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  1. Saif

    LS Cartel

    So damn interested in this @AJ2toke Hey? What I actually like and hope you'll keep it that way, is the NON ricer cars that most gangs drive now a days. Tell me, just tell me how hood homies and hood rats sport a twin turbo fully modded, neon lights vehicle on a regular basis? Keep it classy and simple, I'll keep an eye on this thread. - Henrique Gonzalez
  2. @MrJangoon Are you backpedalling right now?
  3. Saif


    Any Paladins players here?
  4. Saif

    Vague rules

    Uhuh, alrighty, thank you for your input.
  5. Saif

    Vague rules

    That's why I created this thread. Everything is situational and every admin has their own resolution, which may or may not be fair - hence why I created this little thread. I'm by no means attacking a set of rule or individual, I'm just trying to understand, to avoid any mishap or confusion down the road/far future.
  6. Saif

    Vague rules

    No, that's not my question. Right now, you're running from someone, all of a sudden he chooses to whip out his gun mid pursuit and asks you to put your hands up. A) Do you continue running? Given that you're already running. B) Do you stop and put your hands up?
  7. Saif

    Vague rules

    So in my opinion there are so many rules that don't give enough closure, and sparks up a lot of OOC altercations and ends up getting people wrongfully banned for a misunderstanding. I'll attach a conversation between me and a senior support member. Am I missing a bigger picture here?
  8. Saif

    RAGE MP is not working

    It's okay homie I fixed it. Thanks for your initiative.
  9. Any fix for this? It doesn't open. - It opened once. Oh and I cannot even uninstall rage mp.
  10. Saif

    Starting GTA V

    Hey peeps, so I'm planning on starting GTA V. (Eclipse) What's the very first step I should take? Get it off of steam? Or elsewhere. And do I get the criminal enterprise thing? Will it help me on Eclipse? I'm lost. How do I begin?
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