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  1. As I stated before in this, yes large picture it is fearRP. Ive said it wasnt a proper response to the situation.. there really is no fighting against it. Saying it was fearRP while youre running away from me shooting at a heli, as you can see in the video NO one was near me other than you. I did say it quietly as a last breath. And yeah I did say im dead anyways, Not that I have been in this situation but you kinda know when you are going to die. Im taken from any chance of survival and said "I'm gonna have fun with this one.." also you did take out your phone and recorded a dying officer ((which yes was funny as hell I can't deny.. but in the middle of a gunfight seems a little odd?)) My position in PD where I RPly have signed up for is that normal officer's lives are priority. So saying to leave, not saying who it is or where from, not like i wasnt afraid of death, but I was trying to save one officer from a total loss scene. Not like what im saying takes away from the situation, I get it. I know how tough it is for people to get 100 rounds of AK ammo for a proper criminal. At the end of the day this was what, the 3rd shootout we had? After dying multiple times it was just annoying and in the heat of the moment it happened. And no one was effected by it. The helicopter flew away which you can see was already flying before I said anything.
  2. Replying as ID 45, Jeff Gordon. I wish I had known to get my own evidence for this, but here we go for a response. This was I think the 2nd or third shootout and it was just getting annoying that they were baiting shootouts the entire time. I think heat of the moment I just got pissed about it. We had multiple conversations before this night about how they only do this type of stuff when we have low numbers. Again this was all IC. You hear them laughing and insulting us, so I did the same back. And giving call-outs was just last breath. In any situation, especially there, you know you are going to die. ICly or not, you know when you are about to give your last breath, so as I have been trained to do, always protect your other units. Even though I couldn't fire, just saying more were coming was all I could do. No one was aiming a weapon at me in my defense and it didn't change anything there. I understand it falls under fearRP, and in the moment it seemed appropriate but afterwards I understand it was a breach. On another note I do hope we are addressing how "un-proper" it was to pick up an officers body to say "I need you for lifeinvader" while active shots are being fired. If any other information is needed, I'm here to do so.
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