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  1. inorigj

    MDC in a stolen cruiser

    The MDC is not coded by the current devs "harm, NBDY or osvaldon" doing this would need them to do a full rework
  2. It used to be that a senior admin had to approve prison breakes and riots. So i atleast think it should be limited to only official gangs can do it. As they need to prove that they can rp
  3. inorigj

    First person

    Until the rage issue where it makes you walk like you are holding a pistol is fixed. No
  4. inorigj

    Remove the minimap

    I personally think it should be like with the Phone charger. That you nerd to add it to a vehicle (MD, PD and script Job vehicle comes with it pre installed) I would also like to point out that saying it Will Hurt New players is pointless and not true. As the Main map on ESC is what players Who wants to see where stuff is use as the minimap is very limited to how much it shows at any given time . PS. Even tho ut hurts the New players. KNOWING where eveything is i personally would class as metagaming. I would recommend making the minimap in to a Phone app like if you were using Google maps.
  5. inorigj

    24 hour KOS time should be increased

    This is a very double sided issue. If someone gets KOS om me then they Will most likely fail as i dont play everyday due to real life coming first. Meaning his "earned" KOS goes to waste becuse i didnt play that Day. For those moments i think it should be 48 hours. But Then we have the players that play everyday all Day. That gets killed 100 times a Day from people Who attempts to play a gta online minigame where the goal is to get as many kills possible while still balanceing on the servers rules. For them. Having like 3 or So KOS'S on them a Day for defending them self from an attack or something. Is annoying and ofcourse they want to not be needing to play the game with a tinfoil hat on all the time. Making 24 hours long enough. But personally i would like to have the kos rule reworked. To 100% clearify what gives kos and what dosnt give it. To lower the amount of /b fights that happend before the way to common "i got you on video, see you on the forums"
  6. inorigj

    Speeding Camera Suggestion

    Having the camera send out an alarm like the general store is pointless. Lets say a camera is placed at MD looking up the freeway. I 99% of the time Come down that road going above 210kmh. If it Just told PD the camera was triggered then i would be at bayview before they Even get to the camera from mission row. But i agree with that PD should be able to deploy them. And not make them sit in one place so you can Just remember where they are and slow down until you have passed. I also agree it shouldnt auto ticket. But copy the plates of the vehicle to the officers MDC. So that the officer can check if it is reported stolen first
  7. inorigj


    +1 ive wanted planes on the server for ages. But ad musket Said and svar ive experienced my self when i took a jet for a spin. My passangers sometimes saw me fly with my landing gear out or land without them Even tho that wasnt the case. You also sometimes see the plane dive or do sharp random turns. But if rage fixes this id give it +100
  8. inorigj

    house garage update

    after charing a house with others for a while now. this issue has shown itself very annoying for a while. especially when I'm the owner of the house and both me and the other person has the same vehicle. as the house owner, I can kick out his car. but I can't re-park it. and since I don't know which car is mine and witch who isn't. I'm accidentally unparking his car from time to time. and as I'm not the owner of this car I can't park it again. forcing me to hide it. (I'm am mechanic soi just secure impound it) but that isn't an option for most players. I've edited a picture to show like an easy way to fix this issue. 1 is having a star next to the car that belongs to you. or having the license plate showing on the menu. or both
  9. inorigj

    Speed cameras

    I really think we need something to make players slow down on this server. even police officers that off duty and paramedics speed off duty. a lot of players act out of character when driving from A to B when they are alone. there should be something to punish this. +1
  10. inorigj

    Unlimited food item / Health

    nope. I paid for it. and ate it in the store. it just happens at random I believe
  11. inorigj

    open hole to the void (Snow bug)

    Date and time (provide timezone): 26.11.18 Character name: Victoria Davis Issue/bug you are reporting: there is a part of the map that isn't there due to the snow. I noticed it 2 days ago but then I believed it was just a render bug. but I then saw it again at the exact same spot. I called Lewis to check it out and he also saw the big open hole. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: https://plays.tv/video/5bfda2773e204dfb06/missing-part-of-map?from=user
  12. inorigj

    Fear RP broken 2

    Please copy paste that to the main post "on the top" to give administrating staff better oversight of the report. thank you
  13. inorigj

    Stranger 4105_7448 Vdn, Mercy kill

    well anyway. this argument can keep going for ages. and that's not the reason we have Forum reports. let's stop here and wait for an admin to Review the report and all the evidence given. @Lewis Pending Administrator opinion
  14. inorigj

    Stranger 4105_7448 Vdn, Mercy kill

    I said it would be classed as. but you are not getting reported for anything else then stated in the text of the original poster.
  15. inorigj

    Stranger 4105_7448 Vdn, Mercy kill

    you are unable to damage a downed person with a vehicle as they become a Frozen player in a static state. which explains why your and my car came to a full stop.