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  1. selling pounder has 500v storage with trailer also on it. Phone # = 3956430 Looking for 65k
  2. Curtis_Anderson ID-4 : This guy runs directly to the alley then starts recording outside of the NO crime zone, convenient for him. The guy in the bird mask was running around in front of the bank trying to rob a group 6 truck and firing in front of the bank. NCZ zone was in play. They were chasing a player in a no crime zone trying to rob it and the NEW player. We were trying to help the player that was getting robbed in a no crime zone. If he was recording you should request the full 30 minutes before this situation happened. We called the cops and had no reply at all. They continue to ram into other players and were also doing this repetitively. No RP on their part during any of these chases. He also attack me personally in RP as you can hear in the video.
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