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  1. The Vory ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Catching up with new guys ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ So days were going quite well for the Vory. On one of those days there came some new faces, some new things which had good future for whole family. These new guys showed that they got almost the same interests in town and they wanted to be a part of us. So Valiera took care of them and gave them a basic acknowledge what they are supposed to do and what they are not. Next day Jamal set the meeting to catchup with all the new guys, exchange the numbers and names and afterwards show them what we are all about.. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Changing into our war outfits ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Later on in command of Jamal we headed towards clothing store to hop into our old war outfits. This outfit has been used in war against Irish and loads of other gangs so Jamal decided to take it out now in war against the mexicans, Ballas and Misfits. Afterwards there came a lot of WCA members which were close friends to the Vory so we made few photos of us all together. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hunting the Mexicans ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ After dressing up we made our way towards north in search of the enemy. We couldnt find any of them because all they were doing was chilling at the bank and talk shit there. But we finally had some luck and were able to find one of them and lumber cooking drugs, we obtained their radio frequency and made a backup call then some of them came and got smoked. https://streamable.com/farlt ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. It doesnt change the fact that i had gun in my had and i was able to not comply with demands. Wont argue there and lets wait for staff.
  3. Hey, its id 113, i stepped out of the bike and i always had a pistol in my hand so i could not respond to the reporting party demands. secondly i didnt noticed the guy cause i was going straight to other way sadly i dont have evidence and when i started shooting at other guys its only then showed for reporting party that im aiming and it was probably desync so t hats all what ive got to say. and its clearly seen while this guy running behind me that i never draw out a gun and only when he was about to shoot me you can see that im desynced and shooting so its more than clear desync.
  4. hashishas

    ID 206 DM

    this can be voided since there was similar reports which is 100% legit that you are able to shoot in war zone without any warn.
  5. hashishas

    ID 206 DM

    theres nothing about revenge report. you wasnt there before 100% there was 3 guys nobody of your crew was around 100% so how you should know who killed your guys
  6. hashishas

    ID 206 DM

    Player(s) being reported: ID 206 Date of interaction reported: 16/11/2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1573932882 Your characters name: David Nickelback Other player(s) involved: ID 206 Specific rule(s) broken: How did the player break the rule(s)? The player can be seen under the cover then he got out from the cover and didnt even said any thing and opened fire on the guy next to the car and me. There was 0 reasons for him to open fire there since the guy wasnt part of shootout before. Evidence of rule breach: https://streamable.com/dcznu
  7. hashishas

    ID 39 VDM

    Attempt is called when? First attempt wasnt even legit and how can you count it as attempt. he didnt ducked he just ran for the cover same as me since there was large group comming by, if i wanted to run him over there i would press my w and just go for speed but i wanted to lavirate through the cells to go to other side to take better position behind all of them but there was none so i kept driving to see where they are because i was completly lost, shots everywhere and couldnt see anyone around. In the second attempt where you say so i wasnt paying attention on my car and is it called attempt if you are driving towards them? i had no reason to run them over there since they wasnt shooting or atleast i didnt saw that so that would be clear dm so i took my car away from them to avoid hitting them(there was one guy which could be ran over if wanted to) then while i knew whats going around i decided to go all around to the back and engage there what ive done.
  8. hashishas

    ID 39 VDM

    ID 39 there. I attempted to hit you only once. At the end of the video. First time i was running to the cover since there was high scale shootout the best option was to go inside the middle to take the cover there and i saw one of my guy going there so we could get out from the car and help him when we get out of this tunnel so i wasnt even speeding to be able not to crash somewhere and make it out but I saw you turned left then there was no point to get out from the car so I made full circle and then engaged there. Thats my last answer. And I would really appreciate that this report would be taken by the staff whos not part of the Zetas. And another fact. You said nothing when got of the cover just started spraying without any words so isnt it DM?
  9. Took an early invitation for birthay party from brother Boris back in Russia but sadly me and Jamal was deported from Russia without any hopes to come back so we found one guy which could escort us through the border to Russia but we got fucked up in the back of the lore even before our journey begins.
  10. Hey, its ID 72, i dont get how im involved into this since I didnt even touched his car. And how you are not under frp when like smg is pointed in close range, like next to the window and you still want to drive it so the guy thinked you gonna try to run away and thats why he shot? thats just my guess
  11. hashishas

    The Valors

    The war with Zetas is heating up
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