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  1. @Donovan That's not me, that's Darnell Griffin. I was sat in a cruiser watching from a safe distance.
  2. Random notifications to PD/SD are extremely frustrating, I have experienced them myself first hand with weapon imports and it’s horrible. You do absolutely nothing wrong and get fucked over. I do not want this kind of system with druglabs aswell. It is absolutely not impossible for police to find out locations as you are trying to make it look, @Philo. How about some actually interesting RP for the IB of PD instead of them just being handfed dumb notifications. It has happened numerous times in the past where snitches have appeared in organisations. This is one way detectives could learn locations of druglabs. Another would be by following vehicles and stalking them. Once enough evidence is collected, they could assemble a SWAT team and raid a house. All of these are cool and fair venues for RP, criminal and police alike. This way, if my druglab gets raided I know I fucked up and either got snitched or was not careful enough covering my tracks. It isn’t like right now where I couldn’t help it whatsoever. Getting a random notification that says “druglab here” is not RP. TL;DR please dont add more random chance mechanics that are extremely frustrating and offer no interesting RP.
  3. That works too, as long as PW is not an endless stream of weapons and armor. Didn’t really consider the stealing of said item part.
  4. Definitely not against a suggestion of making guns more lethal. This is an RP server in the end and shooting someone 5 times belongs in an arcade type of game, not a realistic one. I understand the concerns about desync but desync makes the fact that people have a lot of health a lot worse, you can be shooting them for a clip a piece sometimes.
  5. Saying something "should" be done always leaves opportunity for it not to be done. Just make it impossible and instead have people physically store the item in the vehicle and only be able to retrieve it from the armory +1
  6. I agree, people driving in to shootouts to run people over instead of just shooting is annoying and feels wrong. I would rather not have this be a thing +1
  7. Again, this whole conversation could have been avoided if the owner of this nightclub didn't decide to be a lone crime fighting hero and just paid the money we asked from him. I don't want to RP some crimefree utopia, because that would be super boring. Crime is real and it happens, dont pretend that any action that involves crime is somehow NonRP. As Dezzy correctly mentioned, we are a crime syndicate but we are open for negotaiting because more than anything, we are a business. If you agree to our terms you can run a night club without any form of trouble. TL;DR stop complaing git gud
  8. Absolutely no problem, apology accepted. I think this shows a lot can be learned if we just take a moment to step in eachothers shoes and as Aldari mentioned, to not assume we have bad intentions.
  9. You forget that it’s still a game. Is it realistic for the Chief of Police or the Sheriff to partake in SWAT and SED operations? No, but I understand that they still want to have fun too so you don’t see me complaining when @FatherOsborn rolls with a SWAT team because I understand he wants to have fun on this server too. This should go the same way for criminals. Is it realistic for Jay to shoot cops himself? Of course not, but do you really think he just wants to never partake in anything? Let’s be a little human here.
  10. Again, you’re wrong. The reason was not to “loot” the nightclub. 2 weeks ago the owner was offered an opportunity to pay for security. He denied, told us to wave off and informed detectives about us. Ezekial said ICly: “I’m not worried about my club getting robbed, I told my guests not to bring anything anyway”. What kind of RP is that? Because of this behaviour we were left no choice but to show that we don’t play. The person extorting themself, who I will not reveal the identity of due to metagaming, was not involved in the raid. However I’m sure they will come back to the club soon enough to see if the owner has come to their senses. I hate to publicly have to reveal the bigger picture of our plan because you can’t stop complaining OOCly, but so be it I guess
  11. Sure, but that’s not the only problem. I think it is unrealistic to expect to have people all around the turf for a reasonable amount of the day. It’s very demanding, boring and tedious without script support. Just “roleplaying” with no one and nothing is no fun. Maybe if there were benefits to having such a turf such as receiving money, setting up chopshops etc. As to what happened exactly: we were at the butchers drop off (which is part of our RP turf), holding it down with our people. No one had been harmed and nothing had happened, yet one scared civilian called police saying “zetas trying to rob me at butchers”. 3 cruisers and a SWAT team responded (mind you this was in the early afternoon so its safe to say it was the entire PD at that time) and when nothing was happening on scene they continued to spam “would I see a gun” on random people on scene to find an excuse to search/arrest. You can guess what happened next.
  12. We have tried to start holding down the turf around our HQ, however without script support and the fact that we don’t have 200+ members it’s very hard to actually do so. Add on to that that you can’t really do roleplay things in your turf such as extorting stores or drop off points because everytime 1 911 call goes out the entire PD instantly responds in full force and pats everyone down, and it becomes very hard to purely RPly hold down a turf. Some form of script support is needed here.
  13. I have no time or interest in scrounging through the report section to find out exactly who did what. If you present these numbers to be true, I'll gladly accept that to be the case. That however does not solve the problem. The problem is solved by reaching a mutual understanding. Read the rest of what I said, maybe try to contact the leader of NLA and find a fair middle ground you're both comfortable with. If this is undoable then that sucks and perhaps my other suggestion may help. If not, as I stated before and what you are stating is true report spammers will discipate over time anyways. As you stated yourself Tab Yez got punished twice himself and Joey Poppins is unless now changed banned. PS: This also obviously doesn't just involve the WCA or NLA/Misfits. This has involved many gangs before such as my own and gangs we've fought. I personally tell members to not report of petty occurances and to rather sort things out internally, which has helped considering a lack of reports against/by us recently (Obviously this can also be attributed to the fact there is no large conflict with any other organisations as of right now).
  14. Addition: if you do not believe this problem is real open up the report section right now and either the first or second report you open will involve either Misfits, WCA or NLA reporting eachother.
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