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  1. you are right that it isn't a military grade armored vehicle even tho I treated it like one. my point is that I was attempting a known move in the heat of the moment. was it stupid of me to try it even tho I knew from testing that the AK would burn through my windows? yes. was it an unrealistic reaction from my part icly? no, it was very stupid risking it but at the heat of the moment I icly and oocly didn't have time to think about it. my character was doing her job and risking her life to secure the commissioner. but went poorly as the rescue was badly played out. it's more of an untrained employee than a non-rp behavior as she was basically doing her job at this point. plus me realizing I underestimated you guyses firepower and thinking it was fun by pointing out I screwed up in /b isn't a negative thing. its basically showing that even tho I died after trying my best I was still having fun. it's different when you kill someone and you get complaints in /b about how they'll see you on the forums for no reason or trying to scare you with that you broke a rule to try and make you leave them alone. (ps. the person who was run over didn't have a firearm. and was not a co-worker of ours. was a random person who wanted to know what the city hall was.) but yes let's wait for @Flucifial to make a decision.
  2. the reason I didn't just drive up to him was that I tried to get between you guys (the gunmen) and him so that he would get a second to get up and get in before you guys got around the vehicle to shoot him. the witch never happened which explains why I never stopped up near him. I was trying to get in a position where I had you 3 on my left as he got in on my right side which logically makes sense. this is also a frequently used move used by special forces and secret service and the military. getting an armored vehicle in a position witch for a brief moment defuses the danger for the person IN danger to get in to get transported to safety. this move always has a risk of failing in real life just as much as it has here. in real life, the getaway vehicle can stall or the enemy can have a weapon witch counters the vehicle's protection. witch you guys did in this situation. I risked my life and vehicle which is made for exactly what I used it for in an attempt to secure the commissioner's life as I work for him. I had the same dangers and risks as I would have had in real life. I didn't expect to run into a person with an assault rifle. but as I had already engaged the rescue attempt the situation was already heated and me leaving could end with the commissioner getting shot before I got back in time( I know the rules are against him getting shot as he was complying but you don't RP knowing he is fully safe as that's not a realistic thing to think ) my point is that my action is a known and frequently but risky move used to save lives in areas with a lot of gunfire. and since all of you were currently focusing on me meant the plan was going as it was supposed to. my only mistake was that I engaged the situation to early. leaving my self with a weapon which was stronger then my van could handle taking me down.
  3. Hello. Like i Said back then i did not mean to turn back to hit you guy again. As i turned around to get close to harmdone my wheel popped and it did a sharp right turn. ( https://plays.tv/video/5c4f25a7604be73ff3/popped-tire-made-me-turn-right?from=user ) And the van is bullet resistans so i belived i would be able to get him away without taking a single hit. You can see how i try to avoid faceing you guys as i notice that i No longer have protection at the front. As long as i keep a strong window faceing the the gunman i had No real reason to fear anything. But as you guys managed to out play me and blow my tire making me turn right in to the path of the man with an assult rifle i died.
  4. inorigj

    briefcase bug

    Date and time (provide timezone): 24.01.2019 16:00 (+01:00 UTC) Character name: Inori Cooper Issue/bug you are reporting: phone replaces briefcase and removes it until you rejoin Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: 1. hold the briefcase in your hand 2. call someone TO GET IT BACK simply rejoin the server https://plays.tv/video/5c4a05266082dfe1b9/umm-hello-items-?from=user
  5. The MDC is not coded by the current devs "harm, NBDY or osvaldon" doing this would need them to do a full rework
  6. It used to be that a senior admin had to approve prison breakes and riots. So i atleast think it should be limited to only official gangs can do it. As they need to prove that they can rp
  7. inorigj

    First person

    Until the rage issue where it makes you walk like you are holding a pistol is fixed. No
  8. I personally think it should be like with the Phone charger. That you nerd to add it to a vehicle (MD, PD and script Job vehicle comes with it pre installed) I would also like to point out that saying it Will Hurt New players is pointless and not true. As the Main map on ESC is what players Who wants to see where stuff is use as the minimap is very limited to how much it shows at any given time . PS. Even tho ut hurts the New players. KNOWING where eveything is i personally would class as metagaming. I would recommend making the minimap in to a Phone app like if you were using Google maps.
  9. This is a very double sided issue. If someone gets KOS om me then they Will most likely fail as i dont play everyday due to real life coming first. Meaning his "earned" KOS goes to waste becuse i didnt play that Day. For those moments i think it should be 48 hours. But Then we have the players that play everyday all Day. That gets killed 100 times a Day from people Who attempts to play a gta online minigame where the goal is to get as many kills possible while still balanceing on the servers rules. For them. Having like 3 or So KOS'S on them a Day for defending them self from an attack or something. Is annoying and ofcourse they want to not be needing to play the game with a tinfoil hat on all the time. Making 24 hours long enough. But personally i would like to have the kos rule reworked. To 100% clearify what gives kos and what dosnt give it. To lower the amount of /b fights that happend before the way to common "i got you on video, see you on the forums"
  10. Having the camera send out an alarm like the general store is pointless. Lets say a camera is placed at MD looking up the freeway. I 99% of the time Come down that road going above 210kmh. If it Just told PD the camera was triggered then i would be at bayview before they Even get to the camera from mission row. But i agree with that PD should be able to deploy them. And not make them sit in one place so you can Just remember where they are and slow down until you have passed. I also agree it shouldnt auto ticket. But copy the plates of the vehicle to the officers MDC. So that the officer can check if it is reported stolen first
  11. +1 ive wanted planes on the server for ages. But ad musket Said and svar ive experienced my self when i took a jet for a spin. My passangers sometimes saw me fly with my landing gear out or land without them Even tho that wasnt the case. You also sometimes see the plane dive or do sharp random turns. But if rage fixes this id give it +100
  12. after charing a house with others for a while now. this issue has shown itself very annoying for a while. especially when I'm the owner of the house and both me and the other person has the same vehicle. as the house owner, I can kick out his car. but I can't re-park it. and since I don't know which car is mine and witch who isn't. I'm accidentally unparking his car from time to time. and as I'm not the owner of this car I can't park it again. forcing me to hide it. (I'm am mechanic soi just secure impound it) but that isn't an option for most players. I've edited a picture to show like an easy way to fix this issue. 1 is having a star next to the car that belongs to you. or having the license plate showing on the menu. or both
  13. I really think we need something to make players slow down on this server. even police officers that off duty and paramedics speed off duty. a lot of players act out of character when driving from A to B when they are alone. there should be something to punish this. +1
  14. nope. I paid for it. and ate it in the store. it just happens at random I believe
  15. Date and time (provide timezone): 26.11.18 Character name: Victoria Davis Issue/bug you are reporting: there is a part of the map that isn't there due to the snow. I noticed it 2 days ago but then I believed it was just a render bug. but I then saw it again at the exact same spot. I called Lewis to check it out and he also saw the big open hole. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: https://plays.tv/video/5bfda2773e204dfb06/missing-part-of-map?from=user
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