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  1. Never tried to kill you. I also don't report unless it's absolutely needed. I try to handle everything in game doing /ooc. There is honestly no reason for you to respond right now either. Just let us provide our statements and videos and without you replying. Let the administrators take care of it and only respond when asked to. Also you stating you did not have enough time to say desync. Your just trying to get us banned I think you are bring IC to OOC. This was handled in game anyway and we left you alone after a admin talked to us. However you hit him you normally instantly say ooc desync. You ran shout hahaha never stated desync and kept running. Nice try but that's not gonna fly. @Scofield
  2. First of all your not even apart of this report so idk why you're even responding on here. second of all I never attacked him. I attempted to and explained why and why I did it is in his video. 3rd of all you're not a administrator or moderator so once again I'm not sure why you're responding to this. @Guven Metin
  3. Non stop problems. You can see at 8:47 timmayy come in and ask and we all reply ooc as well.
  4. As ID 44: The evidence for my side is basically provided in his clips himself. I never attempted to shoot or kill him at the booth. I never even shot or even withdrew my firearm. I attempted to hit him off the bike with a bat (hurt him) for running him over in which I did not hit him.. He never stated it was dsync in ooc chat just like one of our other members attempted to hit him off the bike as you can see in the video. In our eyes it looks like a VDM. You can see me standing at the booth and in his clips he comes literally within a 1/2 a inch. I drove my friend to go kill him since he is the one that got hit. I mean this could be considered a hit and run. Runs him over does not say it's dsync in ooc and then just leaves after talking more crap. You can even see him leave and /shout hahaha at us after he ran him over and rode away. Which is why we also thought he did it on purpose. I feel as if from my side of what I did which is only attempting to hit him with a bat my clips are justified in his own clips. Besides the cameras being unplugged (Evidence already provided). I attempted to hit him off the bike for running over my friend which I'm not the only one that attempted this as can be seen in the video. It's claimed dsync however he came within 1/2 a inch. Even if it was dsync he drove away and shouted haha which looks like he did it on purpose as a hit and run so then I drove me friend that got ran over to go shoot him after he stated so. I was not recording however like I said for my RP of what I did it's basically justified in his clips. I know if this would have happened at a drug lab and he drove away without saying anything in ooc and shout haha it would have have looked the same way and others would have hunted him down.
  5. As ID 44: - Proof of the cameras disconnect - http://prntscr.com/skont6 - - I will respond to the these 3 questions I did not anwer with proof when I get the footage from the other people that were recording.
  6. As ID 44 this is my side: There was plenty of RP before attempting to hit him with a bat. He was there off and on for 2 hours causing problems. Holding up the toll, running the toll and not paying and calling the cops. The cops told him to leave as we did as well if he is not gonna pay and keep running it. I drove me friend to kill him after he came to the gate once before really fast and then stopped in front of it and he did it again and ran him over that time. He never stated OOC that it was desync. He just hit him and then turned around and left. Even if he was standing in front of the gate you should not be coming that fast up to the gate. Even if you were you would have seen the person and stopped before that person where as saying it's "Desync" even though he literally stopped on his body. If he would have simply stated ooc that it was desync we would have never attempted to hunt him down. In real life when someone stands in front of the gate I'm pretty sure nobody comes that close to the person with their vehicle. They always stop like 3-5 feet before the person. The cameras were RPed disconnected as well as all the people there were our gang or triads and were also dealing with the him as well. Many people told him to pay or leave because he had already went through without paying before. As well as calling the cops on us for nothing. It was late at night so it was not busy and the only people there were us but like I said this is many hours that led up to this if him just coming there and causing problems. He pulled up out of no where and tried to tell us what we can and can't do and then called the cops on us. As a gang member him going through for free when someone else has paid plus talking trash as well as calling the cops on us is a big no no. I did not hit him with a bat. I attempted and missed but like I said before much RP lead up to this.
  7. Problem: Most people have tons and tons of bag and when there looking for 1 item they mostly have to go through every bag just to find that one problem. Take all the bags out of the safe, put them out the ground and search them all for one thing. Solution: Make name tags we would buy from the store or that just come with bags in general that we could put on the bag and name it so we know whats in what... Heavy guns, shirts, pistols, etc... This would not only save a lot of time but make things a lot more organized. I know in real life when I go on trips I put little sticky tags or sticky notes to know what is on the bag. That way I can just look at the bag I need and find it and grab what I need instead of having to take every bag out and figure out what is in what. Thank you - Pablo Cross
  8. I'm interested in buying a 3G/4G house in vinewood. If you have one for sale feel free to post pictures below with your name, number and price. My name is Pablo Cross & my number is #2764822
  9. @Jaquan Smith 600K is low enough already since it's on HE anyway. Not taking any lower.
  10. @Hawkes price set to 850K at door if you are still interested.
  11. Selling a maxed paragon for 600K. my name is Pablo Cross & my number is #2764822
  12. I'm interested in whoever owns the house for sale in vine wood "Cockingend Dr. Yellow House" listed for 2M. I was hoping to discuss the price with you. If you could contact me, my name is Pablo Cross & my number is #2764822 PICTURES
  13. Buyout price set to 1M at door. 500K Each.
  14. Information: I am selling my house that is 1 block from bank. They are 2 1G houses with 10+ garage space. There is a lot of work done in the houses and outside the house. You would own the whole pink building in the pictures below. This is a one of a kind house. I'm not in no rush to sell it. I've spent a lot of time and money remodeling everything. I also have another 3 apts for sale in that same complex area. Starting Price: [800K] Buyout Price: [1M] Phone number: 2764822 Pictures: Garage - http://prntscr.com/roxerd Outside View - http://prntscr.com/roxf6j Backyard Garage - http://prntscr.com/roxfng Roof - http://prntscr.com/roxg08 2nd Roof - http://prntscr.com/roxgbk 3rd Roof - http://prntscr.com/roxgmv
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