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  1. ayy what's up man! you joining PD on here?
  2. Oh shit, Australian boi right? I've been decent man how about you?
  3. yea im a britfag boyo what was your name?
  4. I don't remember Mickey tbh think he joined after I quit. Lost all contact with Josh :((
  5. Sup, I played SAMP from 2011 till roughly 2016 Some of you may remember me as Dom McFlies or Dom Oreo. Used to mainly be in SFPD but spent a few months in FBI during the DHS Merge then it went back to normal. Thought I might give this a go as I tried playing FiveM but the servers there seem a bit dull. If you remember me hmu
  6. I think he was! Wasn't Borelli scottish too?
  7. Remember you from SFPD Was Dom Oreo/Dom Hamm/Dom McFlies
  8. Hello mr Argentina, remember you from the NGG Idol Didn't you sing the BBS song? Click Clack clickity clack or was it gold rimes fuck good to see you nevertheless
  9. The video shows nothing. It shows your friend who was already injured in the middle of the road and it shows me turning into the gas station
  10. I clearly stated in my statement that I did run you over as I felt threatened by you
  11. Also Jac shouldn't off fired at me in the first place as I am a new player and still have a new player tag therefore he is breaking the rules therefore I would like this complaint to be reversed against Jac Scofield

    1. Jake Ginobi

      Jake Ginobi

      YEE BOI ahaha. I still remember going on duty with you in SFPD. Good old days.

  13. NGG 2011-2015ish as Dom McFlies (mainly) Was in SFPD, DHS (when SASD and FBI merged) then stayed in FBI till R3 before going back to SFPD My hard drives from that time died and I lost all screenshots
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