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  1. So I drive home all the time and park. But thats cause I don't want my beautiful car to get jacked lol. However... there are times when stuff pops up out of no where and I have to deal with it. That point, I just logout and bite the bullet on the car.
  2. There are plenty of neutral parties out there who have heavies and will sell them. It isn't a "Yeah go kill zeta" or "yeah go kill triads" it's "You wan't to buy weapons to protect yourself, it will cost this much" and that's it. Also, Neutrality is a thing in gangs, but it has to be done correctly. You can't claim neutrality and pick a side and only 1 side. That's where mistakes were made. Once you choose a side instead of thinking about the consequences, that's when you'll get blind sided.
  3. I know, I mentioned turfs in it. But even now, that doesn't really effect anything. Gangs can easily get their hands on weaponry by creating a business deal with the larger gangs who can import. Which by the way, the process of getting official, is not just "Hey you have 30 people here are guns!", and the gangs who get it def deserve it. But all this comes back to diplomacy. A gang of 5-10 people could easily get in contact with a larger gang based on information passed through word of mouth, then request they meet to get introduced and possibly talk about a business agreement, etc. A few of the times, smaller gangs tend to just be "Yeah we are blah blah and nothing is gonna stand in our way" and have this arrogant attitude and come at the larger gangs in a bad way or just think they can just rob anyone they want without consequence or retaliation. Maybe it stems from them not exactly knowing what they want their gang to be so they just want to be the best gang in LS, who knows. But I'm sure if a gang sat down and really figured out what they wanted to be, how they wanted to be seen, and how they want to do business, you wouldn't have these small war outbreaks here and there.
  4. Every gang has started out robbing civilians, there is no real other way to start besides just robbing gang members and being a vigilante group. There are plenty of ways to be a different type of gang however. You could be a street gang that lives in Grove, and RPs with everyone there and the Hood, or some Chinese gang that is based on the ports of the city, RPing different types of crime rather than just robbing people. You aren't just limited to robbing people or being the best. But there is one thing that has always 100% existed in Gangs here…and that is Diplomacy. Let me tell you a story… Before “The Big 3” fell and broke up into smaller gangs, they were all linked by diplomacy. I guess you would say it was “The Council” before it existed, The Exiled, The Irish, and The Firm (previously The Order). They all had an alliance with one another (and all owned turf), using the same prices on imports, selling different types of drugs for the same prices, and pretty much just doing things within in agreement of the 3. However, people, just like now, got annoyed with how the 3 largest gangs were in a huge alliance and they were untouchable. You declare on 1, you fight all 3. So smaller gangs finally had enough of them pushing them around and dictating how criminals operate and that lead to the smaller gangs banding together. Gut Pushers, The Commission, Outlaws, and a few other smaller gangs made up an alliance of their own, and all focused on hitting the bigger gangs. The smaller ones were good at baiting and trapping constantly. They did a lot of guerrilla warfare and it happened every… single… day for, I think, about a month. Eventually, “The Big 3” fell and were dissolved. So, when Jay said “…it’s been at risk numerous times.” He isn’t lying. Zetas have been in multiple wars, brutal wars, long and short wars. They have survived because of how they use diplomacy, and how they coordinate their moves with their allies and other gangs within the city. Numbers don't mean a damn thing. “The Big 3” had a total of about 200 players between them, while the smaller gangs amounted to about 50, IF that. Diplomacy between gangs not only makes sense in time of war or hardship, but also it creates the ONE thing we are ALL here to do… and that is RP.
  5. While I'm aware that .50 cals are very limited in who uses them, that doesn't take away from the fact that PD has access to a plethora of superior weaponry. Sure, you can say its because they are PD, and I get that. In GTA they should have more weaponry. But the issue lies in the equality of the items provided. For example, Armor. Criminals can order armor for an absurd amount...and it's not even comparable to PD armor... not even CLOSE. It is literally worthless to buy, because it does nothing for you. When a group of gang members can get downed by 1 SWAT with a carbine, that is in NO WAY fair, especially if the gang members have high caliber assault rifles designed to penetrate. When cops show up, we either disengage and run, or die and spend hours in prison. On a side note, if you are shot twice in the head, you should be pronounced dead at the scene, not have a bandage slapped over the headshot and hauled off to prison. Another thing that needs to be mentioned is that you don't lose anything when you die as PD, to my knowledge. You don't pay for weapons if you lose them whilst on duty. You don't pay for armor that gets used up. You clock in, get armored up, get your weapons, and go out on the street. I think to add more dynamic to the PD and balance between gangs and PD, would be give PD something they can lose... Like if you lose a weapon, you get charged for it in your salary when you clock out. If you take out armor, you pay for it in salary when you take it out. It wont have to cost a lot since the department itself pays for majority of it, but you should have to pay a % if it is lost or used up. As far as turfs go, I think there needs to be a good amount. Not just 5. There should be districts around the City, in blaine county/Sandy, and Paleto. Not only will this allow for more gangs to have more dynamic RP, but more RP Based on their turf's location. I do think you should NOT be able to order unless you ARE official, but I think ALL gangs should be able to take turf and at least utilize the warehouse for storage purposes. But to back up alliances or business agreements between gangs, I'll say this. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." A lot of times, even during a gang war. Gangs would come together, and put differences aside for a few, and unite against the PD when, and if, their leaders were taken and could face a prison sentence. At the end of the day, gangs are linked by common ground and will come together when need be. While I prefer neutrality and not picking sides among gangs, every gang's true enemy is the Law.
  6. I know in the rest of the city's eyes, that gangs allying doesn't seem fun/fair/whatever but when all you get are AKs with only a few hundred bullets to distribute between those 95 people, losing them to a gang fight is fine. You can get those back the longer the gangs fight. However, it is when Police get involved when it becomes not worth it. Not only are we losing our weapons, but 100s of thousands of dollars and 6+ REAL hours of our time because we got shot by a 50 cal sniper or mowed down by a cop with a carbine. Cops are extremely overpowered in the equipment they have and can use AT WILL and FOR FREE. I'm sorry, but kevlar will not effectively stop an AK47 bullet. So when it takes a cop about 30 AK rounds to get downed....there is a problem. "Kevlar is a high strength fiber which happens to be really good at stopping slow, soft, fat bullets. Usually these come in the form of pistol and SMG bullets, such as the .45 ACP and 9mm Parabellum ammunition types." So sure, getting shot by a pistol and surviving makes sense. However: "Unfortunately, Kevlar cannot as effectively stop rifle rounds, which are the opposite of slow, soft, fat handgun ammunition. " What can stop an ak47 round is armor plates like military wear. But as far as I'm concerned no regular officer is wearing plates, just Kevlar. Personally, I only like when gangs have alliances when there is good RP involved with it. Pointless wars to flex is pointless and only gets police involved, who have been known by many as "The largest gang." Gang on Gang warfare, or the lack of it, isn't the problem. Its the involvement of PD while gangs are hashing it out. Also, there needs to be more criminal related content added to the game. Right now there isn't a whole lot to do, and the risk is way too high. A few years back there were terfs. Savages and Syndicate owned a lot of them, while smaller factions had a few. However, when Savages or Syndicate wanted turf from one another...their fights were brutal. SO brutal the police would wait for the gunfire to stop before rolling up. Those fights happened because Turf allowed you to import items and owning 3 turfs gave you a ware house. There would be several times, massive orders of guns and ammo would be purchased and you would see a convoy of 3-4 Semi Trucks escorted by cars FULL of gang members making sure those trucks got to the warehouse safely. Sometimes other gangs would try to intercept the convoy and some of the best tactics I've seen in a while would take place stopping them or trying to. If we had turfs, smaller gangs and larger gangs could RPLY take the turfs and have a reason to defend it or fight over it. I'm sorry, but PD should not dictate how criminals run their factions when they themselves haven't the slightest clue how much politics is actually involved in it.
  7. Yes and to be honest, 5% is nothing.... XD
  8. As I stated, the max scam amount should be $100K. That means you can scam for anything under $100K (As $100K isn't hard to regain). What the above 100K protects is any vehicle and house over 100K. I do agree that if you are making a deal to buy guns and ammo illegally, and they scam you, oh well, that is within the RP of being a criminal and you should be careful who you deal with. However getting scammed out of a car or a house shouldn't be possible as in the real world you have deeds and titles that are still in the hands of the owner until the car/house is payed off.
  9. There should be a max scam value limit of $100K that's it. Any higher than that, it should be able to refunded and the transaction reversed.
  10. Wait arent YOU always there Alex? On your PD toon? XD We dont gamble >_> at all <_<
  11. The Wanted def is a street racing group at its core. We support street races as well as rally races as of recently. While yes, there can be no car show without the PD sitting in or nearby it...we do have our sucesses in races and setting up parties and meets across the city.
  12. The only cars that should be added to the credits list are other Limited Vehicles that wouldn't make sense RP wise to have in the dealerships. I would be quite disgruntled if they just kept adding cars to credits and not dealerships.
  13. Keep OOC Drama out of our forum post please. Take it up and squash it with them individually. Keep IC = IC. Thanks and have a great day! Vahan AKA A Better Driver Than You. ❤️
  14. Sorry for the post @alexalex303 but I have some additional information that could help. If this helps explain the desync situation more for Serthon on my end, I play on West Coast USA, so my ms (Latency) on the server is usually 190ms+ on a good day and over 250ms on a bad one. I know that some that are closer to the server location or on the East Coast US have like 15-90 ms and things will appear differently to them than they will me. A few people I know in AUS with 300+ms, when we street race, are usually 1 car length behind me on my end, but to them, they are right next to me. Just figured I would give you some additional insight on my location and latency to possibly explain the desync situation more.
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