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  1. That will be in the next story!
  2. Lucas Laurie Born on 15/12/1998 in Malaysia. Mike had a great childhood until he moved to Turkey at the age of 13. He moved next to his mother after had been living with his grandparents in Malaysia. After moving to Turkey and starting high school, he met with friends that changed his life. He started smoking and shortly after he started doing drugs. He wasn't a drug addict but he still did do drugs once in a while when he wanted to. After turning 17, he decided to change his lifestyle and decided to go to military and serve for his country and get away from his problems that he had that was caused because of friends. After being in the military, he thought it was too stressful and decided to move to a different city and start a new life. Los Santos When he moved to Los Santos he thought that he was going to live a clean life but unfortunately after seeing how hard it is to earn money and after seeing how he was treated in the city, he tried to earn money by doing some Money Transporter job. After he had earned some money to be able to buy himself a bike, he went around and looked for jobs that would be suitable for him but he still had that little criminal personality in him. He then met a person called ''JD Leblanc''. JD taught Mike on how things go around the city and taught him all the things that he needs to know to survive. After he had learned more about the city, he met some friends that was in the gang called ''Los Zetas''. He talked to a higher up about recruitment and he was then told to hangaround before he could be a full member of the gang but unfortunately after time passed he thought the wasn't suitable for the gang as he was still new to the city. After not being able to join, JD went up to Mike and asked if he wanted to join a gang that was appart of called ''The Rooks''. Since Mike's brother had told him all about a gang called ''Irish Mob'' and he had learned that ''The Rooks'' was a gang that was made after the war, he accepted the offer. The Rooks After talking to JD. Mike got a text from him to come to a place called ''La Spada'' which was Rooks' HQ. After arriving to La Spada, he was then greeted by a higher up named ''Lewis Brandon''. Lewis had asked him several questions, after seeing that Mike was suitable for the gang, he was taken to the clothing store and was told to wear a uniform in order to show that he was representing the gang. As time passed, he learned a lot more about the city . After completely learning everything about the city, ''Dmitri Leroy'' the leader of The Rooks (after Dwayne Donovan) was very impressed on how he was doing in the gang and his general behavior. He was then promoted to ''Viscount'' where he would be responsible of drug operations of the gang. After spending quite some time in The Rooks as a Viscount. Mike got a call from his grandparents from Malaysia and they had informed Mike that his uncle had passed away. Mike later then told Dmitri that he had to leave for quite some time and because of this he had to leave the gang. Dmitri respected and supported Mike's decision. After saying goodbye to the gang Mike hopped on the plane and went to Malaysia for his uncle's funeral. The return of Mike and The Triads Mike came back to the city after staying in Malaysia supporting his grandparents for months. He looked for a new gang to be apart of as he wanted to experience something new. He then went up to ''Al Romano'' which was apart of The Rooks and had left the gang, joining The Triads. Mike spoke to Al Romano about his situation and on wanting to be apart of The Triads. Al at first wasn't so sure if Mike was suitable for the family but still gave him a chance to hangaround and show himself. After spending some time as a hangaround and a trial, he then was accepted to the family as the high command of The Triads found him suitable for the gang because of his behavior and royalty to the family. He was told to wear the ''Blue Lantern'' mask to show that he was apart of the family to other gangs and people that live in Los Santos. Mike was informed of some other bad news and that had made him mad, which is why temporarily, Mike's behavior had changed from anger and he was then kicked from The Triads because of his behavior. Eventhough he was kicked from the family, he still had good relationships with the members of the family. After being kicked from The Triads, Mike had simmered down and he was now ready to find a new family. He promised to himself that he would've behave like that again to anybody else. WEST COAST ASSASINS After Mike had been kicked from The Triads, he went around town and had stumbled upon to ''West Coast Assasins''. He was then asked if he was still apart of The Triads and he had told them that he was kicked and explained why. Eventhough he was kicked, as Mike explained on why he was kicked, WCA offered him to be a full member of the gang as they knew who he was and how he was doing in the city. Shortly after being apart of the gang, he was promoted to a temporary rank that was made for the war called ''Killa''. After the rank was removed he had been promoted to ''Soldier''. CURRENT STATE Mike had to change his name to Lucas for some personal reasons and as it was a unique name. Now he is happily apart of the gang which he calls family and has promised to do everything he can the best for the family. He is also trying his best to be able to be a higher up or high command as he would like to teach the members of his family on how to do everything the right and the best way as he learned from his past experience.
  3. Evidence of Oti_Maxwell saying "hey faggot, why you playing a shemale?" 5 minutes before coming to bank. Thus mixing and referring to OOC as I said. https://streamable.com/dcp9a
  4. So you're telling me that people only laugh when they find things funny? I'm not gonna give anymore responses unless needed to, you keep on thinking on how you do G
  5. I don't think you read the report, who said I was roleplaying a transgender? I'm reporting you insulting her as a shemale because she doesn't use a microphone. What does that have to do with be as said in your response? Voice changers are allowed on the server and you can see many examples of people that have been using voice changers ever since they started on this server.
  6. Player(s) being reported: ID 18 Oti_Maxwell Date of interaction reported: 13/01/2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1578931267 Your characters name: Aegean Revadar Other player(s) involved: Valentina_Salvatore (ID 14) Specific rule(s) broken: 9. Metagaming (MG) Metagaming is the act of relaying IC information through any method not considered IC that has the potential to change current or future roleplay scenarios or using that information. Mixing IC and OOC information without any benefit is a minor MG offense. For example, a player uses IC chat to call someone by their player ID displayed above their head. How did the player break the rule(s)? ID 18 Oti_Maxwell was insulting my girlfriend ICly by calling her a shemale even though no RP or whatsoever has been done by her stating that she is RPing as a shemale. To me this is mixing because she doesn't use a microphone for personal OOC reasons. The reason why I'm reporting is that I want the reported party to justify and show any evidence of her RPing as a shemale. This is something that happens on a constant basis, and that other female characters struggled with, that it's almost OOC harassment. It is affecting roleplay when people come up to you and say nothing but shemale over and over. Evidence of rule breach: https://streamable.com/sx9gr
  7. Hello ID 172 here, I would also like to add some other rulebreaks that occured in this situation by Oti_Maxwell: 1. He aggresively went to /b while in an active RP situation. 2. He NonRPly didn't RP being injured and keep on insulting us while injured which is poor quality roleplay. And last but not least he OOC insulted us. The evidence will be sent to the staff member handling this report as it may contain information that can be metagamed.
  8. Still on sale and for cheap!
  9. Hello ID 125 here, I would like to say that Thomas_Nightwood gave demands to the 2 players and when I saw them having a gun. I shot them because I saw they having guns in their hands and saw them running even after Thomas' demands which can be seen from their POV.
  10. Selling my badass 1/5 suspension, 1/2 turbo badass Moonbeam! Send your offers to #3258458!
  11. Selling my badass 1/5 suspension, 1/2 turbo badass Moonbeam! Send your offers to #3258458!
  12. Architer

    ID 111 NonRP

    This is the message that I get from you through discord.
  13. Architer

    ID 111 NonRP

    You did tell me that you had footage and you said you could send it. On top of that as a gang leader you told me to ''Stop crying and cry elsewhere'' OOC, that's a great way to solve it IG.
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