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  1. Okay listen up, I told you to solve it OOC'ly because if you edited the video so we can't do anything because we don't have footage but if you putted the whole chase you will get warning for FearRP, So I told you I can just bring the weapon back for you BUT I know what I have done is not wrong but you just edited the video to be in your evidence.
  2. First things I was the driver but this girl didn't put the full video, We were chasing her i swear for more than 20 minutes. And she was stopped before and we told her that we will shoot if she tried to move but she didn't respond for that and we kept chasing and laughing for 10 minutes and we came close to her and she can hear all our demands and when she was out of fuel she decided to jump in the sea with her bike, I don't have my POV, But since she have so let her upload the whole chase, she just uploaded when we started shooting like hello? And we told her many times that we will shoot but we didn't need to do that because we appreciate her life as RP and we just want to rob but since she didn't care we started shooting. And about the Non-RP, Is it RP to jump with your bike from high distance in water and then you get up and start shooting while we have guns on you? I request the full footage and thanks. -Alex Darnell,
  3. tpmzeux

    ID 3 (NRP)

    Listen buddy, About the body shield thing I didn't really notice that, I will be honest with you i'm not always in fights like rarely when I join a fight so this thing really you can say it's new for me since I didn't even think about it and I didn't notice and if we were in the same situation and you told me in OOC that it's wrong I was going to solve it between us like what I always do with people, What I have done is wrong but I didn't break any rules, I'm being honest with you that I didn't know anything about that thing and i'm sorry if this considered as glitch or bug or whatever it's, I didn't really think about it and if I was hiding behind the kumacho it would be better for me since it's Huge car and it will be better for me but I didn't know that in this time. Sorry again, Have a good day.
  4. tpmzeux

    ID 3 (NRP)

    Here is my footage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acYO0Pch5CE and I didn't see before there is a role that I can't stay behind someone while getting shoot, It's just disadvantage for him and I see everyone doing the same thing if he wants it RP, I have a gun on his friend and staying front of him if he don't need me to kill him he will just move away or ask me to don't kill him and he will just drop his gun so I will let them go peacefully. / He didn't care about his friend and he started shooting at me, I was already behind his friend, I didn't run to his friend when he started shooting, He was shooting while i'm ALREADY behind. I don't know if it's non-rp, If I knew that of course I was not going to put my POV I could say he didn't ask for that or bla bla but I didn't really know that, I still don't know if it's but if so, I'm sorry for this thing I just knew it now and I can show you like 10 videos people doing the same, I don't mean reporting just showing that everyone doing it.
  5. tpmzeux

    ID 3 (NRP)

    Actually I was refueling and Medical central taking painkillers and they were like 8 chasing me, I went to the bank because it's impossible to fight them, If I did it will be FearRP. I have a video the last 15 minutes I was watching videos and they didn't chase me or even talk with me but after they came beside me and they kept talking about rooks and saying that bank is our HQ and etc.. , But I always respond that they're more than us and I can't deal with that, When I saw them just 2 I decided to fight them, But I had no reason to fight since they didn't give me demands and i didn't give them demands, When he told me get out the car I had responded in 1 second and my engine was on already. I took cover then they didn't show up, I thought they're leaving so I followed their car and I noticed it's just 1 guy, We were fighting together and I thought we're done I was low HP and I have no cover or anything it's just me and the guy and I will die If I got one shoot, The another guy who had shotgun who made the report shows up and he started shooting, I had no time to move because I was frisking the guy and I was surprised when he was shooting, I don't see what I have done wrong from my POV. - The guy came in PM and saying good job and he was wondering how I killed them after the scene with 10 minutes and he didn't talk about the report or anything, But he did that because he felt so bad for losing the fight, No one of them even said anything except good job in OOC chat. AND AGAIN, I didn't mean to take his friend as hostage but I was going to die, and if the choice about me or him to die as IC I will choose him. but again I didn't mean it and if I noticed that someone else is fighting I was going to get cover at my car.
  6. tpmzeux

    Combat logging #2

    Any respond for the report? @YuSoHelpful
  7. I just cropped the video because there is 4 minutes between when the guy left the server and when the another guy come, So the only edit I put is “Few moments later”. If I posted the video without edit so I will just delete “few moments later”.. My network is bad so you can just consider that little edit is not their, If you can't so just deal with the guy who disconnected OR I can show you the whole footage on share screen, This 30 seconds video took from me 1 hour uploading.
  8. Player(s) being reported: ID | 142 Date of interaction reported: 3/6/2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1583545972 Your characters name: Alex Darnell Other player(s) involved: ID | 101 / 16 Specific rule(s) broken: 8. Non-Roleplay (NRP) Players who disconnect during roleplay must reconnect and inform other parties in order to resume roleplay. If you are unable to reconnect it may be excused after providing proof. How did the player break the rule(s)? The guy when I pointed a gun on him he just left the server. Evidence of rule breach:
  9. Player(s) being reported: ID | 134 / 161 Date of interaction reported: 3/6/2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1583543017 Your characters name: Alex Darnell Other player(s) involved: 161 Specific rule(s) broken: 8. Non-Roleplay (NRP) Players who disconnect during roleplay must reconnect and inform other parties in order to resume roleplay. If you are unable to reconnect it may be excused after providing proof. How did the player break the rule(s)? The guy when I pointed a gun on him he just left the server, He made or joined with a new character and he came specially to this house and when we asked him why he came here? He said he was got text to come here to buy SMG, A new player with 500 EXP, Came to buy SMG and we all know it's a fake story and he came to check if we still in the a or we left. Evidence of rule breach:
  10. Yesterday the guy didn't know the rules he broke so I went to Eclipse Roleplay Server Rules and I sent everything for him because I didn't want to report him but since he was so toxic I decided to report him and that what I have received after " https://prnt.sc/r83ohx " The guy said that he told his boy where he was, The guy had no radio. It's just a request I need someone from the staff to check his phone messages I bet he didn't even use them and this will shows the metagaming.
  11. Player(s) being reported: Devan ID 89 and 36 Date of interaction reported: 2/26/2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1582693257 Your characters name: Alex Darnell Other player(s) involved: 36 Specific rule(s) broken: 9. Metagaming (MG) Metagaming is the act of relaying IC information through any method not considered IC that has the potential to change current or future roleplay scenarios or using that information. Mixing IC and OOC information without any benefit is a minor MG offense. For example, a player uses IC chat to call someone by their player ID displayed above their head. 8. Non-Roleplay (NRP) Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. 7. IC and OOC Interactions Players are required to remain in-character (IC) at all times. Text chat, VOIP, radio, phone and commands like /ME and /do are to be used only for IC content. IC content must not contain acronyms like “lol” or “u” or smiley faces excluding IC SMS. For OOC content, players must use chat commands that encase the content in brackets. For example: (( this is OOC content )). OOC chat commands are /OOC, /O, /B, /PM and /F. OOC videos or screenshots can be used as IC evidence only if the footage contains the character using the /RECORD command to hold a phone in their hand. 12. New Life Rule (NLR) The new life rule is triggered whenever a player’s character spawns at a hospital. Players cannot force their own death. The deceased character loses memory of their death, the events that caused it and the information collected in that time frame. Example: A player is killed in a robbery. The player’s knowledge of the robbery, the robber and their death is not usable by the player in their new life. All parties involved must avoid interaction with each other for 30 minutes. A player must not return to the area of their death for that time frame or attempt to retrieve lost possessions from involved players. Official faction members may return to their HQ and resume faction duties but must abide by the NLR rules in all other ways 13. Fear Roleplay (FRP) Fear roleplay is the concept of roleplaying fear for your character’s safety and life. Examples (but not limited to), where your character’s life is considered to be in direct danger: • When you are on foot or bike and a weapon is aimed at you at close range. How did the player break the rule(s)? 1-Okay at the beginning I had my gun pointed on a guy for 9 seconds and he took his weapon out and he started shooting at me he didn't show any fear, the guy had no radio and then his friend shows up has a gun in his hand and he got me down, He was not even in the area. / The guy who pulled his gun out I told him OOC let's back the stuff or should I report he was talking in a good way and I saw that he don't have much experience and we all making mistakes so he told me can you show me that video on discord, and he was talking in VOIP and he remember everything happened and when I told him tell your friend to come here OOC and we will consider nothing happened, He wasn't even typing and he told me we will met him at bank which shows they're ** Metagaming ** if admin can check logs he won't see any PM and that's how the guy showed up and he killed me and he knew my place from no where. 2- I went to the guy and I told him that I noticed he has a new player above his head and I was trying to be nice and telling him to back the stuff and telling them the mistakes they did so they don't do it again because I was doing mistakes too but after that they started to talk in a bad way and they both was talking in VOIP and the guy kept saying I don't care about report you won't get your stuff back and they kept laughing while i'm trying to be nice and they kept insulting me and they don't even know what's the difference between OOC and IC and they called me pussy because I don't need to talk in VOIP?? I could report them and they will get punishment but when I saw that the guy I killed was nice so I decided to end it between us because I decided to stop reporting people because I won't get my stuff back but those guys really DESERVE to get reported, They kept calling me pussy for not talking in VOIP and they didn't want to end it between us and they didn't care about the report they knew they won stuff so fuck what will happen after, And when they met again he gave his friend his stuff back and they kept saying we're in a game and bla bla and actually they fucked the roleplay thing. I know I won't get my stuff back from this report but this guys should get the worst punishment for didn't give a fuck about the RP and about the report and about rules. Evidence of rule breach: https://prnt.sc/r7r65s - Saying he don't care about the reports.
  12. I'm interested in buying a Hakuchou Drag. I'm looking to see if anyone is looking to sell theirs for a reasonable price. Feel free to drop me a message here or on 495-4942.
  13. If I saw you I could just shoot or take an action, You didn't come dude, stop saying fake stories and just apologize for what you did. You both know that it was metagaming, I won't respond again till the admin asks me to.
  14. You was moving with a car? I didn't hear anything and I was watching the hill all the time, You need to think about something else too. If you saw me from the hill why you didn't shoot from there then? It's totally fake story mate, You still have the chance to make a better story tho.
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