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  1. I was Giuseppe Ridgway. Joined Oct 2011. Was General Admin Ridgway for a while. LSPD Cadet - IA Lieutenant, Captain and then Assistant Chief (For a month before they merged it into SAPD DoC for a while. SFPD for a bit.
  2. Disbanded ICly and OOCly. Two main leaders took a short week and a half hiatus to focus on getting back into a work routine IRL. Lower command could not handle keeping the gang alive.
  3. Thanks for all of the welcoming comments, everybody! We're all looking forward to meeting you all in game for some quality roleplay
  4. Table of Contents & Stories: Introduction New Beginnings Getting Things Done Caught Red Handed
  5. I've seen a lot of examples in game which would depict you as the Southside DM and Metagame squad. My group have offered countless RP opportunities, however some of your newer recruited members seem to only want to mess around. HOWEVER, this post is 10/10. Really looking forward to coming across you more in game and RPing with you guys in the future!
  6. Welcome. I remember you from NGG, I RP'd under Giuseppe Ridgway in SFPD and LSPD for a while.
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