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  1. SARP, NGG, LSRP, HZG, LRP Leii Badman/Maddox most well known names of mine Good memories.
  2. The gang size update: In reality gangs always overpower cops so the argument of balancing things done by admins in itself is non roleplay and pretty harmful to the server. Gangs have always outnumbered cops, as cops have restricted manpower and funding. However, that's when cops usually operate undercover and with other organisations, banding together to gain intelligence to slow down operations, big or small in regards to gangs. I have never seen a server self sabotage its own playerbase like this as they parade they are friendly to 'new gangs', new players and opportunity. I think they had t
  3. Also the option to get a rent vehicle regardless of how many taxis members are online as more often than not, response times can be soaringly long or they cancel you out. Although, most my encounters with them have always been great. Citybee should just be a vehicle rental place available for all. When you dont have a vehicle and no taxis are online travelling becomes a mundane task that is annoying and xounter intuitice to play the game.
  4. Same bug has happened to me. After the server restart today, my loaded ammo (15 rounds) in my gun vanished. I didn't drop it before the restart or anything like that as I brought the gun/ammo at least 8 hours before the restart. I just woke up to my ammo gone. No evidence as I didn't expect this to happen. It can be replicated if you load your gun with ammo, then possibly perform a server restart to see if it vanishes.
  5. Imagine being a heavy rp server and making a stupid rule like 'if he sees it, arrest him'. You guys are actively discouraging roleplay to a high standard by saying this. Clothes cover guns. It's not a hard concept to grasp. You're allowing powergaming like this and even low rp servers wouldn't fall to this. Servers changes are really being made like its a police vs gang thing. It's purely RP only.
  6. They like to bring in realism regarding this, but completely disown the fact that this isn't the 1800s anymore and mining is not something that is done. If you want to slow rvs done and restrict the most money making jobs, make the other jobs pay more.
  7. Scamming and robbing should have limits. If eclipse is willing to self sabotage its own server by imposing a gang member limit of 40, surely they xan look into this.
  8. Haha I did. Also FBI, triads and stuff.
  9. leii maddox/badman here, from samp community hello friends
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