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  1. Yea, there is no reason to think about calling $600 at the preflop for like a minute, when the pot and bets are getting bigger the amount of time you have to think should increase.
  2. 15 seconds is a bit too low in my opinion, but yeah people taking too much time and afking are annoying. Also i dont see much problems with the 30 seconds timer at the end of each round, its not a lot at all, it is actually pretty good cuz for e.g. if i want to go to the toilet or grab a drink or do anything small i can do that after the round without afking too much if its my turn the next round.
  3. Yes that is correct, i used a wrong composition and i would like to redefine. So your mate bumped into my bike, pushing it sideways forcing and making it slow down, his intentions were clear enough that he wanted to stop me/block me as he kept driving in my way while i was driving straight, he could've easily stopped and not block me with his expensive car (which is again not allowed), and this would've never happened. Then YOU used this to your advantage.
  4. Hi, as you can see i was driving straight and you pulled out bumping into me, forcing my bike getting pushed sideways and making it slow down and you used this to your advantage, you saw me driving forward and you could have easily stopped but your intentions were pretty clear that you wanted me to stop and block me with your expensive car, which is not allowed. Also starting from the moment i continued to drive forward your vision would've been blocked by your driver if you were in first person mode.
  5. Detoxical

    Wall of Scammers

    On the post i made above we tried to get a policeman to be a witness of our deal, but right off the bat when we asked he started to be an asshole about it because obviously it was tax evasion, i would really not recommend that. Maybe other police officers would of been more helpful, but the one we found was a total asshat.
  6. Detoxical

    Wall of Scammers

    Vouch for Keavin Opele as middleman and Kyle Onfroy, he sold me his Drag and we did the deal with a middleman, everything went well.
  7. can do 870k, is it still available?
  8. Good luck, i like the style
  9. ... After we left we quickly noticed that some of us were missing. We went back and scouted around the marranos to see what was happening, and we noticed that 2 of our amigos were getting arrested. We couldn't let them go into prison so easily, so we decided to take actions against them, and soon after we were waiting near the prison entrance, ready to hit them and escape our vato. We saved one of our carnals from policia and didnt let them to take him to carcel, but sadly our other amigo was taken to the city jail, and there was nothing we could do.
  10. After following a WCA member to their HQ, we noticed that they were trying to set up something, people going on the roofs and others rolling around. In response to that, we quickly got some of our men in position and were ready for anything that would come next. You could feel the tension getting higher each second in the area, vehicles rolling around, people scouting on the roofs from both sides. A couple of minutes later shots were fired and the shootout started. After injuring some of the culeros a cop noticed what is happening and unfortunately we had to escape, as a lot more marranos were on the way. Some of them did not even have the courage to get off their vehicles and start shooting. "Quality over quantity", am i right? But the story was far from being over...
  11. dont have that much, might be able to get the money in 1-2 days
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