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  1. But you didn't remove yourself from the situation. You stayed with them until the end, then you did not report the incident and you also logged off so you knew what you did wrong. You are ID 35 in this video, per this video you also broke the NLR rule. I have nothing else to add. This will be pending senior admin+
  2. Thank you ballin for the appeal. I am curious as to why you said you "left" when you found out they were about to vdm when I have video evidence of you sitting on the first bus that ran people over. If you were so worried about the upcoming rule break why did you not report it?
  3. I just stated that I did not see your first, I saw your second and I denied it then continued RP'ing. I dont rp with my eyes glued to staff chat. You are upset because I denied it. Why not report every mod+ that was online for ignoring as well then? Calling me ignorant is an insult, I am not a stupid individual. The world does not revolve around you, there are people who wait longer.
  4. 1. i never saw your first report 2. You made a second report that stated nothing other than "I have been waiting for 30 mins??? Hello???" so i denied it and continued rping. I have nothing else to add? This forum is for serious rule breaches which this was not. It was not even a rule breach. It was you being rude in the form of a report title. I am not ignorant or unwilling to help as many community members know. So I dont understand why because you made a rude in-game report title and it was denied that you feel the need to call me ignorant.
  5. TRANSFER REQUEST Character to Transfer From: Dante Stryker Character to Transfer To: Max Rhoades Requested Transfer: Asset # 500,000 dollars Reason for Transfer: After reinstating to staff and coming back to the server I joined the faction management team where I became a handler for Zetas, thus rendering me unable to join Zetas again. I then decided to pause Max's storyline and created Dante Stryker to join SD so I could RP. I have since left faction management and resumed Max's storyline on a different character (name changed a character i was not using). While I originally played Max I made over 3million. I am asking to be able to tranfer 500k so that i can use some of the money my criminal made while being a criminal. From SD there was only a gain of 400-500k. 3/4 of the money was made while being a criminal in a different storyline. If I could request for more I would but I must follow the guidelines. How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? Wire tranfer
  6. Thanks for the tag @CBullet. The appealing party started off this journey by stalling rp by going into ooc chat stating he was doing something ooc. Which at the time he was not because the situation he was dealing with was inside the house and was concluded. You stalled rp then ran the man over. You were not in a paused situation and thus had no reason to say you were there oocly. Then during the chase is where the DM punishment and FearRP punishment came into play shown here: https://streamable.com/pex8c You ram the car up the hill, ram another car when you are backing up, drive away then come back for another pass. There was ak fire hitting your truck and your friend was returning fire. You have no reason to drive directly back to the area where you were being receiving heavy weapon fire from. And the actions taken after the last video took place you then fled to Central MD which is an ncz, where I became aware of the whole situation. You were already on your NonRP #7 before any of this and DM#1. You could have been punished for the stalling and fleeing to NCZ as well, both of which would have been a perma ban as well, given your record. I have nothing more to add. I feel the punishments should stay in effect given the appealing parties history, alogs and the amount of nonrp from the entire situation. Pending Senior Admin+
  7. contact me on here, at #5395146 or at my email Mickeyyy#[email protected]
  8. You were told to wait patiently. A week and a half is not a long time to wait for an offense as serious as the one you committed. This will be locked to prevent further bumping and tagging staff.
  9. Mickeyyy

    NCZ ID 227

    This report will be denied. I will not accept petty reports that are obviously ooc driven on something like this. You can not ever tell me you accidently had your weapon pulled out in an NCZ and was told to put it away. Reports like these do not go unnoticed. I would also like to remind you that reports are meant for serious infractions. This is your warning. Moderator Mickeyyy
  10. So since I helped in the decision making on this report then I will add my thoughts. There is a clear distinction between the report myself and @YuSoHelpful handled and the one you are trying to compare it too. The report from the irish was accepted because there was a solid 15-20 seconds of them standing around while demands were given. Demands by rycka's gang were spammed in text then yelled a lot in voip. In your report you yell something while running there over text, then as soon as the voice commands are given shots are fired and thus throwing fearrp out the window. Pending @YuSoHelpful to give his input and for Senior Admin+ to decide. Also keep in mind this is not a thread for debate or arguing.
  11. Mickeyyy

    ID 203 VDM

    This will be my final note: You are reporting for the cruiser tapping your back wheel when you are impeding on a high speed chase and placing your bike in the front of the cruiser. You then completely ignore how you rammed into the back of the jester because that would imply you did something wrong OR that this report is petty and not justified. This to me seems ooc driven because myself and redhot brought you back to the scene after you broke fearrp. We let you go with no punishment and we just rp'd the scene as would have happened if no rule breaches occured. You cannot place yourself in a high risk and dangerous situation and expect to not have a chance of injury.
  12. Mickeyyy

    ID 203 VDM

    As I was involved in this scene and going off the video the reporting party supplied as evidence of not having broke fearrp I will attach two things and be done. You said you were "not being aimed at at all" yet this is a screenshot from your video. This is my perspective. If my weapon had not had glitched you would have had 2 weapons pointed but in my eyes there was still 1 at close range and a carbine rifle at a little further distance as you see when my camera pans. https://streamable.com/8k8se
  13. Hello and thank you for the tag @Emulsify. I recommend the punish remain but ban is lifted. Pending Senior Admin+
  14. This will be pending @Bakmeel. please be patient as this is reviewed.
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