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  1. Nubbsauce

    9 vehicle house.

    Hmm I might have to take a look and see if the prices are reasonable. Would you take another 3 car garage as a trade to lower the price or no.
  2. Nubbsauce

    9 vehicle house.

    It was a dig at the current housing market of people asking way to much for houses lol. Can you access all 9 garages from the drive way or no.
  3. Nubbsauce

    9 vehicle house.

    Probably like 10 million or some crazy amount
  4. Nubbsauce

    Rollback Salary Cap update.

    +1 There should be no cap...
  5. Nubbsauce

    Paying Taxes

    Idk why people aren't commenting on this more...it's an issue.
  6. Nubbsauce

    Paying Taxes

  7. Nubbsauce

    New NCZ Rule.

    A bank shouldnt be a ncz neither should a place where people gamble. The only reason they are NCZs is because people complained enough and they became one. Whats next, is LSC going to be a NCZ? Are the farms and piers going to be NCZ? Like I said, the only NCZ that makes sense is the PD.
  8. Nubbsauce

    New NCZ Rule.

    +1 If the fight or conflict happens outside of a NCZ it shouldnt matter where they run. That is METAGAMING if you run to a NCZ cause your CHARACTER doesnt know that, YOU do... The only place where they could run to that would make sense is the PD...that's it... Like who in real life would run to a bank to avoid getting robbed.... No one...
  9. Nubbsauce

    Less rain

    Rain helps criminals get away! +1 😛
  10. Hello, This has been an idea that has been kinda floating around but hasn't been really acted upon, so I figured I would suggest it here for the staff and players alike to see. ROLES: 1. Create RP Events within the city. 2. Provide Devs with ideas on systems to help improve the RP of the server. 3. Actively encourage people to create their own RP experiences within the game. (As a lot of people don't know how to) 4. Answer RP related questions that players may have. 5. Make sure the RP events are lively, and have multiple participating parties involved. Requirements: 1. Must have experience creating RP (Like being a Dungeon Master for example). 2. Has a vivid imagination and can translate it well into the RP Event. 3. Has a more expanded knowledge of RP and how to apply/create it. 4. Friendly and Open Minded to all types of RP. 5. Willingness to Create RP events Weekly/Daily (whichever) I'm sure there could be more added to this, but this would be the skeleton of the position. The Creator would have Admin Rights to kick people if they broke RP during the RP events, that way it encourages people to stay in character and stay immersed. The RP events could be something as simple as Taco Tuesday at Teq La La. Have someone RP as the Bartender and have hostesses provide tacos to the guests at the doors. Promoting Poker and Slots, etc. And range to something nuts like a Rally Cross race through the mountains and city, and have cops positioned at specific locations to create that rush of possibly getting caught. (Similar to the Gumball 3000 in the USA). IMO, it's little things like this that can make the server amazing. Most people stop playing because they get burnt out or bored of the same old RP over and over again, this would be the job of the RP Coordinator/Creator to try and prevent the "Burnout" from happening by creating exciting, engaging, and unique RP experiences for the players to enjoy. Anyways, I can expand on this further if need be, but this was the idea in a nutshell and the skeleton of the rank itself. I personally think it would make a great addition to the server and staff. Thanks for Reading, Varro Dalison
  11. Nubbsauce

    Low Fuel Indicator

    +1 Could be cool...but i never let my fuel get below 50% anyways...
  12. Nubbsauce

    [Punish NCZ Parking Abuse]

    Complaining, they are literally abusing the fact that it's a NCZ to log off and not pay for parking. And Mechs wont come and tow....otherwise this post wouldn't be here...
  13. Nubbsauce

    [DCC] Faction Wide Vehicle GPS

    Now that the salaries have been modified, I would love to see this added for management to more accurately manage our treasury.
  14. Nubbsauce

    [DCC] Radio Implement

    This is still needed.
  15. Nubbsauce

    [Punish NCZ Parking Abuse]

    Yeah...with only 28 people online...and not one here...