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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I'm trying to complete my profile by linking the forum to my Eclipse account but it won't let me, it keeps saying something went wrong. Thanks, Kind regards
  2. I recently got my quiz accepted an i went to create a character. But when i hit finish it beeps once and does nothing. I have ran into people with the same issue and have yet to find a fix for it. They told me the name was taken but i had tried about 15 names and nothing worked. I have to wait to find a fix before i can even get to rp on the server. i have attached a video below that shows what happens. please lmk if there is a fix for this issue i really want to rp. https://youtu.be/qVI9yElOce8
  3. I'm new to playing RP servers so I watched a tutorial on how to join one and when I attempted to it said: "GTA V must have launched into single player once, please do so, before launching GT-MAP. Your game needs to create a game save." The problem is that I already have done that and it still shows the same error. Is there any way to fix it?
  4. Hello everyone! and yes im new... Like the title says, i got this "Error! the account name does not exist!" error. I dont have any problems login to the forums, but the game seems to be a little bit harder.. So, any advice how to solve this? Oh and this happends too!
  5. When i try to join the server i get the message: Failed to estalbish connection - no response from remote host. Please i never played on a RP server before. I wanted to play on this one first. if you need more info, just ask.
  6. I went to buy a house at the motel in paletobay worth 21,500 more was charged from another house in the amount of 40,000 I would like to be revoked the purchase of the house was not the one I bought I would like my money back and fix this house bug Because it gets in the way a lot. thank you...
  7. Can anyone help me with this problem? , I was playing perfectly until yesterday, and today it appeared.
  8. When i try to connect to the servr i got a message that says "Denied acces do you to suspect of connection exploit" Hope you can help me to fix it, thanks
  9. Hey folks, as mentioned on discord this post will contain every needed information about the voice system. Let's start right away. Requirements ( What fixes NO-VOICE ) Okay so this is what you can do to fix the NO-VOICE if it IS NOT a GTA:N issue. Make sure to : 1. Enable Webcam/Microphone streaming and restarting the GTA:N Client. ( This options changes the settings.xml so no need to change it within editor ) But you can adjust the settings if you got the client closed and do not want to restart. For this make sure in the settings.xml in your GTA:N folder got these 2 lines. <DisableCEF>false</DisableCEF> <MediaStream>true</MediaStream> 2. Make sure you got your freakin microphone plugged in ! 3. Make sure you got the correct settings in the GTA V Settings You can access the normal GTA V settings by pressing P in the GTA:Network main menu. The issue To make it clear the voice WORKS. Yes. No troll. I am serious. It is quite random that voice will work for you. But you can notice if it works maybe if you got NOT a [NO VOICE] tag above your head. IF that is the case, you are able to hear SOME people, but some people cannot hear YOU. + Some people can hear you but they do not hear you. This event is quite random...at least we think. Going more techy After a few hours of investigation yesterday after the announcement, I checked the log of CEF and noticed some wierd things. --> Initiatlize: Creating device --> Browser: Start -> Instantiated Renderer --> Browser: Creating Browser --> Browser: End -> Browser created! This is feedback of the CEF. This tells us a browser instance is created (read more about that on the CEF wiki) this is at the start of the log. Keep that in mind. -> Start: https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/voicas/voicechat.html <- CEF calls a connection to the voicechat and its .js This is all fine. It would work as for now. BUT sometimes at random (as for now until further info) it closes the stream which gets logged Closed file stream! and ends completely the connection of the voice chat before the player is fully loaded in-game See here. -> End: https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/voicas/voicechat.html, 200 BUT here is the thing for those playes where voice DOES work. This event does not occur on connection. The connection stays stable and the voice chat is active. That is why you do NOT have a [NO VOICE] tag. A possible solution for the devs So I talked with a Stuyk, and he thinks that multiple browser instances are messing this up causing this random behaviour of CEF. Try reducing it and checking that out. A solution for the players WHAT DOES NOT HELP Disabling in-game option, restarting the game then launching enabling the option again and restarting. Re-installing your entire GTA V Re-installing Windows (seriously...do not go so far) The last two options will never help since GTA:N is seperate and the voice is going through the server independant from GTA V files and Windows well damn do not go that far it will just be a pain. WHAT DOES HELP At the very end well LUCK. You will have to be patient it will work at some point for you. BUT here are some possible ways which sounds wierd but FIXED voice for some players. Client crashing Yes, yes, you heard it after the client crashed voice fixed itself. I have no idea how this makes sense but THAT fixed it for several players including me. Doing nothing For some it just worked. Lucky potatoes ! Re-installing GTA:N For some it helped to fix this random issue try it if you did not try it yet.
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