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  1. Agree or they can keep both, tables give you the ability to cook inside your home without much risk. So like that they make it balance if you want to cook at drug labs you'll be risking getting robbed.
  2. titos

    The Rooks

    Randy was born in San Francisco His father died when he was thirteen years old, Randy faced a bad situation that changed him for the rest of his life where he was at his school one day Randy saw three people beating one person up so Randy tried to help him but the three people beat him and broke his arm, after Randy's recovery he decided to learn a sport which is Boxing so he can defend himself and defend others if he needed to. Randy was changed after that situation, and his financial condition was too bad. He joined a fight club so he can earn some money for living. One day while he's going for a walk, He fought someone that disrespected him, after he won he felt so disrespected, he kicked the person multiple times in his face which ended up killing the guy. Randy was wanted by the police after that event so he decided to travel to Los Santos because his cousin Alex Berkowitz was living there and he could help him with his problem. Randy arrived in Los Santos by Illegal immigration overseas When he arrived, he met with his cousin, Alex wasn't that experienced. He did however, know a good way to earn money. They soon started robbing miners, hunters, and people at labs for a living. After they gained some experience they started looking around for a gang to join . They tried to join a big group that was well known in the city at that time but they couldn't make it because they didn’t vibe good with that group. Which gave them the motivation to try to make better contacts in the criminal world. After a few months, they knew that it was time for them to try again. That’s when they heard about The Rooks, they also heard that they were at war against all the other gangs in the city. They got up the nerve to join. They spoke to one of The Rooks recruiter who's name was Jerzy Mceden. Randy and Alex after a being checked out and tested made it into the family and they were honored to be part of this organization. To be continued... ALL INFORMATION IN THIS POST AND ALL POSTS IN THIS THREAD IS OOC! No information or knowledge gained from this thread should be used IC. Anyone seen using this information ICly will be Metagaming.
  3. titos

    128 - Fear RP

    As I said I saw you running and I went to look which way you took, I didn't know you're hiding behind stacked wood, but I knew that you're there and I was ready enough as someone who has huge experience in criminal world. I'll only reply to admin questions because we don't need to see 10 comments in a report which makes it harder for admins to handle it.
  4. titos

    128 - Fear RP

    ID 129 Here, first of all thanks for the staff member who's going handle this report. Sadly I don't have Geforce on GTA V because it makes my game stutters. Alright so I'm going tell my side of the story I was checking the lab as its showing and I saw a guy injured on the floor, while I'm talking to him I saw Brandon collecting plants, so I had my gun out and I was already aware of him being there. I was going to see which way he took, but when I heard foot steps behind me I wasn't distracted by anything I had 100% focus on the target. So I turned around and we had a gunfight and I killed him so I don't see any rule broken in the video. 13. Fear Roleplay (FRP) Examples where your character’s life is NOT considered to be in direct danger may include: • When you have a firearm drawn and are facing the other person before they attacked.
  5. I knew he had a keys when he tried to enter the apartment in front of me as I said I interacted with him before. Please reread the story from each side then comment on that and leave the admin do their job we don't need 25 comment on one report which will take more time from admins to solve it.
  6. @Jasmine I am ID 79 Randy Berkowitz: First of all I hope I don't forget anything because that scene was like a week a go, and thanks for your time to review the evidence and keep the server out of rule breakers. So I arrived at the scene when ID 10 asked for backup that he saw someone at the drug drop off point and the guy might have either money on him or drugs to sell in his apartment so after I went there and we heard the guy inside moving, we waited around 15 minutes then we acted like a PD because we knew he had a drugs inside, So he knew somehow that we weren't cops and he called the police, so we left and saw his friend ID 128 outside and so I informed my friends in radio that this guy with him and I've spoke with him before as he tried to get inside the apartment but once he saw me he left so I left after him and spoke to him he spoke in Arabic to his friends which I could OOCly barely understand him because Moroccan accent is not same as my accent but ICly I acted like I didn't get it and I told him you're either MG'ing or you're breaking rules to speak Arabic IC to me. So after we left the apartment and saw ID 128 outside I told Harley to drag him away from the PD so we can hold him until the PD leave, the reason for the other raid because he snitched on us and the cops arrested on of our friends who's ID 10. That's my story side and the rest of the scene is showed and explained in the videos and my friends story in the previous comments.
  7. Player(s) being reported: ID 209 Date of interaction reported:19/7/2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1595120166 Your characters name: Randy Berkowitz Other player(s) involved: - Specific rule(s) broken: . Fear Roleplay (FRP) Fear roleplay is the concept of roleplaying fear for your character’s safety and life. Examples (but not limited to), where your character’s life is considered to be in direct danger: • When you are on foot or bike and a weapon is aimed at you at close range. • When you’re in a vehicle that is off and a weapon is aimed at you at close range. • When the attacker lowers their weapon to type or roleplay, your life remains in direct danger. • Driving a vehicle into an active shootout more than once without the intent of providing cover for a friend or yourself, or fleeing with it. New Life Rule (NLR) The new life rule is triggered whenever a player’s character spawns at a hospital. Players cannot force their own death. The deceased character loses memory of their death, the events that caused it, and the information collected in that time frame. Example: A player is killed in a robbery. The player’s knowledge of the robbery, the robber and their death is not usable by the player in their new life. All parties involved must avoid interaction with each other for 30 minutes. A player must not return to the area of their death for that time frame or attempt to retrieve lost possessions from involved players. Official faction members may return to their HQ and resume faction duties but must abide by the NLR rules in all other ways. Powergaming (PG) Forceful roleplay that does not give the other player a chance to roleplay their own response is considered powergaming. Other players must be given a chance to roleplay outcomes of actions. Roleplay of unrealistic actions like super strength is another form of powergaming. All statements in /DO must be factually true in the roleplay as it sets grounds for roleplay. Roleplay is required before forceful server commands which may be used without consent from the other party if they are unresponsive and not typing for 30 seconds or more. A player cannot use the faction management script to destroy a faction as it is OOC. Government funded faction members must not abuse the salary system and must go off-duty when they are not performing their faction duties. If you perform an action which will influence potential RP in the future, you must have OOC evidence of performing said RP. OOC evidence should consist of a recording or screenshot and it needs to be timestamped (/time). RP would only be valid for 48 hours or until your character dies and NLR is triggered. The time limit does not apply to rule 7. How did the player break the rule(s)? First of all he FRP'ed when I tried to get him to unlock his RV and get inside because as I've had a bad interaction with him before and I remember his face as its shown in the screenshots. So first rule was broken that he FRP'ed when I RP'ed putting a gun on his back while im so close to him he just walked away mentioning server rules saying " you can do that in here " while actually we were behind the RV while no one behind us and no one can see us. Second rule was broken OOC insult as its shown in the SS he insulted me after I killed him in a shootout. Then I came back after the incident to park my car and log off so I found him next to his body looting it so I told him that is not allowed and thats NLR he just kept doing so, I went out of the car waiting for an admin as its showed I reported admin but he came fighting me saying he'll beat me and that stuff, so I killed him again and waited for admin but admin took too long so he respawned and I left the area. Evidence of rule breach: https://imgur.com/a/fIqftgW
  8. titos

    The Rooks

    Loving the stories and such an Honor to be part of this faction.
  9. titos

    Weapon Changes

    I agree even if you're in a vehicle you cant store the gun in the glovebox due to script limits so you have to get out of the car and drop it then you get in the car again and thats kinda pissing the players off, so +1 from me.
  10. titos

    The Shelbys

    Enjoyed RP with you guys, Good luck and keep the good work up.
  11. Player(s) being reported: ID 323 Date of interaction reported: 27/4/2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1587998775 Your characters name: Randy Berkowitz Other player(s) involved: - Specific rule(s) broken: (OOC insults - Combat logging) Non-Roleplay (NRP) Players who disconnect during roleplay must reconnect and inform other parties in order to resume roleplay. If you are unable to reconnect it may be excused after providing proof that would give you a valid reason not to return. How did the player break the rule(s)? He was shot because I warned him to not call cops and he tried to, but after he was shot he insulted me OOC and then logged off when I tried to frisk him. I was waiting mechanic so I sat there like 10 minutes or more at this period he logged in and logged out Two times when he saw me. Evidence of rule breach: https://imgur.com/a/H6ZLHYQ
  12. titos

    [HELP] Mic problem

    Try reinstalling your audio drivers it worked with me, I had this issue yesterday.
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