there comes a time, when you get bored of it and especially if you have a big crew and you want something new. Also now as rival gangs are fighting each other it also became kind of forum war of reports, because you get pissed that you lose an AK or a shotgun, even though you know that you were in the situation and knew what will happen because you are in a war with that gang, but you just lost a gun, got killed and you think that another player didn't give demands or maybe he killed you with a car and broke some rules, what people do next? goes and puts a forum report, which requires admin time, players time and let's be honest at some point it becomes so boring and starts pissing you off. Also another question, how the winner of the war is going to be decided? when the rivals gang members would leave the server? make CK and create another character and go to a different gang? or until all of the people who are in war get banned? OFFER: My offer would save admin and players time and also increase the roleplay experience for criminals. Turfs - is a territory owned by a gang, it would have 3 main points and if you capture all of it with your gang members, the turf would be lost and belong to another gang. Bring back the turfs as it was before with some additional rules, as for example: 1. Only official gangs could have a turf. 2. Only with serious reason gang could go to war vs another gang. 3. If the rival gang is taking your turf in that zone everyone would be granted DM/KOS on the players who are taking the turf. 4. All the gang members who are at war must wear their gang clothing/colors/masks. 5. To allow the player to take the turf minimum online members per day should be 8-10. 6. If the faction goes inactive (doesn't have stable 8-10 online players) in two weeks the turf would become neutral and any official gang could take it for themselves. 7. If you own a territory in which there is a general store - if someone robs it, you would lose income to the treasury money, if you have a territory were is a drug selling point and no one sells anything there, because they are getting robbed, you would not get any additional money to the treasury from there, etc. Just the basic rules, everything could be changed, edited. Cheers! let's make it work guys! show your support.
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