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  1. Hello! I'm ID 42 Clay Tirador. There's been a conflict between my faction with our allies against Triads and Irish for the past weeks. Which was also confirmed by themselves as they had people listening to our radio and not going to chop due to the risk of being ambushed by us. I was passing through Braddocks tunnel where I spotted a Triad colored Elegy jumping on a bike, I did not chase the said vehicle and just watched from a distance. The reporting party stopped together with myself and asked if they could chop my vehicle then give myself the money so they could get influence whic
  2. Hello! As I was directly involved in the shootout as ID 209, I would like to post additional comments and evidence for the moderator+ taking this report. -I would like to stated that FearRP wasn't the only rule broken in this ''shootout''. VDM and NLR can also be added if seen appropriate by the staff member(s) taking this report. -I would like to state why NLR was broken. Approx 1-1 and a half hours ago from this shootout, most of Triads/Irish got killed at a fight in Sealab in which a lot of my allies survived. Which can also be checked from logs. Factions were told by Faction Mana
  3. Architer

    The Firm

    Good luck Bossman!
  4. Judging by Felix's response I feel as he is right with what was said and together with that I have a clue on how the charges were placed. If it's okay for @MrSilky I would like to drop this report.
  5. Before starting this suggestion, I would like to state that I will not state the player names on this suggestion as it will cause unnecessary arguments. 1) Building a case: I believe that the detectives or undercover police officers should have a case on a/multiple gang member(s) before doing things such as going undercover just to see what the gang is doing and calling for backup as soon as they see something minor in a gang HQ or turf. 2) Being able to be in a criminal and PD/SD faction at the same time: Due to the fact that they are not able to do this, they are only limited to go
  6. Hello and thank you for creating a bug report! This is an intended feature and if you would like got this to change please post it in the Suggestions section. Pending archive. @Aieos
  7. Hello and thank you for creating a bug report! Use the scroll from your mouse to scroll through the selections.
  8. Date and time (provide timezone): 30/07/2020 GMT+03:00 Character name: Clay Tirador Issue/bug you are reporting: Heavies not showing on a player back while in inventory. Expected behavior: Heavies showing when placing in the inventory and the equip inventory. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: 1) Take a heavy weapon from a safe, car, bag inventory and place in pocket/gun inventory 2) You will see that it won't show on yourself or sometimes even to somebody else
  9. Hello and thank you for creating a bug report! This is not the appropriate section, you will need to make a post in Decision Appeals. Pending archive. @Aieos
  10. Architer

    Mouse Bug

    Hello and thank you for creating a bug report! Change the mouse input in the settings to anything else that you have on in that time. This is now pending archive as it is not a bug and this report does not match the guidelines. @Aieos
  11. Please amend your bug report to match the guidelines:
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