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  1. Nah didn't get a recording cause I didn't know I was getting reported.
  2. I didn't see the man on my right and I couldn't hear his VOIP. Only when I drove off I saw him.
  3. That would be unfair as if you're in a cop chase you'll have to slow down every time you go past an NCZ.
  4. Sufyaan

    ID 213 | VDM

    I wasn’t even trying to run you over I was trying to stop you from running to PD by putting my car in front of you. Also, Gregor is my friend and you were punching him. Am sorry if this caused you any problem. It was unintentional.
  5. Sufyaan

    ID 74 Non-RP

    Your video proves it.
  6. Sufyaan

    ID 74 Non-RP

    I was driving down the left lane at a high speed and you made my friend spin. You moved to the left lane, I tried to stop but I ultimately hit you.
  7. Character to be refunded:Sufyaan Khan Date and time of incident:20/03/19 9:30 ish Requested refund (what and how much):2 .50s 80 bullets, heavy pistol 23 bullets, Shotty 4 bullets, LSD 6x Description of incident resulting in loss: I was carrying a bag and i clicked P and it disappeared when it should've fell on the floor. Evidence of loss:https://streamable.com/5g5ys Comments:
  8. Sufyaan

    ID's 159,218 DM

    I didn't go out of Braddocks I saw my friend point a gun at you and then he got clapped. That was when I drove up the hill and opened fire.
  9. Sufyaan

    ID's 159,218 DM

    You can see me at the start literally driving past
  10. Sufyaan

    ID's 159,218 DM

    I did have KoS when you killed my friend at Braddox and when I shot at you from the hill you guys came and chased me shooting at me. I deleted the KoS video since I wasn’t aware I got reported and it was 4 days ago. But I don’t recall shooting at LSD.
  11. Sufyaan

    ID's 159,218 DM

    Hello, I'm ID 159 and in the video, I don't see me shooting at you.
  12. The video is still cut/edited and are you metagaming? also "scumbag" OOC insult?
  13. If this was real life I would have the gun right beside me and shot your friend in the head while he was looting me
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