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  1. Selling maxed Lynx. Send offers to 3258458
  2. I'll hit you up when I'm in town tomorrow
  3. Architer

    VDM - 227

    Hi, Lucas Laurie here Firstly, I would like to say that my reasoning of behind this is that I did not have the intend of ramming the OP but just to block the road. Secondly, as can be seen from my POV when the OP swerved to the right, I didn't accelerate and I had slowed down due me only wanting to block him and to not ram him. I do think that due to the space being tight, we hit eachother. Lastly, the OP didn't lose anything in this situation and just reporting due to frustration out of IC matters that they didn't like. https://streamable.com/j7j76 Edit: I said radio after Willie_Laurie said why did I ram that my intend was to block and not ram. This can be seen from my video, you swerved to right where it is tight and the sides bumped. If I had the intent to ram you I would've accelerated when you were passing me or tried to ram you from a different angle.
  4. is there a backyard and a pool?
  5. Architer


    are you in town so I can buy it? 3258458 is my phone number
  6. Architer


    still for sale?
  7. This suggestion is a funny one LMAO -1 Reasons has already been told by different people.
  8. Keep up the good work! Big fan of Lucas
  9. How much is for the dinghy?
  10. How much are you willing to sell it for? 90k is good?
  11. It could be in specific areas that not marked on either one of their maps and I could be not only 1 but a couple of drop places but this places could be in public areas such as in the city.
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