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  1. I'm interested in whoever owns the house for sale in vine wood "South Mo Milton" listed for 2.6M. I was hoping to discuss the price with you. If you could contact me, my name is Pablo Cross & my number is #2764822
  2. There was no point in asking either if you had no intentions in trading the car. You asked before we agreed to trade Ooc to make it seem like you were going to trade it which indeed is deceiving. Then you said it again right by the car. You also made a transfer request to your alt account almost a month ago. That’s odd since you “haven’t played since they added those commands”. Your story is not adding up sir.
  3. I love how you try to use the “learn how commands work” but you have been playing since 2018. Plus you have a alt character. Also saying “learn how the commands work” but you had no intentions in trading the car so you asking how to transfer a vehicle when you don’t even plan on transferring it is very deceiving. Because you clearly did not use the command since your intentions was to scam. Your also basically saying your new to the community but you have been here twice as long as me and I know all the commands.
  4. I'm interested in the house. I have sent you a text regarding it. #2764822
  5. Since you bought it from 1 of my current friends for a lot less then that and I know what you paid. I will still offer you more then what you paid for it. I will be willing to offer you 1.7M #2764822
  6. It was actually a lot more then that. You were pming me multiple stuff about how long I had spent doing the insides and etc. making it seem like you were even more interested in the house OOC. Then you asking how to use the vehicle transfer script ooc make me 100% believe your gonna trade or else there is no point in asking as we’re talking about the trade. You had asked about it twice before we even agreed to trade IC. If you would have never mentioned all that stuff ooc I would have never went first. Like I said in my post, you made it seem like you were just as interested ooc as ic which made me believe that it was serious. Very deceiving in ooc. I only provided what I could but chat logs shows the whole conversation.
  7. Player(s) being reported: Martin Deluca, ID 81 Date of interaction reported: 3/20/2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1584762703 Your characters name: Pablo Cross Other player(s) involved: Martin Deluca Specific rule(s) broken: 3. Character Creation and Property Character names must be realistic and resemble real world names. Character names cannot be names of famous people. Players may not scam or deceive other players out of character for their property. Players may not transfer assets to other players or to other characters they own without proper IC reason. Doing so will be treated as Real World Trading (RWT) unless approved by an admin. How did the player break the rule(s)? The deal was my 5 houses for this guys car. I trade him the 2 2GS first, he gives me the car then I give him the rest of the houses. Before that he was pming me asking how much time I spent re modeling the houses and etc. (Seeming super interested OOC as well.) He then asked me my how to transfer a vehicle ooc (this is before he agreed to the deal.) Since he asked that ooc I was like 100% he was serious about the trade or else why would he ask that if he had no intentions in trading in the first place. I thought he was legit serious so I was like okay hes gonna trade so then he said IC okay lets do the deal so I gave him the 2 2GS. then he said lets go to the car so we go to the car and then he start typing ooc I need to be in the car like 3 times and I was like no you shouldn't so I sent him the command ooc on how to transfer it and then IC he just gets in his car and leaves. The thing is he made it seem as he was just as interested OOC as he was IC. Asking how me how to transfer a vehicle. How to remodel the inside like mine. How long I spent remodeling mine. and even more then that as if you look at the chat logs around the time stamp I provided you would see him asking a lot of stuff about the houses OOC. Like I said he made it seem as he was just as interested OOC as he was IC making me go first and loosing my houses. With all the OOC chat that went on I was super sure he was serious. If it was not for all the OOC chatting I would have never traded let alone went first. Evidence of rule breach: This is all I got as when I was told to report in the faction chat all the other chat had went away so I could not see it anymore. and I was not recording but if you look at the logs around the time stamp I provided you can see it all. Here is what I got of the last part though https://streamable.com/iayh3
  8. I was not standing up on my screen. I was laying down in which case where you were crouching you would have not of been able to see me meaning you were out of view. You were out of my view. Which is why I felt safe enough to start calling out. You were shooting at my friend in my perspective so I figured he would of had you under control and I would be fine. In my perspective you were not shooting at me, you were shooting at him which is also why I was making call outs.
  9. Problem This is something super simple that I feel like would be super useful. Through times of playing on the ECRP server I have had a lot of contacts in my phone and certain contacts remembered as a nickname so it's easy like "Zeta Player" but then say they leave that gang you would have to delete the contact to change the name. Also if you have a lot of contacts it can be kind of eye straining to look through all them to find that 1 person you are trying to contact. Solution I think it would be super useful to add a "Edit" in the contacts app so if you need to change someones name or number you can easily do so. I also think there should be a "Search" button as well just in case you do have a lot of contacts you can easily search for the person you are trying to contact and it would be less eye straining.
  10. Krallei


    Character to be refunded: Pablo Cross Date and time of incident: Every time the server restarts. Requested refund (what and how much):10 Speakers OR 100K Description of incident resulting in loss: As soon as I wake up in the city I put a speaker on my roof top. A lot of people hang out at my house everyday all day so I always have a speaker with music. Every time the server restarts it goes away and I have to buy a new one. I did not care at first but now it's getting to the point where I'm loosing A LOT of money in speaker. I have lost over 100K in speakers now and I don't even want the money. I just want my speakers back because it's getting really expensive to buy them. 100K down in speakers just to be lost. Evidence of loss: Everyone that hangs out at my house always knows there is a speaker there. I have multiple different videos of the speaker being there then the server restarting and it being gone. Comments:
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