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  1. I'd prefer a standalone with a buildable ext Send offers to: 2396892 Or email [email protected] ((forum pm))
  2. Date and time (provide timezone): 3:00 - 07/26/2020 (GMT+2 i guess) Character name: Hamdi Statham Issue/bug you are reporting: Display bug Expected behavior: To make the UI more smaller to fit for lower resolutions than 1920*1080 Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Hello! There is few issues after the couple of last updates which it will be really awesome if they get resolved. I believe that the script is made based on a 1920*1080 but i don't know if its the reason for this issue or not: I am playing on a laptop 1366*768 which i believe a decent amount of players are playing on laptops aswell. I got my inventory hiding the bag's inventory while i can't drag items from up to down, also the phone is too big and its covering the car health while driving. If its not possible to change the size of the UI and based on the issues above, i suggest the followings: To move the vehicles HP to here: And to extend the inventory to sides soo the body inventory can fit withing the screen borders: I hope that we get this resolved soon as its really hard with the new updates to navigate the nearby inventories. Thanks in advance and have a great day!
  3. 470k budget, prefer a standalone. Send offers to: 2396892
  4. I am looking to buy a standalone 1G inside the city. Please forward your offers to: 2396892 Thank you!
  5. The house icludes 6 lockable safes and 2 normal ones, an exterior garage which can fit your RV and 3 other vehicles. The price is set to 260k at the door, its located at stab city blip placed on your gps. Contact number in case you need more details: 2396892 https://imgur.com/a/vo9JcFD
  6. Hello! I will try to make this short. All of us know the sudden crash problem of RAGEMP, its an unexpectable event that we can't prevent sadly, we hope that it gets fixed by rage itself. But, if we find a solution so that the crashes won't interact with our IC game it will be more than perfect! The heating system in the private drug tables is making the tables heat successively, each drug cooker must be aware about the crashes/server restarts which is pretty annoying. Imagine losing all of your tables/stash/weapons due to a cop who got noticed about 1 table explosion and therefore getting your house raided. We are talking about a huge loss of a whole house inventory not a simple drug table. Leaning on the reasoning above, i am suggesting the following: Tables must heat each time you just finish cooking one drug, if you put another drug to cook and you forgot to cool it down it will explode right away in front of your face. That will keep the risk of drug cooking as its an illegal action and also will keep our OOC RAGE crashes away from our IC issues. This second suggestion is a bit complicated but, really effective, we add an inventory place in the drug tables to hang a bottle of water so it will cool the table automatically and if the bottles get empty the table will explode. If the game crashes and you have a HDD so you can log back way later and not in time to save your drug tables from being exploded .. Its really annoying to let OOC issues interact with IC ones, isn't it? I guess its time for a little change. Also for everyone if there is other issues due to RAGEMP crashes that you think it will be disturbing the roleplay it will be really helpful for our staff team if you suggest them below. Thanks everyone for paying attention to read this, big thanks to our staff members.
  7. The title says it all. The house icludes 6 lockable safes and 2 normal ones, an exterior garage which can fit your RV and 3 other vehicles. The price is set to 270k at the door, its located at stab city check your gps. Contact number in case you need more details: 2396892
  8. Hamdi


    - A routine operation - When it comes to calm your stress down you must never give a damn about special pills or painkillers, the green beast will sort it out inside your mind! *************************************************************** Cause they want always to limit the purcentage of failure till it disappears, cause you are not allowed to make any misstakes at all, Murdablock higherups want always to make things well organized, to keep the discipline and to keep everything under control as it's always. While preparing to raid labs, every member has been assigned their updates about his journey as a murdablock member and their tasks. Murdablock members went out while being shared into groups with their allies to go ahead and check labs. A group of bikes will be scouting for any strangers invading, the rest of them decided to plant some weed to fullfill their needs of marijuana. Standing strong, and to decide if you need to dip the area you need to check if you got your needs from there or not, nothing else will push you back! ***************************************************************
  9. Hamdi

    ID 220, ID173, ID97

    Hello this is Hamdi Statham here thanks for notifying me in game. "97 - did /me spits on head without /do etc. Had 0 chances role play it out. 6:43 Video 1" Hello Kittuh, My character was litterally behind you when i roleplayed spitting on you, in real life, if someone is behind you and spits on your head while you being down on your knees with your hands up and a gun pointed at you aswell so you can't even move 1 inch and my spit coming out my mouth faster than a bullet going straight towards your head i guess its Powergaming which will come from you to dodge it if you want me to use /do, and if you trynna dodge it or do any reaction you will breach the rule of FearRP which you did already by saying "I can just press my gas and your arm is done" while a gun is being aimed at you directly in a close range: 13. Fear Roleplay (FRP) Fear roleplay is the concept of roleplaying fear for your character’s safety and life. "I can just press my gas and your arm is done"???? Is that how people really act with a gun aimed at them? What if he answered like this: "I can just press the trigger and your head is gone? **Gunshots**" You got what i mean bro? you asked me to rp asking you if my spit hitted your character's head, its like someone who shot at you and asked "/do does my bullet hit?" OF COURSE it did hit and you can't do nothing about it coming in suddenly full speed to the back of your head. A question that i would like you to ask it to yourself, can you dodge a spit coming at your back and you can't even see the spitter? Even if i am not behind you, people in the street can spit on anyone whenever they want, already much people provoke a fight by a spit, i can understand if i have to rp the /do if you are inside the car so you can maybe tell me that the window is up but, at your situation? No. Also: 10. Powergaming (PG) Forceful roleplay that does not give the other player a chance to roleplay their own response is considered powergaming. Other players must be given a chance to roleplay outcomes of actions. Does it say that the use of /me must be followed with a /do? It says "that does not give the other player a chance to roleplay their own response", what are your chances to dodge my spit at your character's position? Sorry for making it long for any reader, i always want to make myself clear. I hope my point of vue was easy to understand as i tried to extend the explanation that much so i don't need to make another post. You have a good day!
  10. Hamdi


    ------------------------------------------------- Murdablock welcomes to its new pre-prospects, getting their names and knowing more about them. Also offering the opportunity to their fans to prove themselves threw a plan being given by high commands, its not that easy to join the block you need to be loyal, always listening to instructions being given to you by any rank higher than you and that spreads respect over all of murdablock members. Its everyone's task to protect the block and to keep it safe from invaders, but the main task for our pre-prospects is to stand strong at the block to watchout for anything happens that can trigger the red blood cells so they can give informations, their task also to help any murdablock member who called for help/backup/pickup. Pre-Prospects are murdablock members already, but in the phase of listening, learning, applying. -------------------------------------------------
  11. Hamdi

    325 NLR

    And why you need me punished for rulebreaking if nothing shows that i did it? Yes do i have to lie? i died right there and passed 30 mins so i can start a new life, to track my bike on GPS and take it! With all respect, lets just let admins handle it. You have a great day!
  12. Hamdi

    325 NLR

    Hello JacksonWoods! Thats me id 325 (Hamdi Statham), thanks for informing me via ig pm. I am 100 percent sure that i passed the 30 minutes so thats why i came back to pick up my bike, i didn't save any POV since i don't have any, but kindly do you have a screenshot of my dead body? You are the reporting party mate, you need to provide more evidence i guess. I do know the NLR rule and all of the server rules actually and i was instructing our mates to stay away from the area as i was counting the 30 minutes: For the second reason (leaning forwards to gain advantages during a pursuit), i didn't lean forwards to gain advantages. Ending my reply by, do you have any screenshot of my dead body being there while am picking up my bike? Thanks for your report. EDIT: To help you out finding if i broke the NLR rules or not, ask your friends if anyone recorded that area, i was dead right there.
  13. Looks amazing, i am supporting this. Especially this part will help alot of people in the city to do their trades safely. I really liked it and i hope to see you guys official soon!
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