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  1. The RP Scenario that was seen by all was extremely good though. Thank You.
  2. -1, makes 0 sense that if you are allowed back you can't continue where you left off, just an entirely not thought out suggestion that would result in less players over time.
  3. -1 you earn official by showing good rp etc.
  4. +1 to the clothing and the imports idea, can't really comment on the rest as it wouldn't affect me as much.
  5. +1 they also need fixed before hand as you cant zip tie people unless you also have your hands up.
  6. I'm not sure about forcing them for everyone to have to use, but having them be allowed to be used as a personal choice would be nice as I do quite like these reskins
  7. As title suggests bobby pins right now are 2 vol per pin, I and many others feel as if this is unrealistically heavy. I would suggest they be reduced to below 0 or to be the same as bullets. Yoinked @Hoxton_Curry photos and idea but he lazy to write the suggestion
  8. Going to reply because I am the driver of the Kamacho. One of your first responses before you had edited it 4 times was "No excuse, you can punish me for that. I was the last responder and didn't know the car was that big." - but now you have an excuse for it? You attempted to stop a truck with the side of your vehicle this is blatantly obvious in the video. You would have been most likely seriously injured if not killed for doing that. You were clearly not trying to "hit us sideways" you pulled directly infront trying to stop us with the vehicle.
  9. I have had it rollback and completely remove me from jail before and had to get a mod to replace me back in. I also didnt have my charges anymore
  10. The new Kamacho should be able to hold one too I would say +1
  11. Yeah I have sometimes seen the “ghosts” at central and had then been bugged in an NCZ so I would relog to fix it. Never looked into it to see if there was a consistent way of causing it though
  12. Loving the thread so far boys keep it up
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