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  1. Liverpool is a dangerous one lad, especially the bag head places like Birkenhead
  2. Don't see this ever being implemented. Why should a serious rule break like dm be wiped over time for you to just do it again? It's a roleplay server and if your death matching is a recurring thing for you then maybe you should revise the rules.
  3. Account name: Reeceobz Character name(s): Reece Curry, Aminn Yakaba Admin who issued punishment: Lewis / Santino Deferro Date of punishment: 05/08/2019 Punishment received: https://gyazo.com/840675d8596f684b9d413d0dfea02f63 Reason given for punishment: "Not reporting a cheater" Your explanation of what happened: There was a instance where i forwarded information about someone using a crosshair to a member of the support team in which ballin made me realise that i should be giving that information to mods and above which was left on a agreement that if i knew of someone cheating i would do so. The use of the information was not out of the intent of being vindictive at all i was just passing on evidence that i remembered i had after seeing the person that used the crosshair talk a lot ooc'ly towards myself and others. I sent it to the member of the support team because i knew he would know what to do with the evidence whereas i would not because i have never reported someone using discord evidence before. I was under the impression that the player had been spoken to or punished in some form but it was evident that was not the case in which he recently received a ban. Why should your appeal be accepted?: After having a brief talk with Lewis about my ban i have come to the understanding of my punishment and why it has been issued. I have shown negligence by not reporting the person straight away to a high ranking staff member but i was under the impression that the punishment was already in the works as it was posted in ECRP general as well as a staff member being tagged which was also a member of the support team. I was the only person to actually help ban the cheater by giving reliable information in which i should have done sooner. Since my ban for disrupting server operations i have been trying hard to follow the rules and i have been successful by not getting another punishment on my record and not being toxic. I don't feel that i should remain punished as i did report him in the end and i was the only one to do so out of the many people that seen it as you can see for yourself by going back to the time of the incident. I would like another chance to prove that i have understood what has been issued to me and to show i have learnt from my mistakes about reporting people late. Thanks for your time.
  4. reeceobz

    Delete - Please

    nice thread, good luck.
  5. reeceobz

    ID 30 - NRP, DM

    I'd like to ask you how many times you've drove past a situation and busted a "/do windows are broken/open"? I know for a fact i have never seen anyone do that in the countless hours i have played. So the "tactic to divert some vehicles away" Includes just ramming and chasing mine? I also would like to add the point that you claim to be no threat but was you not a officer on duty at the scene where my gang member was being arrested? Aswell as having a .50 the entire time. Seems like a threat to me. Prematurely when the officers on the scene decided what they wanted to do except for you. You just stood there whereas "Edward Mercer" Pointed a gun at me in a matter of seconds then began to peruse, Earnie began to run for cover which was behind his cruiser along with 153 as he had his gun ready and what did you do? Stand there and not do anything so how can you say that it wasn't long enough when everyone had reacted apart from yourself? Hitting you slowed me down to 13km/h regardless of sync of body's and ooc speed reductions whatever that is. I hit the car at 13km/h. Even though them kind of cruisers are made for ramming they are not made to ram a wooden electrical pole regardless. https://gyazo.com/9fdd9727a56124888c198943f9cd8ed5 Happy to reply further if needed.
  6. reeceobz

    ID 30 - NRP, DM

    Hello, im the guy that ran you over. So lets start with the demands given, as you can see from my pov my window is smashed and there is more then enough time for the man in cuffs to be aloud to get up and get away and the command itself "Let him go" Is a pretty bold statement of what i want to happen. Although you begin to say that it is not enough time to react you stand in the same spot whilst the officer in the car begins to make his choice by chasing me and attempting to stop my vehicle. "As I said before, I was only a backup unit and had nothing to do with the persons arrest." Was you not there assisting the officers at the scene with your presence? I was attempting to hit all three officers at once but as i was attempting to do so i came to the realisation that the man being arrested would of also got hit by my car so i targeted you as a beginning point of our attack to rescue our fellow gang member. When you go onto state how i demonstrated poor rp from hitting your cruiser i would like to point out for one i after i hit you i hit the cruiser at 13 km/h and for two the fact that the police officer who attempted to ram me also hit your cruiser and a wooden pole which he still carried on from. When i did hit you i looped back around to try and find a good point to stat shooting from where i learnt that the member on the floor had gotten away and was in a bifta so i made my escape. *Not sure why there is no audio
  7. the desync on a boat is unreal, that needs to be fixed first. -1
  8. You played yourself buying that for 1.2 mil
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