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  1. Coulda just made an announcement and avoided this whole discussion tbh (and accept my transfer request wtf )
  2. To reset car speakers that dont work because you used a link with a too high codec, just type /carurl to turn the radio off and then it should work again.
  3. Gonna have to drop a fat +1
  4. Hi I'm Dwayne Shaft. Someone placed a 911 call saying that his friend was being robbed near the bank. I don't recall exactly what the name of the caller was but it was somewhere near Sandy. I know that people always get robbed in that alleyway so I pulled up to that alleyway and saw a gentleman getting robbed. The rest is in the video. I wish I'd recorded the 911 call but at the time I didn't see any reason too.
  5. Absolutely, combat logging is the only rulebreak you almost know for certain it's intentional. A FearRP or even a DM can happen by accident or because of a shitty situation where you genuinly didn't mean to break the rules. If you're combat logging however, you are being a dick and you know it. Should be a straight ban IMO.
  6. @Donovan That's not me, that's Darnell Griffin. I was sat in a cruiser watching from a safe distance.
  7. Random notifications to PD/SD are extremely frustrating, I have experienced them myself first hand with weapon imports and it’s horrible. You do absolutely nothing wrong and get fucked over. I do not want this kind of system with druglabs aswell. It is absolutely not impossible for police to find out locations as you are trying to make it look, @Philo. How about some actually interesting RP for the IB of PD instead of them just being handfed dumb notifications. It has happened numerous times in the past where snitches have appeared in organisations. This is one way detectives could learn locat
  8. That works too, as long as PW is not an endless stream of weapons and armor. Didn’t really consider the stealing of said item part.
  9. Definitely not against a suggestion of making guns more lethal. This is an RP server in the end and shooting someone 5 times belongs in an arcade type of game, not a realistic one. I understand the concerns about desync but desync makes the fact that people have a lot of health a lot worse, you can be shooting them for a clip a piece sometimes.
  10. Saying something "should" be done always leaves opportunity for it not to be done. Just make it impossible and instead have people physically store the item in the vehicle and only be able to retrieve it from the armory +1
  11. I agree, people driving in to shootouts to run people over instead of just shooting is annoying and feels wrong. I would rather not have this be a thing +1
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