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  1. And the stores are gonneee! woo!
  2. Further more, you said a 0:21 I burnt out meaning you were in front of me right? Look again at 0:24 same burnout without your car there... The semi was naturally burning out in the dirt due to high torque.
  3. @MrWonanother The way you just described it is this. I hit ALL of them ONCE...which you are allowed to do. (Look at the screenshot from your video of the passenger of the 2nd squad car AIMING A GUN AT ME). And if you werent paying attention to what I was saying, your car was not there on the second hit. Notice how the semi DID NOT react to your vehicle the SECOND time. By the way, wheel spin exists on high torque vehicles when off road...just letting you know. Also I question to why officers allowed a civilian to be brought on a prisoner transport where it is KNOWN to be dangerous...seems like you really shouldn't have been there IMO or the officer should have pulled off since your life was now at risk.
  4. Also note how easy i pushed the squad car, almost like there was nothing in front of my semi. If that car was there on my screen, I wouldnt have moved it so easily (Especially while on dirt). You can prove this by how it hit the other squad car at 0:44, The Semi reacts to hitting it. While when I pulled up to the downed officer, it didn't react to hitting your vehicle, showing that it wasn't there on my screen.
  5. Semi driver here...wasn't VDM. She pointed a gun at my friend so I ran her over. As for the squad car it was not there after i turned around due to desync. You can tell how the cars went back to, and surrounded, where I turned around to check on our friend (who was a Decoy) and I went back to the officer to say something. However went back again where I turned around to tell them to get you out out of the car but then the other units showed up and the cops pointed a gun at them again and the passenger shot at the semi. Warranting the hit. No one was hit twice. The initial squad car way way in the back and not where the video portrays it to be. Requesting video from the officer I ran over as her sync was different than the person in the car recording *will edit shortly*
  6. FYI...blocking intersections is actually quite common in protests. People literally walk in the streets in masses. So it is not Poor-RP, it is realistic. (Im id 5)
  7. Don't stand in the road, and you won't get ran over when you shoot at a car. Logic 101.
  8. The history of The Wanted begins within a certain mob, where four people, Bobby Richmond, Johnny Falcon, Brandy O'Brien, and Natalie Nightwood, felt overworked and underappreciated. Even though the mob consisted of at least forty other members, the four often found themselves working alone or in very small groups during hours where the rest of the mob were sent on missions out of town. They constantly felt out of place, and often had issues and disagreements with the mob’s leadership, so often that they began yearning for a life free of the mob and criminal activity altogether. One night the four got together in secret and spoke about their concerns regarding the mob and their current situation. They talked out the pros and cons, and knew they wanted to be more than just lackeys in a mob. They wanted to pursue their own dream and make Los Santos enjoyable again. They were tired of the criminal life, the police chases, and wanted to be more than just a gang, they wanted to be a family. Welcoming to those who felt lost, out of place, or outcast in all other environments. Richmond came up with the concept that would give them a new identity, and through different methods, skills, and specialties of each of the founding members, they all brought something unique to the table. This was something that would make them different than the rest… That is when those four became The Wanted. The Wanted started off strong as a street racing crew that organized car meets and races, which often consisted of gambling and pinks to those who were confident in their skills and abilities. Slowly their small family grew, meeting people with all sorts of different backgrounds and morals. While all those who joined had an appreciation for cars, some weren't necessarily great or interested in racing. To those who wanted to learn, Richmond, The Wanted’s best driver, would teach them and put them to the test. While the others preferred to make money from criminal activity, such as drug production, robbing stores, and stealing cars. The founders of The Wanted hosted their car meets legally with help from organizers who had licenses to host public events, using these car meets as a front to protect and hide the “behind the scene” work that some of their members did. But as expected, those who try and leave a mob can't do so without backlash, and the founders of The Wanted soon faced a nightmare from the past that they wished would have stayed buried. Their small family was often hunted, robbed, shot at, and wounded. It got to the point where the founders discussed giving up their signature orange color in order go into hiding and to spare their family of anymore hostile encounters. Falcon reached out to Vice, who offered to protect The Wanted and their family if they merged with their organization. At their wits end, the founders agreed that this would likely be the best option. Unfortunately, not long after The Wanted stripped away their orange clothes in favor for black, a war was declared against Vice by “The Council.” During the war, one of the founders, Richmond, was gunned down, and was laid to rest with those closest to him left behind to mourn. The war raged on for a while, until Vice eventually came to an agreement with “The Council” to end it, and not long after the agreement, Vice disbanded. The Wanted, fueled with sorrow and rage over the death of Richmond, decided they were done hiding. To keep Richmond's memory alive, they geared back up in their color, orange, ready to fight back despite their numbers. The Wanted... was back. With Richmond gone, Falcon, O'Brien, and Nightwood did their best to keep his memory alive. Coming to a bittersweet understanding with the mob, they no longer had much to fear as they continued to grow in numbers. As the government cracked down on the abundance of advertisements in Los Santos, it became more difficult for The Wanted to host car meets and races. While they still try to host these events from time to time, they began to focus more on doing these activities within their family rather than the rest of Los Santos. Things finally began looking peaceful for The Wanted. That is until they began hearing odd things over their radio frequency. A voice of a female, threatening that “they” were watching them, speaking of events and situations that the crew did when they believed they were alone. No matter how many times they changed their radio frequency, sooner or later the voice would return with more threats. Eventually, members of The Wanted began disappearing, the voice taunting them over their frequency, speaking in riddles and clues to lead The Wanted to the missing party, but only after “they” were done with them. They would find their members wounded, tortured, or mentally scarred. The stress of losing Richmond and the kidnappings proved too much for Nightwood, who left town very suddenly, and has not been seen since. The kidnappings continued, with Falcon being the last one who was taken. After what seemed like hours of searching for him, he was eventually found. Although he suffered some painful injuries, he gathered all the members of The Wanted to tell them he would be stepping down as a founder to pursue what he learned during his capture... Bobby Richmond was alive. If what he learned was true, Falcon knew he needed to find Richmond, because whoever “they” were, wanted to find him first, and he knew he couldn't let that happen. Not only to protect him, but to get answers. With Nightwood gone, Richmond M.I.A, and Falcon stepping down from his role as founder, the positions were passed down to the second generation of The Wanted. Carter Blackwood, Stexi Blackwood, and Jamaar Bovarium stepped forward to help lead The Wanted, with the guidance of Brandy O'Brien. We want our name to be known for the best drivers, and the sexiest cars on the streets of Los Santos. Our dream is when people see orange, that they know immediately who we are. We plan on owning at least one gas station in the city to give our members a place to refuel their rides, as well as a place we can gather. We'll be keeping the appearance of a “car club,” while behind the scenes the outlaws of The Wanted continued to do what they do best. This will include drug and weapons trade operations among Los Santos. We aim to maintain our strong relations with other renown gangs in the city. A new member of the wanted who is in a recruitment stage. All busters are in the recruitment stage for at least one real life week. Once we feel that you are eligible to move up in rankingand have proved yourself to be trustworthy and helpful in our crew you will endure a test of keep up. The keep up test consists of following a Captain, Street King, or Street Queen for at least three minutes in your vehicle. If you can keep up before crashing or stalling your car you will receive your official status. A full member of The Wanted. By receiving this status, it represents that you show prominent dedication and loyalty to the crew. This rank is given to those who show further promise in The Wanted and have made significant contributions to the crew. These are the people that show they favor more “questionable” acts. These people thrive in criminal activity. If no one higher than them is around they take charge when pursuing criminal acts. These members have been around for some time with The Wanted and have shown what it takes to flourish in the crew. With this status they are granted the ability to recruit new members. This is the second in command. Only appointed to those who have been around for great lengths of time while showing ambition to lead and strive to accomplish more. Former leaders who have passed on their leadership to others while on extended breaks. Those with this rank remain first in command but aren’t met with mandatory leadership duties. Founders/Leaders of The Wanted. First in command. XP Requirement: 7000 -Possess at least one vehicle that isn’t classified as low-end -Strong understanding of Eclipse Server Rules -Ability to participate and contribute to our high standard of RP -Continuous rule breaks and carelessness will lead to removal from the faction Place where The Wanted usually spend most of the time “It’s not the car that wins, it’s the driver.” - Richmond Credits: @stexi (Stexi_Blackwood) - Graphics design, forming the whole thread @Kables(Brandy_O'Brien) - Story Writing @Floatey (Natalie Nightwood) - Initial Post Structure & Writing @Copes (Jamaar_Bovarium) - Rank Structure, Requirements @PennyWise13x (Carter_Blackwood) - Goals @Nubbsauce (Bobby_Richmond) - Took all the photos for the thread
  9. You weren't robbed. You were injured. Also, we told you to get out as they pulled up and your friend got out, instead. You sat in the car, ignored commands, and were also armed. So to us, your buddy just INSTANTLY shot at me, and it looked like you got out to defend him shortly after shots were fired.
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