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  1. bump good luck with your future purchase
  2. best of luck with whatever future business endeavors you come by the gas station is in good hands! thanks again for the sale.
  3. Hello! i'm looking to purchase a General Store please leave your contact information and location or feel free to contact me at 210-1100! thank you have a great day!
  4. no idea who the owner is but if you need remodeling done Purminelis Remodeling #210 1100
  5. if this is still available please contact me and I’ll call you as soon as possible
  6. 400k for novak? #2101100
  7. 400k for Novak ? #2101100
  8. Yeah I only offered that because I was going to remodel and flip it No point in buying something to make no profit here’s a free bump GLWS
  9. 750k #2101100 my offer will be valid for 24 hours
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