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  1. Wait arent YOU always there Alex? On your PD toon? XD We dont gamble >_> at all <_<
  2. The Wanted def is a street racing group at its core. We support street races as well as rally races as of recently. While yes, there can be no car show without the PD sitting in or nearby it...we do have our sucesses in races and setting up parties and meets across the city.
  3. The only cars that should be added to the credits list are other Limited Vehicles that wouldn't make sense RP wise to have in the dealerships. I would be quite disgruntled if they just kept adding cars to credits and not dealerships.
  4. Keep OOC Drama out of our forum post please. Take it up and squash it with them individually. Keep IC = IC. Thanks and have a great day! Vahan AKA A Better Driver Than You. ❤️
  5. Sorry for the post @alexalex303 but I have some additional information that could help. If this helps explain the desync situation more for Serthon on my end, I play on West Coast USA, so my ms (Latency) on the server is usually 190ms+ on a good day and over 250ms on a bad one. I know that some that are closer to the server location or on the East Coast US have like 15-90 ms and things will appear differently to them than they will me. A few people I know in AUS with 300+ms, when we street race, are usually 1 car length behind me on my end, but to them, they are right next to me. Just figured I would give you some additional insight on my location and latency to possibly explain the desync situation more.
  6. Account name: Nubbsauce Character name(s): Vahan Mirakian Admin who issued punishment: @MusketDeezNuts Date of punishment: 05/24/19 Punishment received: oban perma Reason given for punishment: VDM Your explanation of what happened: Per the videos supplied in the report, it shows me hitting an officer pointing a gun at my crew member allowing me to hit them. However the passenger in the car was hit as well. Which on my screen was true. However the 2nd hit that the person claims never happened on my end. I pointed out in the report that our cars surrounded where the vehicle actually was on our screens and highlighted it. I also pointed out key details on how my Semi didnt react to hitting the cruiser the 2nd time while it DID react to hitting the 2nd cruiser involved. Thus PROVING it was desync and the 2nd hit never happened on my end. Either way, what happened on my end was I hit the officer and the cruiser. I sent the cruiser, to where we all stopped around it. I even said over voip GET HIM OUT, because i thought he was one of ours and was NOT intending on hurting him. I came back to the officer I hit, then backed up and another cruiser pulled up. The PASSENGER in that cruiser aimed a gun at me, so I hit them and took off as SWAT had arrived and was not about to get lit up by them. The 2nd hit on the cruiser was never made and they were upside down for me. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I explained in the report the details on why it was desync and how the 2nd hit was never made on the cruiser after the first hit. The other points I made warranted me to hit the officers via them pointing a gun at me, and my friends. ALSO I pointed out how 2 of the 3 videos in that report had NO sound and per the report guidelines, videos MUST NOT BE EDITED. Which videos with no sound are 100% edited due to either discord being in the background or something else. Either way, the whole VDM I was reported for never happened on my end and this whole thing should be chalked up to desync. I am a leader of a crew trying to be official and I know the rules, I would NEVER intentionally try to VDM anyone considering how easy it is to do so, and since we are at street racing gang, people accuse of that all the time. I constantly educate others in the rules as I have been on ECRP for more than 2 years now and wish to see it flourish as well as others enjoy the RP aspects it can offer.
  7. One and Three dont have sound.
  8. And the stores are gonneee! woo!
  9. Further more, you said a 0:21 I burnt out meaning you were in front of me right? Look again at 0:24 same burnout without your car there... The semi was naturally burning out in the dirt due to high torque.
  10. @MrWonanother The way you just described it is this. I hit ALL of them ONCE...which you are allowed to do. (Look at the screenshot from your video of the passenger of the 2nd squad car AIMING A GUN AT ME). And if you werent paying attention to what I was saying, your car was not there on the second hit. Notice how the semi DID NOT react to your vehicle the SECOND time. By the way, wheel spin exists on high torque vehicles when off road...just letting you know. Also I question to why officers allowed a civilian to be brought on a prisoner transport where it is KNOWN to be dangerous...seems like you really shouldn't have been there IMO or the officer should have pulled off since your life was now at risk.
  11. Images taken from the video
  12. Also note how easy i pushed the squad car, almost like there was nothing in front of my semi. If that car was there on my screen, I wouldnt have moved it so easily (Especially while on dirt). You can prove this by how it hit the other squad car at 0:44, The Semi reacts to hitting it. While when I pulled up to the downed officer, it didn't react to hitting your vehicle, showing that it wasn't there on my screen.
  13. Semi driver here...wasn't VDM. She pointed a gun at my friend so I ran her over. As for the squad car it was not there after i turned around due to desync. You can tell how the cars went back to, and surrounded, where I turned around to check on our friend (who was a Decoy) and I went back to the officer to say something. However went back again where I turned around to tell them to get you out out of the car but then the other units showed up and the cops pointed a gun at them again and the passenger shot at the semi. Warranting the hit. No one was hit twice. The initial squad car way way in the back and not where the video portrays it to be. Requesting video from the officer I ran over as her sync was different than the person in the car recording *will edit shortly*
  14. FYI...blocking intersections is actually quite common in protests. People literally walk in the streets in masses. So it is not Poor-RP, it is realistic. (Im id 5)
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