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  1. I wasn't aware that parking my vehicle is non-RP. I was willing to change but y'all just sprayed at me which just made me drive off.
  2. Sufyaan

    ID 50 DM

    Can you please post the full clip, please?
  3. Sufyaan

    ID 50 DM

    I thought they were stalled, so I was going to get out and hold them up and I also lost control when the sudden ram happened and I had to swerve away. Can I request they post the whole clip where they were shooting inside the NCZ at me for no reason?
  4. Hey ID 17 here, the evidence clearly shows that I didn't brake check you but instead I speeded in front of you and then braked for you to go in front which then you turned left and rammed into me. In both rammings from you, you had no reason to do it. When I came from behind you it was to block you in not to ram you
  5. Hey, I'm ID 216 and in the report, I do not see me ramming anyone in my sports car intentionally.
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