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  1. Jawn


    Well I was in jail there was a guy right next to the cell just saying “nigger” over and over. I asked in OOC If he could please stop he kept saying it. He was up very close to his mic to so.
  2. Jawn


    I understand Racism is allowed in the server, but it’s actually absurd the amount of white people in the server using the N word. I was just recently in jail a white man was calling me a nigger constantly that’s all he said. Could we possibly tweak the rules on the N word.
  3. Jawn

    Jail time

    How are you suppose to RP with no one in the jail. DOC is never in the jail on the catwalk I’ve been in jail a lot of times and have seen them once.
  4. Jawn

    ID 116(DM), ID181 (DM)

    I mean I don’t understand how this is dm. First off we have 2 guns at his head he should have left immediately. He waited like 5 seconds in the car then left.
  5. Jawn

    Jail time

    I believe you’re time in jail should go down when you are no longer on the game. Especially if you have 3+ hours.
  6. I’m making this request forum I got Rdmed by a OutKast member there is also a clip of him fear rping but one cop wanted to search me the others didn’t therefor the cop searched me and took all my guns and dope https://streamable.com/jizat
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