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  1. Up, why it's still not implemented into the game, lazy developers...
  2. One of my biggest projects yet, hope you'll like it!
  3. I decided to make it private, sorry :3
  4. Did another trailer and once a massive improvement from my side. Sadly the clip is Lithuanian and it is made for LT Eclipse.
  5. Vubey


    Haven't been playing on the server for a while, have barely any knowledge of what is going on. You guys came really far and it's still really sad to see you go. Wishing you best of luck in the future!
  6. Vubey

    The Goblins

    Had my first IC encounter with this faction. They provided pretty basic RP, nothing special. One guy couldn't handle my /me's, /do's so he instantly went to /ooc and started accusing for no reason. I hope the leaders of this faction will solve this problem in the future. Good luck.
  7. +1 What most people like about RageMP launcher is the optimization and the good fps that everyone gets. This new UI update litterly ruined the purpose of RageMP and now everyone is having fps issues.
  8. Im gonna make this short and clear. Like all the other people said, make the phone smaller. Home button height is litterly 1 pixel. Make the home button much bigger because right now it's really hard to press on it. Please change the font and the layout because right now it looks like some kind of windows taskbar and it's making me uncomfortable. Old phone had the perfect font and logos. Dark mode. Other than that the phone is perfect and really easy to use.
  9. Vubey

    The Rooks

    Amazing post, simple and easy to read. I really loved that you mentioned money laundring because this is the thing most of the criminals ignore and don't mention in their posts. Goodluck in the future and I hope to meet you IC!
  10. +1 don't know why it's still not in the game
  11. How NBDY said, they still need to make more illegal activities that are worth for money laundring, the new Bank robberies and soon ATM robberies. Big +1
  12. Here I will be posting my GTA V based cinematic clips and trailers. I encourage everyone to tell me your opinions so I can improve in the future! (The list goes from oldest to newest)
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