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  1. I mean... Maybe YOU didnt steal it, but your friend did lol...
  2. Maybe if you guys stopped instead of kept running...that could have happened. In the end, you had the shotty on you guys sooo affirmation confirmed. I didn't shoot a single bullet nor intentionally rammed. I have 200 MS on the server so desync is worse for me than others. Also, if you're with who I think you're with, we are kinda at war with you sooo.
  3. No it was a desync hit which is why you popped over the railing. The Massacro never hit you on the mountain, the Massacro was hit. And Your car was called out as someone who stole a SHotgun from one of our guys at the clothing shop
  4. You stole from a member and they chased you and called out your car on the radio. -Your life was threatened in the past (ex.: in a robbery, a combat situation or a hostage situation); -The life of your friend or ally is threatened at the present or if you have witnessed it happen in the past; You werent killed. And in the massacro, the attempt was made to block you in from the front, Desync sent you over the edge. As well for the Ending, Notice how the Massacro didnt full ram you but was trying to just block you from going on the road. You hopping on the hood is a sign of complete Desync. And if you want to talk Non-RP/Fail RP.... why are you climbing a mountain in a Comet Retro and not an AWD car.
  5. Those who have achieved Donator should NOT lose /dnn. For BOTH VIP/Donator: Keep the gas perk. Keep the tax perk Remove the trucking perks Keep the Parking/Veh Space Perk Keep XP Perk Remove Customization Speed Keep the Fine and Jail Time Reduction. Keep City Bee Refund For Donator Rank Only: Maybe allow Donator Ranked people what Fluci Recommended with the ability to get Multiple Jobs. Maybe create a Donator Only Building like suggested (Eclipse Tower) with a free 2 car Apartment for those who have achieved that rank. Free License Plate Customization
  6. I mean if police already has it, I don't see how hard it would be to implement to see if when a Taxi is arriving or MD, etc
  7. It doesn't though. You are clinging to the rule book too tightly. If you want to make the RP feel fluid to where your character can actually get themselves hurt for starting shit with a bigger group of people, they should NOT be able to instigate something and then run to the nearest NCZ. Yes it's poor RP, but it isn't punished...so they keep doing it, and doing it, and doing it.... Because it isn't punishable due to the NCZ rule protecting them and it not having an exception or a NCZ abuse rule. I agree that MD and PD should be the only ones that you should not be able to continue chasing them to harm them, and I guess the bank too, even though that's where most of the "Baiting" happens and where people run to the most. However, It makes no sense to be able to run to a BAR and be safe from someone....or a DMV... those two don't make sense at ALL
  8. Also note that I didnt +1 or -1 this. I stated a possible change to what the OP was suggesting that would work better.
  9. I agree, crimes should not be able to be started INSIDE NCZs and I don't want them removed. However, currently, you cannot touch someone, even if they instigated it, if they step foot in any NCZ, which is nonsense. Okay, if the bank did have security, all they could do is call the police...what security guard in their right mind would walk outside of a locked building, and engage multiple armed criminals... I get that it's just a script, but like the rule itself should be tweaked.
  10. Because what will a CLOSED bank do? There aren't 24/7 security at the banks, they are all automated. And if players see someone kill someone, they will call the police anyways. Also...tell me how a DMV is supposed to protect you? With their absurdly long lines and student drivers? How about Teqlala or Yellow Jack... a place where gambling takes place. Okay maybe inside would be safe, but not the damn parking lot XD
  11. Edited to reflect all Gov Factions instead of just DCC.
  12. -1 Bobby Pins already weigh too much as it is....
  13. IMO If a confrontation starts outside of an NCZ, it should be able to be brought into one... If anyone lives near a populated city like LA or NY, if you are being chased and they have malicious intent, a bank (ESPECIALLY when closed), a DMV, or a Bar (Teq/YJ) won't stop them from continuing the pursuit. Maybe the MD near PD just because of the distance, but not the Sandy Shores one. Also there should be a punishment for people who INSTIGATE a fight with a gang, and run to a NCZ and continue to taunt them via IC or OOC. IE: "/o NCZ! Can't hurt me!" or *ICLY* "Haha what are you going to do now!? *Gets hit* /o OMG REPORTED!!!" It is 100% Baiting and should follow under the "Cop Baiting" rule. However, it would be tied more to FearRP than full blown Cop Baiting. I think that is the most annoying part. When people instigate it and then run to a NCZ. As I stated, the only two places that should actually be an NCZ is the PD, and the Main MD near PD, that's it. I'm not saying that NCZs should be removed, they should def be there...however, if a confrontation starts outside of one and gets brought into one, it should't matter if it's a NCZ or not.
  14. -1 Reason being is simple... Desync. Getting hit by a desynced player would make this pretty annoying after a while or with the constant "/o MC" that happen on a daily basis.
  15. +1 There needs to be more Civilian and Criminal Jobs around the city, Sandy Shores, and Paleto Bay.
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