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  1. For fuck sake xD love all of you
  2. Alright to start with I only have literally the last few bits of the initiation into the bank. The save POV Request was not given until way after the incident took place and I even after the actual shooting started. It was given at MD well after the scene was open. So backstory for everyone. PD has been dealing with the exact same bank robbery strategy for well over two months now and was something that a guy named joey figliani started. Did it several times and never ever gang has been carbon copying it. To @Dimja if this is only the second time you guys have either done bank robberies
  3. Church aka Toast here, Firstly thank you to both the admin party and reporting party. No hard feelings from the report I get the frustration. This situation developed from a massive shootout at scrapyard involving another Gang and 6-7. PD responded to a 911 call, my unit and six other PD units arrived on scene. At this point as the large PD force entered building a shootout ensued which left several dead and roughly 10 injured. During the process both a higher member of PD and myself were trying to get transports to MD organized so we could save the injured 6-7 gang member lives, Pet
  4. Hey @Timmaayy and @Doan, So unfortunately I do not have POV saved because Bob karlson did not mention his intention to report, which is fine. Forgive me for not having footage but I try to describe my point of you best I can. Ill address each of the times im reported. Clip one at time stamp 28 seconds. As bob indicated i genuinely did not mean to hit him. In the tac radio, xray called he was heading to the bridge. The unit you see parked was blocking it off and our intention was to fully block it off with them. Unfortunately I realized we would not make so i chose to position
  5. ID 237 here, sorry going to try and recall this situation as it was quite some time ago. From what I can recall this situation was a stand off for quite some time and had been going on since before my character arrived. I unfortunately dont have body cam from that long ago. When I arrived on scene along with a high ranking member of PD we realized the hostage situation. The hostage takers constantly kept referencing they had hostages and they were going to kill them. I was one of the main people negotiating with the hostage takers and dialogue was going no where so actions needed to be
  6. 237 - Torsten_Church Here We got a 911 call about a house being robbed. Myself and another officer arrived on scene to Jason Morrison the 911 caller telling us their house was being raided. We called for back up. The man led us to his apartment. Once myself and the other officer ended the apartment we found one man on his knees shirtless and cuffed. Two men in black masks with guns. We held everyone at gunpoint. Detained all, and searched all. The two men ID above were charged accordingly and mr Morrison was charge for his unlicensed firearm and human meat. Sorry to not be of
  7. Yeah i have windows 7. Ive just learned to deal with it @Osvaldon Thank you for your reply though
  8. Also does anyone know of any sound mods, that make a car have locking and unlocking sounds?
  9. Did not make a difference sadly
  10. @Flucifial safe zone size yeah?
  11. Date and time (provide timezone): 4.01 EST Character name: Torsten Church Issue/bug you are reporting: I am unable to see the purple /ame text at the bottom of the screen. Aka notification that you locked your car or unlocked. That your getting a phone call etc. Expected behavior: for it to show? Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: I have re installed GTA, re installed rage mp. resest windows font, messed with screen resolution, double tapped f7. Ive asked so many people and no one knows a fix. I have had this ever since i joined the
  12. ID 95 Church here. So couple things I am deployed as SWAT in full SWAT gear and in a fully up armored Insurgent which save small windows is very much bullet proof. As you can see in both videos I actively try to /avoid/ people driving through the alley way while taking small arms and pistol fire, something that makes no impact on the insurgent. Even people I see with firearms I actively avoid ramming. The first lap through was in an attempted to save the officer who got out of the marked cruiser. Again we are swat and we see a stranded officer, we are going to do what we can to save them
  13. Hey everyone, been playing about a week now and absolutely love it on ECRP. Go by Torsten Church in game and hope to join the LSPD down the line!. -Alex
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