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  1. Looking for offers for my drift tampa fully maxed!
  2. Congratulations guys, well deserved!
  3. Can I first of start by saying sorry to the reporting party and members of staff by wasting time with this mistake and that it’s one I won’t be making again. My POV was silly thinking in the fact I was just expecting them to Hold my head still in place in /me if that was the case I would of rped by head being still I did tell him this in OOC after the video ends which I’m sure the reporting party would agree I did. I understand that I should of stopped moving my head when he asked multiple times since the Guy was aiming a shotgun to my head at such close range I was just annoyed at
  4. ID 178 here first off let me start off by apologising, I drove round the corner and parked my spectre at the side of the Road while ID 1 was afk (was asleep in character) literally out of no where police begins to aim guns and shouting My engine was not turned off and I was debating on getting out of the car when I remembered I had illegal weapons on me and did not want to get false charges on me for the crime they thought we committed and for Illegal firearms I could of drove off at the start but didn’t want to risk running the officer over and causing more issues so decided to wait for him t
  5. My friend didnt say anything? its literally in your video can you not see it? and there is nothing i can say about hitting you with the truck i have owned up to that i was in the wrong for that. By this point you guys have already shot at us so we obviously will shoot back, And ye because our car got stuck on the hill so we both had to go on foot. You may of not said pull over or anything but you was chasing us and not stopping when we ask also its abit obvious when your all using the radio for back up i can clearly see you are going to kill us or rob us. When you eventually would of got us wh
  6. Right, i will admit i purposely hit him with the garbage truck which i shouldn't of done. But they was all chasing me trying to kill me for not changing the colour of my car which i was going to do but they didn't really give me a chance but my friend Shane Barr shouted in chat to stop following us which they didn't. I feel like the only thing i have done wrong is hitting him with the garbage truck because in my eyes the rest was defending my self. I didn't just pull up and dm you guys you came over to me moaning first because there was a big group of yous, then 2 of you get killed and you go
  7. I have seen you a few times this week on the server and you keep acting shady around me also telling the cops my name in prison making me get extra charges for no reason. Then you see me at the bank and keep harrasing and you was on the radio asking for backup? so you aint exactly going to pull us over and be nice are you. You should of got the hint to leave us alone when we was driving of
  8. I was id 171 and i can agree with Bob that this guy logged out and didn't log back in.
  9. Looking for a house in the city budget 300k
  10. Wow, mate you will not get 200k for that at one point they was 85-100k
  11. and lad i agree with you thats fear rp
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