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  1. Eff you you bid higher, you cant even do .5 invalid bid! Congrats on your drag Xypint for 715
  2. Ill trade you my ETR-1 for it...I've always wanted a drag.
  3. If you have any questions about the REAL C.I.T. feel free to PM me. But please do not give this person credit when they have hardly put in the work that I have for C.I.T. Also...why would they want to have a forum post and be KNOWN on the forums...seems a bit...counter productive. They have ALSO been around since 2018. Per this picture. Note the date in the bottom right:
  4. You cant find them, they find you.
  5. Yeahhhh unfortunately, these arent the real CIT...I should know considering I write the roleplay for the REAL ones that are in the city.... Don't take credit when it isn't yours to take... @Itscarstonomg
  6. Exactly. I would prefer a grander scale vehicle like Mule or Phantom. A Scripted Mule would probably be good considering there isnt a scripted vehicle like it yet.
  7. I have always thought that PD just turned on the weather machine and made it rain whenever they got into a high speed pursuit with a HPT. But yes, reduce that...I hate logging in to having it rain for 30 mins straight, stop...and then rain again.
  8. Nubbsauce


    Let me rephrase. Any Experienced Roleplayer knows that rule. Blending of the two causes SO many issues it's insane... Just know IC = IC and OOC = OOC
  9. Nubbsauce


    -1 All of the talk coming out of the characters, is exactly what it is...a character. Also...how do you know they are white OOCly... you could have someone who isnt white, playing a white racist character, and you wouldn't know the difference. And on that note, why not have it not allowed for IRL guys to play IC Girls? Why? Because it's only a character. The #1 Rule for RP ANYWHERE is this: "IC = IC and OOC = OOC" People tend to blur the lines and think that if an IC girl likes them ICly, it also means that they like them oocly. Just like how if someone calls someone else a word ICly, they get offended OOCly. The take away from this is that this is a Game...and and RP server. Everyone is playing a character. It is important to separate IC and OOC at all times when playing. Even though I do not like the N-Word oocly, I do not get offended/triggered by it being said ICly, because it is their CHARACTER saying it through RP.
  10. I do think some rulebreaks should be a prison punishment length. At least for several hours. Non-Rp should be imprisoned as it could lead to them learning how to RP better with other inmates. However, big ones like DM and VDM, for example, should remain ooc bans.
  11. -1 Bikes are naturally faster than cars IRL too...because of their weight. Also, when you crash on a bike at high speeds, you're pretty much 100% injured. SO that's the trade. Being quick and agile, while being extremely vulnerable (Gunshots, Crashing, FearRP) What should be limited are the new Sheriff Vehicles where a 2001 crown vic can go faster than a 300k sports car (250kmh) Also...their granger keeping up with a sports car as well? Yehhhh..... THOSE need the speed nerf.
  12. There is a reason there are drug sell points in game now...PLAYER interaction with selling drugs was utterly useless and no one wanted to really buy anything. For the starting player, they have NO idea what they want to do. So what do they do? They go to all the job locations and try all of them out and see which one they like. Why? Because every gov job has an XP requirement, official gangs have an XP Requirement. These jobs are in place for those to work them and get that grind started. These jobs are also used as unofficial RP Hubs for everyone. IE The Farms. I do not know how many times I have had RP at the farms from the random people working the fields or talking to other truckers on the radio. All of these jobs are steppingstones to fleshing out what you want your character to be. Let's face it, majority of the people want money. They want nice things, which require money, This job will provide money, whilst providing a risk factor to the job which would ENCOURAGE rp to happen... Look at all the +1s of the people who want it. Why? Ask them. I think having more jobs that have risk factors are awesome. When Drug Dealer was a thing, there was so much RP that could happen. A lot of gangs "Searched" for drug dealer cars to take their cash, which would in fact, start RP. So if you could provide any evidence on how selling drugs or counterfeit money to a player is worthwhile....let me know.. Because that system was already in place, and has been already replaced because it was hardly popular.
  13. -1 I have already seen cops abuse the MDC whilst ON duty. IE: Opening it from the back seat of the cruiser where the criminals sit, to scan plates and scanning plates from an unrealistic distance. If they had the ability to open that whilst in Civilian clothes... it would be ridiculous. Cops IRL don't even have access to a MDC whilst off duty.
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